Wet Diapers and the Adult Baby: Things a Daddy Should Know

You slip a finger along the leg of his diaper. You feel a damp diaper but you’re not sure how wet it is, and so you undo the snaps on his onesie to see if he needs a change. Looking at the diaper and giving it a little squeeze, you know that your little guy is wet and probably needs a change, but that you could probably wait. So what do you do?

Knowing when to change a wet diaper might seem like a simple thing, but if you’re a daddy to an adult baby or little boy it can actually be a bit complicated. In fact, there can often be very good reasons to leave your little guy in a wet diaper or to at least wait until his diaper has been given a full use!

The Sudden Flood
Your little guy may have had lots of time in diapers or they might be relatively new to him. Maybe he wore diapers before his daddy came into his life, or maybe you’ve gently brought him back to diapers and now you hear the happy crinkle of his ‘pampers’.

But if he’s relatively new to diapers (or new to wearing them for extended periods) you might find that you need to keep an eye out for sudden floods.

During those first days or months you’ll probably find that you need to give your little guy frequent diaper checks. He’ll go from dry to soaked with nothing in between. And the suddenly soaked diaper can be one of the major reasons for leaks, so it’s best to keep an eye out – nothing makes a baby boy crankier than leaks!

The sudden flooding of a diaper is normal for a “new” AB boy – he’s not quite used to being in diapers, and his body still reacts like it’s used to going potty, holding it all in and then releasing at once.

For these little guys, you’ll want to change him out of his flooded diaper as soon as you realize he’s wet. This will help prevent leaks but it will also reinforce that a wet diaper leads to attention and care from his daddy.

Over time, he’ll start realizing that even using his diaper a little bit will lead to attention from his daddy and wetting it will become more frequent and natural.

Always a Baby
Over time, his body will learn that there’s no potty any more, and that he has a daddy to look after him and keep him in the diapers that are a big part of his feelings and self-expression.

When you brought your little guy into your life, you hoped that he’d feel completely safe and comfortable being kept in diapers. As you find him wetting his diaper more frequently instead of waiting for a ‘release’, this is a sign that your little guy is trusting you and feels safe as your baby boy.

For these little guys, it’s OK to leave him in a slightly wet diaper. When you find a damp diaper, make a comment, give his diaper a little squeeze, or kiss the top of his head.

Letting him know that daddy is always checking his diaper gives him a sense of confidence that you’re there for him and communicates that it’s OK to use his diaper as frequently as he needs to – because daddy will always check him and be ready to change him when the time comes.

Super Soakers
One thing to watch out for, however, is the little guy who fusses about being changed. This is often more true of “little boys”.

You might check their diaper without them really noticing as they play with Legos or watch cartoons. Then you tell them it’s time for a change and they shake their head.

“Noooo…..” they say, “I’m not that wet.”

The instinct is to let them be. But the truth is, a lot of little boys would say the same thing until the diaper was practically falling off from being so soaked.

Just remember – a little boy often feels happy in a wet diaper. And while it can be OK to leave him in a wet diaper so that he can feel the soggy reminder of why his daddy keeps him padded, you’re also a daddy and a wet diaper needs to be changed.

Once he hops on the change table, he’ll remember how nice it is to have a daddy there to care for him and change him, and the crinkle of a clean diaper will give him a special warm feeling of its own.

So while it’s OK to let your little guy play for a bit in a wet one, don’t leave it too long and always remember that at the end of the day, daddy is the best judge for when his baby boy needs a change.

But is there a magic moment? Do you like daddy to change you as soon as you’re wet, or do you like it when he waits for it to be soaked? Do you think daddy should decide, or do you fuss when he tries to change you before your diaper has been “fully used”?

Maybe it’s one of the wonderful things about being a daddy to an adult baby – he doesn’t mind a wet one, but daddy likes a crinkly clean diaper and the changes that go with it.

