Changing Places and the Adult Baby

There’s something comforting about your change table.

The plastic covering crinkles beneath you as daddy gets you out of your wet diaper. The nearby stacks of diapers are a reminder that you need them and that daddy has made certain that you won’t run out.

You look up to see daddy smiling at you as he changes you. At this moment, your change table feels like a safe island that daddy takes you to where you remember that you really are a baby boy who needs his diapers (and needs his daddy!)

A Practical Place?
If you’re a daddy to an adult baby you probably think of a change table as something that’s practical. And it is!

Diaper changes are easier with a change table, the plastic sheet/padding makes cleaning simple, and you can keep all of the supplies in easy reach.

But for your little boy, a change table also helps to establish a feeling of trust and security. The rituals of diaper changes help to establish that sense of safety and consistency. It tells him that there are places in the world that show that he really is a baby boy who needs his daddy.

Changing Places
The consistency of certain things are important for your little guy. Whether a change table, a crib, or a high chair, there are certain things that will remind him that it’s OK to be a baby boy.

If you don’t have a change table, be sure that you have a space that becomes the regular change area.

But just as important as having a special place for diaper changes is bringing the change table to your little guy!

Say he’s playing with his toys or coloring with his crayons. You give him a diaper check and find he needs a change. Instead of leading him to the change table, grab the diaper supplies and a change mat and quietly set them out.

Breaking up the routines can be just as important as the untouchable rituals. And changing your little guy on a change mat by his toys just helps to remind him that there’s no schedule to when he will need a change, and that daddy is prepared for every eventuality.

For every little boy those moments of having his diaper changed will remind him that he needs his diapers, and as the clean diaper is taped snug that he needs his daddy too.

If you’re a daddy or a little boy – do you have a regular place for changes? Do you have a change mat for when daddy gives a ‘change on the go’? And what are some of the special places daddy has changed you that somehow felt just right?

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  1. I love the idea that AB need to have their diaper changed in different places. Like you
    said it inforces the fact more that they need
    their diapers. My main thing is they need to
    put large changing tables for people in diapers.
    In family restrooms. An I have even made issue at a VA hospital I go to. That they need a place
    in private to lay an change a diaper. I came to
    this after one time asking a nurse if she had a
    place to lay an change a diaper. She said no an
    that really floored me. I thought her being a
    nurse an would understand my asking this. An would help me find a place to do this. But she
    didn’t so I took it to the patient rep. How said
    he’d look into it. I saw on this one site where
    in the PHONXIE,AZ airport they had a big sign that said” ADULT CHANGING STATION.

  2. Don’t have a changing table yet BUT Working on that with T- Bear as I did some blue prints… I do have a special place on the floor in my room however. πŸ™‚

  3. Hmm well lets see I like to be changed on a bed mainly or soft living room floor with changing pad under me…. same for my Little boys πŸ™‚

  4. Well i can be change any place, well if is soft and safe. Tht means tht daddy wove u alot and care for u and want u to be clean.

  5. Nothing was more memorable to me than the when I went to NYC the first time to meet up with Uncle Gary. He took me around the town showing me all the sights and even out to see the Statue of Liberty. I was quite wet by the time we came down from up top and he led me into the restroom in the base of the Statue of Liberty and into a stall. He quickly and efficiently changed my diapers in the stall while talking to me like any Dada would his own baby boy. He dressed me back up and ushered me out the stall door. I was a bit scared as the room was full of men waiting to use the bathroom and first in line was a policeman. He smiled at me and I quickly exited the restroom and Uncle Gary left the stall behind me with the used diaper in hand and disposed of it and met me outside. I was scared when we saw the cop that we would get in trouble but Uncle Gary comforted me and assured me it was OK as he was changing his babies diaper like any Daddy would do. That made the top of my list for the most unusual and memorable places where I had my diapers changed. I so want to do that again!

  6. What a wonderful place this is. Reading many of the posts I’m reminded so much of how much I too am a special little boy who longs to have the love, care and protection of daddy. Sadly that is missing in my life as I am sure in many adult babies lives.

    I’m lucky I guess that my brother knows of my baby side and supports me in my search of one day finding that special person who longs to have me as his special man.

    For a short time I used to visit two lovely in Cardiff south wales UK and one of them was my daddy Gary and his partner who wasn’t into the AB scene fully accepted his partners role in my life. I would spend hours traveling on the train arriving late afternoon. Would make my way to Daddy Gary and Uncle Jame’s house. During that time while waiting for my daddy to return home from work I’d have a grown up cup of coffee and chat with uncle James and as soon as the front door would open and my Daddy Gary was there I’d get the most wonderful cuddle, be taken straight away upstairs and changed into a lovely terry diaper/nappy and plastic pants then taken back down stairs and put down on the sofa with a big cute baby blanket.

