Your Favorite Pacis – Binkys and the Adult Baby

Pacis just arrived in the mail!

For the adult baby or ‘little’ boy, a pacifier is often a constant presence. The name ‘soother’ is appropriate: you slip a pacifier in your little guy’s mouth and there’s a happy look in his eyes and a little shiver of relaxation that seems to come over him.

If the little guy in your life came with paci attached he probably took a long time choosing it – so for a daddy, you can learn a lot from the choice he made. Whether it glows in the dark, is babyish or more toddlerish, has patterns on it or cartoon characters – all of them tell you something about the little boy inside.

If you’re buying a paci for your little guy, it can be a very special bonding moment choosing one together. Whether you’re buying one on-line (Pacis-R-Us is the most well-known) or in a store, your baby boy will have a little excited feeling as his daddy browses through the pacifiers.

When he spots one he likes, he’ll probably give a little excited giggle as he points to it, maybe blushing a little as he worries that daddy thinks it’s too babyish.

The truth is, daddy will be happy for the choice his little guy made, whatever it is. Give him a hug and tell him how proud you are and how happy with the choice. It’s a very special moment for you and your little guy – you’ve shown him that you accept him and know how important it is that he have his very own binky.

Just don’t be surprised that he’ll never want to take it out of his mouth!

Do you have a favorite binky or a collection of them? Did you buy it yourself, or did daddy buy it for you? Do you have different ones for different occasions?

Oh! And if you have a photo of it you want to share and post, maybe we’ll start a paci gallery like our plushy gallery!

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  1. I love my “Binkies” I have a nap time binkie and a night time binkie. Mine both are different colors and they both have different poses of Mickey on them. I also like Glow binkies BUT they were out of them the last time I had to order at so I took my second favorite choice “Mickey.” They are both Blue and Yellow and I have one spare in case one wears out before I can order again. I use about two a year for some reason as I tend to wear them out very fast. Most babies do not. It does stay in my mouth usually all night and all during nap time and sometimes when I am awake I will use it while doing things i.e. Computer, watching T.V. or reading. If one falls out when I am asleep I often remember waking up to find it on the string and put it back in my mouth the correct way as it just does not feel right if I do not have it in my mouth at night. I take ONE binkie with me on trips too so I have it at hotels and visiting relatives or friends but usually keep it in the side pocket in my back pack diaper bag. 🙂

  2. well i got a pack of 2 new pacis i love the orange one, i had a blue one but didnt like it as much as my new 2 ones, im gonna take new pics and send one for here 😀 and yes i bough them my self 😀

  3. thank you, thank you, thank you! It is so good to read a new post! There is nothing like being thickly diapered and having a paci!

  4. I love binkies I only had the one but it was my absolute favourite until my real Dad found it and threw it away. It was a little baby blue binky with a baby Mickey Mouse in a sleeper sleeping with a crescent moon opposite. I loved it and would suck on it every night to calm me.

    Me and my Brother Ben (In picture) would suck on our pacis and talk to each other all night until we fell asleep.

  5. Inkey – It looks like you are a UK baby but thanks for the options available in case we cannot get them anymore anywhere else and that almost happened on the glow ones I love. I just figured if it was that big of a deal I could get a glow sticker at Target or walmart I wanted to get some for my ceiling anyways for at night. Looks like I was first to post after all on this one! 🙂

  6. maybe daddy should put up a binky gallery (like you did with the plushy gallery) so we ab boys could show you our pics sucking our fav paci! 😉

  7. i have not been trained to accept pacis yet but look forward to the day when a daddy will make them a part of my little boy life

  8. mine is a nuk 5 green backing, purple ring holder an a yellow ring, 😀 came from pacis r us, given to me by a friend when my old modified one kinda got bit apart after 3 years of use…so now ive had this one for 2 years, and a friend gave me a white nuk 5 which i loves lots too…so now i always have one within reach of when im sleeping (even if i head over to a friends house)

  9. That’s COOL. Mine wore out too as I said and I got thru them about every 6-7 mos. I have one spare in case they wear out. Need to order more in July. 🙂

  10. I used to have a pacifier, it got it long before I even knew I liked diapers and such. It it was clear except for the part your mouth goes on, and when you pressed on the end it started flashing, it was a prize at a roller rink, haha. XD I lost it after moving so many times. :/

  11. i had a paci dat said:mute button on it,it was weawee cute buh i wost it:( but i still has anoder paci,ish gween and it has wittle dwagonfwies on it,i would weawee wike a daddy ow a big bwover fow me’s to wook up to,just as a fantasy,if u awe intewested in having a babyboy ow a babybwover pweeze text babyzac at (478-508-4718)but u have to be a daddy,babyboy,or a male:) tank ews,BabyZac:@

  12. Kait my ni ni binkie is white and glows and my Nap time one is yellow and has a mickey mouse on the front! 🙂

  13. I think I am becoming Binkie Dependent. Last night mine fell out sometime in the night in my crib…I woke somewhere around 2:00 AM and could not find it and could not get back to sleep without it. I finally did find it as my head was laying on it. The fact that I could not get back to sleep without it was a rather interesting revelation. 😉

  14. Recovering from a procedure I had on my gums, I was not allowed to put anything in my mouth (straws, lollipops, ice cubes…and of course my paci!) I had to wait 3 weeks before I could have any of this in my mouth…I began to go crazy at the end of my first week and realized that I had begun to hold my fingers up to my mouth alot, even while I was away at school. I guess I had missed it so much that I was tempted to suck my thumb. I didn’t realize it until my friend pointed it out one night. Since then on my second week I started going crazy because I missed my beloved paci so much! at the end of my second week I gave up and popped my paci back in 5 days early…it hasn’t left my mouth since. =) <3 paci <3

  15. WOW R US,

    That must have been totally frustrating for you. I hope that does not happen to me and my gums or I would go crazy for three weeks without the Binkie in my mouth especially at night. Since I have a bottle twice a day too that could also be frustrating. 🙁

  16. WOW R US,

    That must have been so frustrating not being able to use your Paci. I hope that does not happen to me. I could not handle three weeks without my binkie. Its bad enough because I have two bottles a day – one in the morning when I get up and one at night as I fall asleep and then Binkie goes back into my Mouth! 🙂

  17. I’ve Got A Lot Of Dummy’s(Paci’s)
    For My Two Baby Boys(Baby Patrick Age 3″30″
    And Baby Dean Age 4″40″)
    When They Move In With Their Daddy In 2 Years!

  18. I have 4 pacis. 2 nuk3, a razbay, and my favorite my blue babytalk nuk2 paci. I really only use my nuk2 and sometimes use my razbaby, the other 2 are just in case I lose one. I can’t sleep without my paci and if it falls out while I’m sleeping I always wake up and put it back in my mouth.

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