26 Replies to “Wet Diapers and the Adult Baby: Things a Daddy Should Know”

  1. cute article love your site love the storie on it cant wait for more you should do an article on cartoons and the adult baby

    oh ya and first

  2. Awesome Post. I really enjoyed reading that. Especially since I am now 24/7 and have not been allowed to use a potty in nearly a year. Its quite different knowing the potty is NOT for you and you are unable to use it and it is locked. I always like to think of having my diaper attached to me is like having a portable potty attached to me. πŸ™‚

  3. I think it should be up to Daddy unless special circumstances are present.

    For example, I don’t like being changed when I first wake up in a wet diaper–I like to keep it on and enjoy the squishy feeling for an hour or so. Then, after breakfast, I like to be changed.

    However, almost the direct opposite of that, if I’m slightly dehydrated and being wet is uncomfortable, being changed right away is preferable.

    For those times beyond that, daddy can choose. I really love surprise diaper checks throughout the day πŸ™‚ It makes my tummy all fluttery.

  4. Interesting daddy insight…I’ve never thought about the differences between babies new to diapers and those who are just use to being in them. And when I do think about it, I just let it trickle little by little as soon as I gotta go! πŸ˜€ I guess that makes daddy have to consider those important questions you brought up!

    I like to let daddy decide and I’m usually a good boy and let him change me even if I’m not really wet. But there are times when I’m having too much fun and an accident will happen, which makes me uncomfy so I have to ket daddy know πŸ˜›

  5. thanks for another great post! your insights are on target and touch deep into my core.
    hugs to you daddy

  6. This was an interesting article, it does actually point out the things that would go through a person’s head when they are diapered. Good job!

  7. Daddy,
    Thanks so much for this post. You captured the essence of what it is to be in diapers and have a Daddy to care for you. I love the contract between “new babies” and flooding and “experienced babies” and trickling. As always, fantastic post and thank you!
    Baby John

  8. this is such a great post. i bet there are lots of daddies that are learning great things about taking care of their ab boys. i think daddy should decide when diapers get changed…but i know sometimes daddy knows when i get really fussy or cranky that i’ve been in a wet diaper too long.

  9. thanks for the post Daddy,

    i like to let a daddy or granddaddy decide when i am to be changed, i am not good at knowing what is always right

  10. I wish I had a Daddy to change my diapers. If I did, he would decide when, where, how thick they are, what I wear, etc. Daddy has control of this boy!

  11. I have to have a change about 5-6 times per day depending on how bad the day is. Also during week nights I use my special diaper rash formula that really helps. πŸ™‚ I stay much happier that way.

  12. loved your help. i have been working with my littleone for couple of months now. he is a flooder. i have to watch out for him or he will just doing it until he leaks. i think he does this to see what will happen. so for now on i’m going to check him every couplr of hours wit my finger and when i find him wet change him and tell him how dood he is. thanks again
    bobby’s daddy

  13. You are an amazing writer. It makes me want to be a baby even more,but I still have no daddy. Only bad comment is I think you may need to check your grammar. Idk I’m.not.a grammar freak, my grammar reviews are useless despite how many reviews I have to.write for.other ppl, which is what I should be doing. But i can honestly say I always want to.read these over and over again nice job.

  14. Question is it comman for baby boys to pee when in the presence of cool air I know it is comman in babies but when about teens? Because my baby boys changing table is right next to the window during the spring and summer I keep it open to let a gentel cool breeze in there have been times when I have gone to change them and just as open the diaper cool air hits there sprinkler and the pee on me.

  15. I guess I’m a “super soaker little boy” cause I do fill my diaper pretty slowly during the day and a lot of times say no to being changed if I’m watching tv or playing. But daddies are smart and thats why mine ALWAYS ALWAYS puts me in a pair of plastic pants over my diaper for extra protection. I have some with thick terrycloth inside the plastic and those are perfect for me cause they soak up any leaks. Daddy calls them my big boy pants cause there also like training pants. In the real hot weather he dresses me in these like shorts with a matching tshirt and its a real cute little boy outfit. I always listen to what Daddy wants me to wear cause he knows best!!

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