Adult Diapers from Japan: Sushi Not Included

I can’t help thinking that an adult baby field trip to Japan might be an idea.

I picture vending machines lined up at the sparkling rail stations filled with different brands of diapers.

I recently ordered what were billed as the ‘world’s largest baby diapers‘ and was surprised at how quickly they arrived – 3 days from ordering to delivery, and this all the way from Tokyo!

They are really great diapers and if you have a little one in your life with a small waist (I’d guess under 28 inches) they are certainly larger than the largest baby diaper in North America!

I was curious about adult diapers from Japan. I had always heard that they had 100s of brands. In North America much of the market is driven by institutional demands – the large manufacturers look to make diapers that they can both sell at retail but can also supply to hospitals and other institutions at a decent price.

In other parts of the world, you’ll find more brands and more emphasis on quality and price because the retail market is managed differently than in North America.

Sushi Diaper?

Japan seems to have an incredibly large selection of diaper brands. But browsing the listings gave me a bit of a chuckle because most of the descriptions are translated by a computer.

One of my favorite product names? “Take a long lunch pad for breathability urine.”

Or this mysterious product description: “Sarubakaba”, so keep a wide Velcro surface, is easy to put the sushi is the only diaper cover diapers can be adjusted according to the constitution.

It’s a mystery to me what sushi has to do with a diaper cover but I’m no expert on Japanese culture.

It’s nice to know that with the right conditions, a culture can encourage such a wide range of diaper choices for adults (and, of course, adult babies).

Over time, as the joys of caring for an adult baby become wider and better understood  we’ll see an increase in the number of choices in the rest of the world as well. As we’ve seen with the number of adult baby diapers on the market, there’s a demand, and compared to even a few years ago there’s a growing recognition that with all of the amazing ABs and DLs in the world, they deserve as wide a choice as the many different personalities and preferences that they represent.

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  1. where did u buy these extremely large baby diapers……i have found a brand marketed by tena internationl division so not for sale in the usa but their libero size 7 comfort fit fits close to 70 lbs!!!! beat that pampers cruisers size 7….there is a picture of a smaller adult wearing them comfortably on a abdl site in germany…im one of those lucky smaller guys and can fit comfortably into huggies pull ups size 4t/5t and barely fit my tiny but into a pampers crusiers size 7….looking for a good baby diaper that fits comfortably…you talked about a japanese brand that is pretty big(this is going to sound racist as all get out but japanese babies tend to be more chubby that could be why their largest brands are rated heavier…? hmmm who knows) all i know is for some reason diapers for the american market tend to be smaller and thinner and no longer have the smell(some brands)

  2. Never saw this before.. That is realy cool! I would be curious what they have over there. I would not want to even guess what they have to do with Sushi Covers… 🙂

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