When an Adult Baby Sucks His Thumb

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You’re lying on the change table. You only realized your diaper was wet when daddy came and gave you a check. As you lie on the change table, you sense the squishiness of the diaper beneath you and have a flutter in your tummy as you realize how soaked you are and that daddy is there to change you.

As you hear the snaps of your onesie come undone, a little wave of feeling overcomes you. It’s a warm feeling. Daddy is taking care of you.

The scent of your wet diapers reaches you as Daddy untapes them and then, without thinking, you move your hand towards your mouth and place your thumb inside.

What Daddy’s Thinking
As daddy changes you he’s focused on getting you out of your wet diaper. He’s noticing how soaked you are and is thinking that he should probably check you more often but that boys will be boys and soaked diapers are to be expected.

He’s thinking that the diapers he chose for you seem to do the trick – their cute pattern and thickness both suit his little boy and give him the protection he needs.

He’s wondering what type of diaper to put you in – whether a cute babyish pattern is suitable, and whether he should put you in a thicker diaper or not.

As he sees you slip your thumb in your mouth, daddy feels a special warmth in his heart. Seeing his little boy very naturally slide his thumb into his mouth is an incredibly special feeling for daddy.

It tells him that you feel a sense of trust and safety in his care. It shows him that you’re truly a baby boy who appreciates and responds to being daddy’s special little boy, and it shows that more and more, the feelings of being a baby are coming naturally.

As daddy realizes that you are expressing the special feelings you have inside and sees that you are able to be who you are — to suck your thumb, to wear your diapers happily, to be the little boy you’ve always been inside.

So the next time that side of you instinctively leads you to suck your thumb, don’t resist – let those feelings come naturally, because they’re a very special expression of trust to your daddy.

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  1. Hey Daddy! You always share such lovely reflections. Thanks for your gentle, caring spirit.

    Your thoughts on thumb-sucking are adorable. I wonder if a boy taking his paci feels the same to you? I wasn’t a thumb-sucker when I was a kid, and I’ve tried it sometimes when playing in my diapers…but it just doesn’t come naturally. I love having my paci in my mouth…

  2. you have to know how these words resonate in the very core of an ab boy:

    “As daddy realizes that you are expressing the special feelings you have inside and sees that you are able to be who you are — to suck your thumb, to wear your diapers happily, to be the little boy you’ve always been inside.”

    there is nothing like being seen for who and what we are by a caring daddy who understands!

  3. I think it’s wrong!!

    When ever my LB does so, I remove his thumb and shove a pacifier in his mouth.

    And tell him concernly, that there are bad yucky jerms that wanna make you sick when you do that.

    It usually works, then he apolagizes and says thank you daddy, and i then get a big hug.

  4. But thumb sucking is too natural to worry about germs… Unless he hasn’t washed his hands recently, in which case, indeedy, it’s gross. But when you’re just at home, it should be fine- if anything, it’ll strengthen his immune system against those germs without actually making him sick. But in public- a pacifier is best.

  5. Of course paci’s are more hygienic but I think tumb sucking indicates much more the feeling of babyish well being as described by daddy. I think daddy has such good insights in who we are

  6. I do find sucking my thumb, paci, baby bottle or ??? comforting while getting changed. I like to do it in bed too or at other times. Nothing beats Daddy changing my diapers…now to find that Daddy!

    I really appreciate your insight into daily goings on between us diaper boys and Daddies. You are so spot on with your writings too. Thanks!

  7. I don’t remember a binkie (Paci) at all from my first baby stage and there are no pics I have ever found. So later on when I got relaxed enough to order a nuk5 stage 2 baby binkie I adapted to it right away. I was amazed at HOW big it was in my mouth. I think the binkies are much cleaner than a thumb would be from all the things we have to use our hands for in general. I do wash my hands from EVERY change and every time I do something that should require it, but I don’t think that thumb can be cleaned enough times. About once every couple of weeks I also use Listerine on a Q-tip (or two) and I clean both ni ni binkie and nap time binkie to make sure the nipple stays germ free as well as the mickey / Glow Guard on the Mouth / Lip side only. Binkies are great and I have also taken ONE with me on trips for both nap time and ni ni time at hotels and relatives. However, it goes away into the back pack diaper bag right away after use so I do not lose it. 🙂

  8. i got to be linus from the peanuts comic strip for halloween and that way i got to hold my blankie all night…and suck my thumb with everyone watching.

  9. hi,TODDler…thats how i think about thumb sucking,i only have my pacifier,i never had the habbit to suck my thumb,just my big paci,its not the size five paci,but it does cover my whole mouth!my daddy normaly keeps my pacifier in the diaperbag otherwise if i loose my paci,im gonna cry,and daddy wont know what to do!

  10. aww,i wish i had that,when im asleep in my crib,i always seem to loose my pacifier while im sleeping,u seem like a pretty cool person,do u think u could b my first tbdl friend?im new here…and i need a friend to talk to….

  11. we can be friends in here- no problem I am in the chat room sometimes to visit. Of course we can be friends – if you want to talk just ask me anytime. 🙂

  12. No zac you never hurt my feelings and I am not offended. I just simply meant that sometimes I am in the chat room too. So if you want to talk you can look for me under the same head name as here “TODDler-Colorado” and you will know it is me. Have a Great holiday weekend. See you there! 🙂 Ni Ni

  13. aww,thanks i feel loved already,um todd……..do u think i can ask u a few questions by fone(by texting)?i could give u my # if u want i just want to know u better as a toddler like me!if u say no its perfectly fine with me i understand,and respect ur desicion:@

  14. todd,r u still here?i just want u to answer my question above please?i really wanna know if its ok to get ur cell number,u can have mine if its ok with my best friend(sucking pacifier)@

  15. um,TODDler…im not trying to be an annoying baby,but i just really wanna text u,i can give u my cell number if u want,pweety pweeze?:@

  16. hi,baby toddler,do u think u could let me get ur cell number?i wanna text u,to get to no u better,i really wanna talk to my adultbaby friend more often,please?:@

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