Adult Baby Plushies: Your Photos!

Dunston the Lion with His Plushys

Readers of this blog will remember my request for photos of your favorite stuffed toys – such an important member of the family!

I was so touched by the awesome snuggly plushies….every one of them a very special extension of the little boys (and girl!) out there.

A very special thanks to the readers who submitted their photos. If you’d still like to send one in, please do and I’ll add to this page (you can access it from the banner on the right side of the page!).

69 Replies to “Adult Baby Plushies: Your Photos!”

  1. Id love to send my pic in but i dont have the means to put a pic off my phone to e mail them in.. If sumone was nice enuf and can send it to them via mediamail. Rep
    are u need for me to send u the pic is internet and texting. Well i dont have a fancy phone. My num is: 503 890 4279 feel free to help me with this if u wish just send me a text saying send ur pic.

  2. Your pigtails are really cute, little maya!

    I would send in a picture of my (fantastically unique and adequately special with a teaspoon of amazing) bear, but I’m afraid people already know I visit this site, and if they see a picture of my bear, they’ll know it was mine…so yeah…

  3. There isn’t. But I was referring to my family members, whom I keep this part of me secret. πŸ™‚ Silly girl.

  4. I dont know why but my phone has been haveing service issues lately. ~:-| I wanna send in my pic but aperantly my phone doesnt want me to. (Curse my phone!)

  5. @little maya

    Well, I suspect someone has already followed me to this site, so someone must suspect my being a TB, and if they see my teddy on a ABDL site they will have solid proof… I haven’t gotten caught yet, and I plan to keep it that way. I may be overly cautious, but you never know what little thing might give you away…
    Maybe I’m just scared. πŸ™

  6. @little maya

    Honestly, I’m scared to do that too. πŸ™ Sorry, I’m just paranoid.

    By the way, anyone know how to set up a “real” account here? I’m thinking about going by “Tyguy”.

  7. I went to the lloyd center today with my sister and happend to run across a sprint kiosk so i told the guy the problem with my phone and he said they were doing a massive service upgrade and thats the reason why my phone is haveing service issues. Like i cant send pic mail (Media mail) and some times my texting goes out even tho i barely text anyone eventho i have practically nothing to do all day long.

  8. I used to have a giant pika and a life sized charmander plushies and i think charmander is still out in the garage buryed somewhere i miss them being so big makes me feel little.

  9. With some help from a friend and my media mail working now i have sent in a pic with me and 4 of my plushies. Hopefully you all will get to see them soon and wills comment (You look like harry potter) in the pic with me and 4 of my plushies cuddleing on ma bed πŸ˜€ and maybe if i had the same colour hair people may mistake me for harry >.<

  10. baby todd,is that you with the brown hair with the green pacifier and holding a cute teddy bear,with eeor from winnie the pooh in the background?

  11. aww dont be afraid baby sean,im a tb too,but i dont have any pics of me in diapers just yet,i have to ask my daddy if we can pretty soon

  12. aawww,thats cute i would love to know more about u toddy,could i get ur number to know more?ican give u mine if u want

  13. Thanks Zac but ummm thats kinda personal information if you wanted to email me or chat over like MSN lemme know

    And thanks Toddler you have a great week too

  14. r u sure u dont want my number?bcuz im new to the website and im a teen baby toddler that needs friends,o and i dont have a computer at home,im talking to u thru my fone and my fone wont let me email,so thats y i asked for ur number,i would have texted u and we would have became great baby friends:) i may be a 16 year old teen on the outside,but im only a 4 month old baby on the inside:)but if u want my number to text,just tell me and ill be more than glad to give it to u:@

  15. aww X333 they’re all so cuuuuuute X3 again…same issue as Link πŸ˜› wish I could post…but XD i’ve been caught before and would rather not have my mom find out that I posted a pic of me and my horsie πŸ˜›

  16. hi mike,mg name is babyzac,i onwy 10months old!^^ive read some of ur comments,and u seem like a pwetty nice baby boy!if its otay i would luv to meet u wittle guy,i weally wanna be your fwiend,heres my number(478-508-4718)text me wheneber u tan otay babymike?tank u!^^(suckling pacifier)

  17. i wanna put up pics of me with mine, how do i go about doing that?

    Plus, i also have “Little Brothers” that would like to know too!

