Little Boys and their Hoodys

Fashion trends come and go. But I can’t help noticing that one recent trend is well-suited to the adult baby or little boy: hoodys (or hoodies) in all kinds of shapes and patterns, with all kinds of floppy ears, and in all kinds of materials.

Maybe it’s just because it’s winter but everywhere I look people are wearing hats with ears, or sweaters with hoods that flop down around their faces.

Doesn’t seem so long ago that wearing a hat, even on the coldest day, was decidedly ‘uncool’ – but now, everyone seems to be dressing up like dogs or bunnies, lions or tigers.

Dressed for the Snow by Daddy
For the adult baby or little boy, getting dressed by his daddy for a day in the snow can give a special feeling of warmth and security.

With a thick crinkly diaper on under snow pants or baggy jeans, the snuggly feeling of his coat and mitts, a day out with daddy gives a special feeling of connection, and there’s seldom a worry in his mind about anyone noticing his diapers. (Of course, he shouldn’t worry about this anyways, especially with daddy around!)

And now, daddy can put his little guy in a hoody or special winter hat and although he might fit right in he’ll also know that he’s daddy’s special little guy and that he can enjoy his time outside without any worry about bathroom breaks!

So do you wear special hats or hoodys? Do you think styles have changed over the past few years? And if daddy was getting you dressed for a day out in the colder weather, what would he dress you in?

30 Replies to “Little Boys and their Hoodys”

  1. anyways awesome post it seem shorter than usual but still great. and this is the first time iv ever been able to say i actually got the first comment yay!

  2. Hoodys are the best cus it’s like wearing a convertible. Hood up, hood down, zipped up, or leave open. And it’s soft and you can get the coolest or boyish or whatever style you want.

    I think snow pants are my favorite too as long as there’s snow on the ground. You don’t have to go skiing to wear them, but if the ground is dry you might look out of place. Track pants are a good dry ground alternative though. Either way, they’re easy on and off for changes, hide my diaper and have plenty of room to move around and be active.

    As for anything with ears, I’m game as long as I can play it off as just my sense of humor. Some teddy bear ears would be really funny.

  3. Styles always change, but I think you should wear what’s comfortable and best reflects who you are! πŸ˜€ I definitely follow by that with my toony hats and colourful tees πŸ˜›

    If daddy was getting me dressed, anything that included a long knit scarf would make me very happy and warm! ^^

    I love that mouse kigurumi the boy in the picture is wearing, I’ve got one of an Xmas reindeer ~ :3


  4. i have a wittle hoody too,its kinda like a bunny one wif little ears poking from my hoodie,its really cute for a16 year old teen baby like me!it keeps me all warm and cute,especially if daddy is feeding me baby carrots!^^

  5. i feel the coziest when im in my 3 doors down jacket πŸ™‚ but as for the little boy feel i have a cookie mnster shirt tht i wear with long sleeves under neath and sometimes my home made onesie tht i wear underneath all my cloths so i just know its there πŸ˜€

  6. my little hoody is often worn during fall and winter time,daddy puts me into a cute onesie and then a hoody to keep me warm and cuddley for daddy,i need an ab or tb to talk to,i no have a big broder and i would weally like a big broder to take care of me,feed me,change me,plawy wit me,and wuv me,so if anyone baby boy is looking for a baby toddler,i could b the for you!just reply to babyzac if ur interested:)

  7. I love wearing my hoodie jackets. I wear mine all year round and when it’s really cold I pull out my beanie caps to keep my head warm so I don’t catch cold. I am glad you are writing again daddy. It’s always great to read your thoughts. I know it’s a little late for this maybe but I would like to know about your thoughts on how daddy and his boy spend the holidays together – waking up on Christmas morning and such. Christmas is my favorite time of the year and I always try to make each year be as special as possible as it’s a very magical time.

  8. I have a plethera of hoodies…hehe a PLETHERA!
    I love the feeling when they are super big and envelope me keeping me warm and I feel small. Hoodies u can wear ANYWHERE….except like…arizona?

  9. I have a cute, short Batman bath cloak that I wear after my bath when I’m still doing things in the bathroom. It has a hood with bat ears, and a Batman insignia on the chest! I look so cute I hate to put on my big boy clothes.

  10. Yup, I’ve got about six of those type of hoodies; cats and bunnies, mostly, but i’m hoping to get a hat with fox ears on it….^-^

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  13. I too wear my hoodie when it cools down (below 75 for me here in FL). I love them and do feel like a little boy when I wear it. I like sweatpants over my diapers or I sometimes wear a nylon type hoodie and pants. I would just be happy to have a Daddy and let him dress me as he sees fit! Happy New Year everyone.

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  16. I like wearing my black aero sweatshirt, but I have like 5 others πŸ˜› my new favorite is a grey sweat shirt that’s lined with fuzzy fur on the inside πŸ™‚ it’s nice to snuggle in with Wolfie πŸ™‚

  17. I love extra layers when I have to go out in winter, look big, feel small has always been our (mine and daddy’s)approach, extra socks, snow boots, jeans over track bottoms and a nice thick diaper and on top, at least 2 tee’s a sweater and then a hoodie and my usual thick jacket finished with thick colourful gloves and a wooly hat under the hood. makes me feel small when it gets a tiny bit too warm inside shops etc, like a big extra warm hug until daddy unzips my jacket.

    @abdlnz looks like a kigurumi to me, they’re great as not only are the childish, they’re made for adults sizes so you can pass them off as regular “lounge” clothes. my daddy bought me a panda one from here for my last birthday

  18. Lol, maybe GIRLS could get away with hoodies like that, but in school not even girls could wear that normally. I mean, if I was seen just walking around in that, my freak status would climb x10.

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