Huggies or Pampers for the Adult Baby?

adult diaper for the adult baby

Your little boy comes home for the day and you give him a big hug. He seems happy to be back home with daddy and has a big grin on his face. He talks excitedly about his day and the things he did at school or work.

As he talks, you take him by the hand and lea him to his room.

He’s used to the routine by now and lifts his arms up as you lift off his shirt, and lifts each leg as you help him out of his jeans. Getting diapered and dressed by his daddy once he gets home is as natural to him as the diapers you’ll soon have him in.

Tonight, your little guy is jumping with energy. His playfulness and smiles give you a warm, proud feeling.

But to focus his attention you walk over to the shelves where his diapers are stacked neatly.

“OK, son,” you say. “Your choice – what kind of diaper will it be?”

The question silences him and he blushes slightly. With his attention now focused on the many different brands of diapers that you have ready for him, he furrows his brow in concentration.

“Pampers!” he says.

Teen baby boy wearing pampers

Baby Diapers and the Adult Baby
For most adult babies, they’ve far outgrown brands like Pampers and Huggies. And yet they still gravitate to the soft crinkles and babyish patterns, the light scent and the big wide tapes.

It can be confusing for a dad when your adult baby boy points to the Pampers instead of the Attends. Clearly, the smaller diapers don’t provide the protection he needs and yet he still gravitates to them.

But a dad should realize that for many little boys it can be a very special feeling and connection to his Pampers or Huggies. They can help to validate that he’s a baby boy who needs his daddy’s care in a way that adult diapers sometimes can’t, even with the cutest patterns or designs.

There are a few things a dad can do:

– Next time you take your little guy shopping, make a detour to the diaper aisle. Examine the packages of Pampers, Pull-Ups and Goodnites. Tell him that it’s good to know what the latest is in diapers – he’s a baby boy after all, and even though you might buy your diapers from Bambinos, you’re reminding him that he’s a baby through-and-through.

– Buy a few packages and leave them visibly next to his diaper supplies. The bright packaging can have a soothing effect. Open a package and stack some of the diapers with the others – some have a baby scent which will fill his nursery and seeing them will remind him that he’s in his daddy’s care.

– Use them as stuffers for his adult-sized brands. Put one inside his Abenas or Depends. The extra padding will leave a reassuring thickness between his legs.

While it’s unlikely that we’ll see larger-sized Pampers any time soon, your little guy will probably still seek a diaper that expresses his feelings. Don’t deny him the chance to retain a connection to those feelings if that helps him to express the special little boy he is inside.

But as a daddy, your ultimate job is to keep him protected and well-diapered. Because no matter what the brand, your little guy needs to be thickly diapered and in your care. Show him your love and attention and be there for the boy who can’t be without his diapers, and you’ll realize that the choice of brand is less important than your bond with your baby boy.

27 Replies to “Huggies or Pampers for the Adult Baby?”

  1. I always diaper my teddy bear. This way I can be like daddy too! When I talk to my teddy bear, Mikey, I say to him the same things daddy says to me.

  2. Hee hee hee..I have my teddy bears in diapers for years. They are diapered and wearing plastic pants like me too. I keep them on the bed for all to see when people are over and do not care.

    I do like a variety of diapers myself and keep plenty on hand to satisfy my mood that day. I may wear a thinner diaper to work then switch to a bulkier one for the evening and an even bulkier for bed. Some might be babyish and other are not…but regardless, a variety is best for us diaper boys.

  3. Size sevens will fit skinny boys. They stretch a lot.

    You’re right, Daddy. It’s still really cool to wear baby diapers.

  4. cushies and super dry kids from adult baby universe are as close to real baby diapers in adult sizes as we’ll probably ever see. they’re thick, have a crinkly plastic backing, and one big tape per side. they’re essentially the same diaper but in two different designs. super dry kids are mostly white with a nursery design on the front, very 90’s style. cushies have an all over print, and though the print is very modern, they also have that perfect plastic backing and single wide tapes.

  5. Oh David, You can find Pampers or VERY close at AB Universe usually. The design is real similar to the ole Pampers Baby dry with Teddy’s and Parachutes and things like that just like the design on Pampers Baby Dry. Hope that helps. 🙂

  6. Well diapered is what I would want my daddy to do to me.Daddy said it so well in his blog and I am very sure he’ll take great care of a true baby.

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