  18. im going away on 3rd oct to 8th oct im seeking little babies to come and join me on sea side of skegness few day from mon to sat u will wear nappies 24/7 dress like a baby any itrested please call me on 07923008768


  20. Absurd! Of course Beaver is cuter than me! He’s a furry creature and therefore has +10 to his adorable modifier!

  21. My Baby Boys,Baby Dean 4(40)
    And Baby Patrick 3(30)
    Will B Having 20 Teddies Each
    In There Nursery Room In There Cots!
    When They Move In With Their Daddy Tony(UK) In 2 Years
    07749113090 & BBM 224B60C3

  22. Hi sat in my dinosaur onsi with my nappy on and hugging my best teddy Sam he is my bestest friend in the whole wide world he is the only person who understands me I can tell him anything and he listens to me and he tells me what to do like friends do. I am also sucking on my dummy as well. I want a daddy so bad thanks bye bye from baby John 2 years old ab years and 29 adult years I would send a picture of my best friend but don’t know how it works.

  23. These are so cute I really love teddy bears me My bedroom is full of them my favourate is Sam we go everywhere together I want a daddy so bad me really want to exsprience the full ab style for a day or week I want some ab friends so bad anyone interested in making friends with me and my teddy bear Sam leave a comment below from baby John 2 years old.

  24. Hi iam bi baby sissy. 47 m . Iam uk. Lookin for a dom daddy to take meas his lil girl,y sissy baby. I have lotr ov ababy stuff. But know one to play me!

  25. abdldaddy why you still not put my teddys photo on here i sends it to you ages ago πŸ™ my toys wants freinds, please put them on fanks huggs timmyab

  26. Oh i wish i could send a picture of Henry, my teddy. He is just so adorable. i have never been to bed without him (except for one terrible punishment!!!) since i was a real baby. You would all fall in love with him if you saw him. i know! i did! and i still love him. Bedtime without Henry is unthinkable!

  27. Hi my name is baby John I love to role play as a 2 year old at night time on my own I like to play with my favourite toys which are my dinosaur my cars and my best friend Sam my teddy doggy. I like to wear diapers while I sleep at night I sometimes wet the bed and I like to suck on a dummy when I can even in the day I love it there’s something you can’t beet about a dummy it’s so relaxing. My favourite tv programes are pokemon, jake and the neverland pirates and curious George, Henry hoggle monster and dino dan they are so awsome. But now I have a problem I keep on wanting to wear diapers full time day and night but I am to scared I keep on thinking will see them under my jeans what I wear then I just want to go for it and wear a diaper and chicken out at the last minute can anyone give me any tips at all has anyone else got away with it by the way I still live with my parents any tips at all would help I just want to be diapered all the time thanks baby John

  28. So you are still living with mom and dad. Do they know what you are doing in the baby world. Maybe you should let them in on this. Just let it go and see if they will go along with what you told them. You could also start acting by have a wetting problem. Wet every place. In bed, in the car,at table etc..Maybe they will go along with being a baby in diapers. You sound like you really want the works ,Baby john kept trying to get what you want. binkboy

  29. Everyone I did it I took a leap forward I wore nappies under my jeans in front of my parents and they couldn’t even tell that I had them on for the first time since I like nappies I actually did it I wore them from 4 o’clock till I went to bed I even went for a walk at night in them under my jeans and it felt awsome it was tena slip maxi medium as well I never thought something I thought was so hard to do became so easy just another stage to unpotty train my self I have not wet my self I front of them yet or while out I have a lot of work ahead of me. They already know I like nappies and wear them at night are they just pretending no to notice is it ok to carry on wearing all the time or will they sit me down and tell me that they can notice. Any tips anyone thanks BABY JOHN

  30. I wear nappies out in the street under a track suit bottoms, I also wear a bib and suck my dummy, I have a pink bonnet and mittens too. I wear them outin the dark evenings after work. I went out last week (26/11/13) it was dark at 5pm. I drive my car to the outskirts of city near me and park near to a small independent newsagent and convenience shop that I visit to buy Dummies and bottle teats. The shop is owned by a lady in her sixties. She is used to me going into her shop dressed up as a baby with my terry towel nappy and plastic pants or diaper showing over my track suit bottoms, and when I buy a dummy I ask her to take it out of the wrapper and put it in my mouth which she always does. Also she puts a new teat on my bottle of warm milk and I ask her if she will help me try it and feed me for a few seconds.
    I always go in with my arms full with my coat and a carrier bag with nappies and baby things so she feels obliged to take my dummy out put the bottle teat in my mouth let me suck a bit and then put the dummy back in. I pay her for the dummy and teat then leave sucking my dummy. I always wait until the shop is empty of customers, to avoid embarrassment but a few times people have walked in as I’m just leaving and sucking my dummy. I suppose its a regular sale for her but its excitement for me.

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