Just a Diaper, Around the House, and the Adult Baby

Baby Jeffy in His Diaper

It’s Sunday afternoon. You get your little guy changed into a clean diaper. You help him into a play shirt. And then you go and put some shorts or pants on and he kicks up a bit of a fuss.

He knows that daddy knows best, but you sense he’d just as soon wear just a t-shirt and a diaper.

For the daddy to an adult baby, it’s important to understand that there are times when you’ll want to make sure he’s dressed properly for a day of play, a trip to the park, or to keep him warm on cooler days. But there are also times when you should keep him in just a t-shirt and diaper.

A New Openness as a Baby
Often, an adult baby spent many years ‘hiding’ the special side of himself that you’ve come to know and love. You’ve provided him with a safe space to express who he really is inside, and you’ve helped him to discover the inner voice inside in new ways.

Being able to wear a diaper around the house can be a big event for your little guy. In the past, he may have been able to on his own or in his own room, but now there’s someone else around and it can feel strange to him to be seen by someone else in his diapers.

Bonding Moments with Daddy
So those days when you let him scamper around in a diaper and t-shirt, or on warmer days just a diaper, can provide a special bonding moment between a daddy and son.

It shows that you’re proud to have a baby boy around the house and that he shouldn’t need to ‘cover up’ the diapers (diapers which he needs anyways!).

Having him dressed in just his diaper has the added advantage that it’s easier to tell if he needs a change.

In fact, there’s another special bonding moment – that first time when, with daddy in the room, he feels himself wet his diapers and knows that daddy might be noticing.

When daddy comes and notices the wet diaper, and leans down to slip a finger along the leg, the day in just a diaper will make him feel like he’s being cared for in a loving, gentle way, and that his diapers are clearly part of who he is and an important, open part of his expression.

34 Replies to “Just a Diaper, Around the House, and the Adult Baby”

  1. i like that is awsome. i wish that i meet my daddy he take off my pants rigth away we met so i can be in just diapers and be his baby boy. Is grat to be in just a diaper and a shirt

  2. I can relate to this very well as I am in just a shirt and a diaper around the house MOST of the time during the day and some nights. Once in a great while it is a onesie and a diaper. The Picture posted reminds me of ME very well. 🙂

  3. I finally got to meet daddy face to face yesterday and it was nice to just sit and talk. unfortuantely due to time constraints daddy and I couldn’t really be who we are and had to play ‘adult’ while out in public. The nice thing was when daddy started asking me questions about how often I wear and other stuff. I felt very relaxed and comfortable, even to the point where I showed off for daddy.

  4. Aww ur spoiled i wish i could hang around the house in just a t shirt and diaper but i cant due to me living with my parents but i can when i sleep . 🙂 and i cant wait till i find a daddy for me. Its lonely by myself but atleast i have friends to talk to on here. 😀

  5. I so do that everyday. Just plop around hearing that crinkle. I’m sure, like others, would like someone to have them just be in shirt and diaper. What lil one wouldn’t really? ^^

  6. Now that it’s getting cooler I like walking around the house in my footed sleeper with my thick diapers on. I wish I had a daddy to take care of me.

  7. Wow, I kinda cried when I read the post. I know it is so right and just what I need. Thanks daddy for writing and expressing my feelings so well.

  8. pants SUCK! I walk through the door the pants come off and its just socks diaper and a tshirt from then on out! its how I roll!

  9. What if someone stops by what should Daddy do? Cover up his baby boy or just leave him be in front of company in just his diaper and t-shirt?

  10. It would probly depend on the person comeing over or if daddy wants u or if u want to wear pants when they come over maby u throw a fuss over wearing pants on sunday it just depends on the cercumstance. (Sowwy for the big words) 🙂

  11. I love to see my boy in just his diaper when ever we can i have him in just diaper or diaper and tshirt or onsie he is just so cute when dressed like that seems so relaxed and comfortable a true baby at heart

  12. I agree totaly, I really enjoy seeing my Little One wearing nothing but a nice thick somewhat bulky diapers – Cloth, And his baby snappy pants,For I know he was not able to do so all hie life , But I assure him very often, And remind and let him know that today Jeffery , Daddy only wants you in your diapers and Tee shirt only , And be sure to remind him through out the day how cute he looks just running around in nothing but his diapers and tee shirt , Also I like in the car to reach over and undo his snappy jeans , And expose his Diapers for his and my enjoyment , Thanks for all your thoughts Diaperdudesnj. Diapers may not be our lifes , But surly A great part for I want my baby to be , And reminded that we are very lucky that we are able to do so ,Diapers are so bueatiful to both of us, Have a great Diaperd day!!!!!

  13. this relates to me and my daddy pretty well,when my daddy wants to hold me,he normally leaves me in just a tshirt and my diaper,its pretty comfotable actually,i get to cuddle with my daddy while sitting on the big couch.and when its time for sleepy time,he can leave me in just diapers,or he might put me in a onesie to be more cute,it all depends on what my daddy wants his baby toddler to be comfortable in:@

  14. Re-read this a few months later.. Still reminds me of my life every day in diapers around the house and sleeping in crib for nap time in nothing but shirt and diaper in the warmer months and Shirt Sweatshirt and diaper cooler months. At night its a baby blue night onesie and diaper for summer and the same with sweat shirt and sweat panties in winter to stay nice and warm. Every morning I feel like a rug is being pulled between my legs as it stays in place. It is a wonder but yet restricted feeling.

  15. I wish I can be a tb I am 16 and love to be a baby I wet the bed so I were diapers at night but I want to were them durining the day too

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  17. I love to be dressed in my t shirt, diaper and pink plastic panty. My t shirt has been cut so you can see my entire diaper. I love this so my daddy can see my diaper if it wet or messy. I love to lay around all day..Its great to suck my bottles and get feed too..Binkeyboy

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