Quiet Time for the Adult Baby

When you think of caring for an adult baby or little boy, you often imagine all of the activities – playing with toy cars, watching a cartoon together, feeding him in his high chair, or taking him to the park to play on the swings.

All of those activities help a little guy to feel safe in expressing who he is inside: a baby boy who simply wants to express himself. As a daddy, you can create those zones of trust and care through play time or story time, bath time or all the other times of adventure and being together.

But you shouldn’t underestimate the power of letting your little guy have quiet time.

An AB/LB often feels like he’s in a warm space with daddy, but he’ll also feel a lot of emotions and tenderness.

Quiet time gives him a gentle place to process feelings he may not have names for, and to allow himself to float in the awareness that he’s daddy’s baby boy and he’s safe just being himself.

Letting Your Little One Have Quiet Times
Quiet time can take a number of different forms.

Afternoon nap time is a must, and should be at the same time each day. The structure of the nap should be part of the daily routine: routines and rituals provide a sense of safety, predictability.

Whether he sleeps or not, a quiet hour or so in his crib with his favorite stuffed toys helps to center your little guy and give him a place where he feels safe in being under your care.

Not every daddy will have a playpen, but they can also be perfect for giving him some quiet time. You’ll notice him playing with his toys, of course, but you’ll also notice him slow down and just sort of get lost in moments with himself – again, creating a feeling of safety in just being the little boy he truly is inside.

But just because you’re giving your little guy some quiet time alone, doesn’t mean he shouldn’t feel like you’re not watching over him.

He’s probably spent lots of time alone as an AB until he met his daddy, and one of the things you can provide him is that sense that even in his crib, daddy has one ear turned to the baby monitor, or one eye turned to the playpen as you prepare his dinner maybe or get a bottle ready.

Daddy and son have lots of activities and joy together, but giving him some quiet time while knowing that daddy is always nearby can give him peaceful moments in the day that go a long way to making all the rest of your connection together more special.

19 Replies to “Quiet Time for the Adult Baby”

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever had quiet time alone. Daddy and I use to have quiet times together sitting on the couch and listening to jazz. It was really comforting just being in my own thoughts while knowing he was right beside me probably doing the same 🙂


  2. Daddy You say it so well in explaining this. This is exactly what happens when I go down for nap every day at 12:30 and go in the crib with my little friends, Boo Boo and Lucky and Pilly. even if I do not sleep it is quiet time alone. Ni Ni time is also helpful after all the toys go away and the TV / DVD shows are off. 🙂

  3. Yeah 86,
    It is nice to be in the crib and sometimes if I am really tired like Monday or Tuesday I think it was… I sleep for sometimes 3 hours in there. 😀

  4. What a terrific insight. I do need down time. It does not have to be sleeping, but just time to realize how wonderful it is to be the little guy that I am. I suppose that even though daddy would be attentive, he could use some quiet time too! Time to drink in all that is so wonderful about being a little boy/adult baby, to appreciate all that daddy does for me as well as time to have a serious conversation with my teddy bear, Mikey.

  5. I don’t usually have quiet time alone, however I just spent a few hours with daddy today and just being able to curl up with him and fall asleep is an awesome feeling. It is a wonderful experience just to be able to let your guard down and know that you’re safe. Getting a massage while curled up was a nice touch too. My body is still a bit limber from the day.

  6. Well after getting scrwed over by a local pervert on diaperspace I was heartbroken and sort of just put the search on the back burner and my now daddy came out of no-where and messaged me. We chatted online for a week or so and then met in public. We hit it off and decided to do a tiral run at the daddy/baby thing. It wasn’t perfect but we have enough chemistry to make it work. My problem is that I really don’t know what to do with daddy or how to really let everything out. I just curled up next to him and cuddled for a few hours. Heck I fell asleep twice.

  7. my daddy gives me lots of quiet times,i have my afternoon naps exactly at 2:30 p.m and daddy normally wakes me up at 3:30p.m,and after i play with daddy in the play room,he puts me in my play pen to have my little 30min quite time while my daddy prepares us dinner,afterwards my last quiet time of the day is in my crib when me and my daddy sleep:@

  8. that is like me but i used aby and rupadded and then when i put my ab life a side some one aimed and then we talked for months and then be came daddy and baby and then 3 yrs later he moved down to me and im a happy little baby

  9. That is like me but i used aby and rupadded and then when i put my ab life a side some one aimed and then we talked for months and then be came daddy and baby and then 3 yrs later he moved down to me and im a happy little baby i been thgouht alot but my heart is taken but i want friends

  10. i have quiet time with my daddy ,matthew. me and daddy lay on the couch and watch tmnt his fave show and then we take a nap together then he wakes up makes me a bottle then brings it to me and i drink it while he carries me from the bed to my playpen and i play in my playpen while he works on the computer then he gets me out we watch a show then he makes dinner we eat dinner then he gives me a bath and gets me dressed for nite nite i have a baby bottle of beer and i sleep on the couch until he carries me to the room if im drunk i sleep with him if im not i go to sleep in my crib

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