    Uncle James loved me just as much and would always give me cuddles but it was daddy’s job to baby his little man when there. I was even allowed to sleep with daddy in the big spare double bed during my stay so as to be close to daddy and I’d have the most wonderful time. Sadly both Uncle James and Daddy Gary had their problems which would always end them drinking while I was there and both getting drunk and Uncle James becoming aggressive. It was with a heavy heart that I decided after spending one Christmas with them to end the relationship.

    So now I’m a lonely baby with a heavy heart dreaming of one day maybe, finding another special daddy to do all the wonderful things for his son that daddy talks about on this site. Which although I love visiting and reading leaves me feeling somewhat lost. Ah well.

    thank you daddy for this site.

    A UK Baby Boy

  7. Hi Christopher,

    that is a sad one to deal with but welcome to the boards here and hopefully you have many good memories before ending the AB relationship. I am sure there are other AB Dads out there but sadly it is hard to find them as there are more babies than Dad’s involved in their babies care just like real life I suppose. Hopefully you enjoy blogging here and will find a new more responsible Daddy for your young baby life. πŸ™‚


  8. Hellows TODDler,

    that’s lovely think to say and very nice of you. Snuggles.

    It was a hard thing to do leaving my daddy and uncle james behind. There were so many problems in their lives and when daddy gary used to take me out for an early evening walk before betimes, walking me around a big pond with ducks and swans he’d tell me how when Uncle James was drunk would drag him out of bed in the late hours and beat him up. It hurt me so much that my daddy was in pain and taking such abuse yet deciding to stay in that relationship. I wanted him so much to come away with me and find another loving partner who would make him happy.

    The last time I said good bye as I was driving to the station in a taxi I sent Daddy Gary a text message telling him that I loved him and got one back but inside I had painful sinking feeling. Later that night while waiting on a cold station platform for my connection train I made my usual phone call to daddy Gary and Uncle james as I always did just to let them know I was safe and that night Daddy Gary sounded distant and un interested as I’d never heard him before. I keep telling myself that one good thing about the past, is that’s it’s in the past and yes still have found memories of our time together.

    And yes I still live in hope that one day I’ll find another loving daddy with his life and head together who may want to love and care for me just as much.

    I’m happy to be here amongst all the over special babies and the daddies who are here. Especially the daddy who built this page.

    Big snuggles and hugs.

    Baby Christopher X

  9. Hi Again Baby Christopher,

    That is so sad when that sort of things happens as I said. I have never been in a Daddy Relationship or any other for that matter to be honest. But it sounds like it was probably fun for what you did get out of it. I am just used to being alone. I actually take care of my disabled uncle so I would not have anyone over here just because of him. But I am NOT changing my lifestyle and since he wears pull ups anyways there is no reason to change it since we are an ALL Diaper pail household here. πŸ™‚

    Baby Toddler

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  11. hi all love this site wish i had a daddy to in my life just like alot of you babies do to
    but im lucky enough to have a close ab/dl freind in town that i hangout with
    i know a few more close to my town but still no daddy for me i wish to find a dad to love me some day soon

  12. Hello all im littlerich28 and i am new on hear and this is my first time that i have done this message thing lol i am an AB my self and im looking for a daddy to look after me too .. i read all the latest messages on hear and it is so sad that most of us don’t have a daddy it looks like we all want the same thing but we cant as ther is not enough daddies to go round i lost my real farther when i was 10 year old he was only 32 and he dided (cancer in his brain) yes to some degree i do miss him a lot but i have to live with out him all i can do is honner him and make him proud of his only son that he had when he was alive i realy got to see him as i had school at the time and i only saw him on weekends,christmas and boxing day then he would go back to his home then after the new year he would be working again as a lanscaper that is what i plan to do my self as i know that it would make him happy.

  13. I know I posted somewhere else too – My new table finally got here and it is super until I can get one that is wood from T- Bear later on. It has a nice gray surface like something in a day care and it has a nice rubberized blue bumper around it on the edge to protect the wall. It looks and feels so Babyish while I am on it naked and it has made changes easier so far in just two days. I can write more later. πŸ™‚

  14. Glad to have found this blog again. I used to visit Daddy Bob in NYC. He’d change me on a mat on the bed, and keep me diapered for the weekend. Once I traveled across the city on public transport dressed as a toddler with diaper, plastic pants, onesie, and shorts, to meet Daddy at the Metropolitan Museum. That was an adventure!

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