Diaper Reviews: Stacking Up the Stash

Adult baby diaper stash

I often get e-mails from people asking for advice on diapers. But to be honest, I usually hesitate to post reviews because I don’t want to sound like a commercial, and I know that when it comes to diapers a daddy simply will never make all the little boys out there happy.

Every adult baby will have his own preference – some love their thick cloth diapers with crinkly plastic pants, some like the thickness of an Abena say, or the babyish pattern of a Bambino.

It’s not to say I don’t have my own preferences as a daddy, but I think I might stay away from comparisons!

My own rule is to have shelves with lots of diaper choices. I think I have 20 kinds on hand for the day there’s an adult baby to take care of, so I have no shortage of brands.

(I’ve written before about the diapers I uncovered during spring cleaning – one of my favorite finds were some vintage Benettons I had, pictured on the left – they had such a cute pattern!)

I recently ran across a youTube channel with reviews of a few brands. The reviews are really sweet – although maybe it’s because of the reviewers cute accent, I’m not sure….but for those of you wanting a nice overview of a few main brands check out the videos.

Here’s one:

Maybe if I could find someone to do reviews like this I could post them to the site – and I could even supply the diapers!

But in the meantime, if you have any suggestions for diaper review sites or want to make your own recommendation, do so in the comments below….when I get questions in the future, I’ll point them to this post.

Thanks everyone, and have a well-padded weekend!

19 Replies to “Diaper Reviews: Stacking Up the Stash”

  1. wow, thanks for this posting. I prefer cloth with plastic pants. I like the prefold gauze. A single diaper with plastic pants during the day with regular changes and double with toddler stuffer over night.

  2. Not a good review, did not like how it was extended alot longer then needed. He also does not know how to put a diaper on correctly and that could be why it leaked.

  3. Since I started back in a new Nursery School (new Job) I had to change things around for the training part but what I normally do is I have three Abenas L2 Super Toddler Diapers and I use two Bambino Classico diapers for the day. I keep a pack of extras in the Hall closet if I go over the daily allowance. I usually like to change (L2) after morning bath time and that usually lasts til about 11:00AM to 12:00 PM when I get a change just before I do lunch in my high chair and then go down for nap time. For the Nap time diaper what I do is have a diaper liner so its nice and thick with the L2 as I lay in my crib and listen to the baby tape to get me to sleep. Then when I get up about mid afternoon I get a change (L2) about 20-30 minutes after I am awake and that one lasts through about dinner. After dinner I get a Bambino change for the early evening hours after about 5:30 or 6:00 PM. Then after play time in the later evening I get a Bambino for the night just before I have to go and be locked in my crib. Those are primarily what I use and I have had good luck with both of those brands. πŸ™‚ “ALL DAY EVERY DAY!”

  4. thanks for sharing the video daddy. sometimes i think the kind of diaper little boys like us enjoy depends on how little we’re feeling at the moment. i’ve kinda always felt that the thicker the diaper, cloth or disposable, the more little i feel.

  5. Got my order for my Teddy Bear bambinos… Trying them out today and tonight and so far I do not see much difference between them and the regular Classicos. I will see how they are over night. πŸ™‚

  6. Sometimes you can not have your desires as to size and pattern being fulfilled. All diapers are proportioned differently. Have a selection on hand for lil guys and for yourself never commit to a bag or a case if samples are available. I’m right at normal break from M to L and I can wear M Dry 24/7 comfortably and very few others fit well. Shop around.

  7. best diapey?
    That easy! Bambinos!
    Super cushy, super cwinkly, super absorbent…what mowe could a baby ask fow?

  8. K never tried em but just by looks Cushies looks awesome they are super cute everyone google dems hehe πŸ˜›

  9. I have worn cloth diapers with plastic panties. By Monday morning the laundry room would stink, so I changed over to diaposable diapers. Sure wish I had a Daddy like Cody’s Daddy.

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