Classic Diapers for the Adult Baby: Attends

I can be absent-minded sometimes. No, I don’t forget when it’s an adult baby’s nap time or to check their diapers – but sometimes I order something online and forget about it until it arrives.

I can’t help thinking that maybe that’s a more ‘daddy’-type thing to do. I half suspect that when an AB orders something he’ll stand by the front door waiting for the mail from the minute he (or his daddy) clicks “buy”. For myself, I suppose I take an attitude of “it gets here when it gets here” and am pleasantly surprised when something arrives which I had half-forgotten I ordered.

Today’s delivery was a collection of vintage Attends – two different kinds from two different eras. One was packaged in a cardboard box with the phrase “MAJOR bladder and bowel control protection” emblazoned across the top, and the other in blue plastic packaging with just the name and the size.

The other night in the chat room for this site, some of the little ones were talking about favorite diapers. I’m also often asked if I have a preference. My feeling about diaper brands is that they’re very dependent on the ‘son’ you’re babying or caring for.

Maybe he’s a little boy who has accidents and needs Goodnites or other ‘lighter’ protection. Maybe he needs thick layers of cloth and plastic pants for a few hours in the playpen.

For a dad, a diaper is all about security, and provides a tangible way to express your care and love.

I can’t help feeling that when you’re looking after an adult baby, the brand of diaper, the style, or thickness can be important at first because it helps to evoke feelings and sensations, but that over time if you’re doing your job as a daddy, the style of diaper will become less important than the care, trust, guidance and love you’re able to give your little guy, no matter what kind of diaper you’re putting him in.

For an adult baby a diaper can trigger very specific feelings, and are important ways in which he can feel like he’s safe to express his inner self. If he associates certain memories and feelings with, say, Goodnites from the mid-90s, then wearing them or something similar will help him to be more in touch with that side of himself.

Now, I suppose as a dad, I DO have memories of my own – and seeing as Attends were the first brand I used when diapering someone, there will always be fond memories evoked from the packaging or style of diaper. More specifically, the older Attends had a type of plastic cover which I wish there was more of in today’s brands: it had a very slick sort of plastic that somehow felt more secure, and which also caused the diapers to crinkle very noticeably, even under clothes.

But I’m always curious to understand what types of diapers a little guy likes. It’s a little window into his personality, memories and dreams. And I’m sure you have preferences as well, and I’m happy if you’d share.

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  1. I’ll always be fond of the old-style attends as well. There is something reassuring about seeing that thick, white, shiny plastic diaper with yellow wetness indicator lines and blue tapes.

    I’m also fond of the baby diapers that were around when I first noticed my interest in them. The ones that stand out, in particular, are the plastic covered Pampers and Luvs; the scent they had will forever be burned into my memory and could calm me down like nothing else. It’s the smell that I always think about when someone mentions something being or smelling “babyish.”

  2. wow, thick diapers and a few hours in the playpen sounds good to me! i guess it doesn’t matter what brand of disp or cloth/plastic pants, if the diaper daddy puts me in is THICK it triggers my littlest ab self to come out and play…in other words, it is a fast track to regressing really way back. my adult self knows that only i can let myself feel safe enough to reveal that, but my little baby boy self really appreciates all forms of daddy encouragement…including a thick, cozy, absorbant diaper!

  3. I grew up on cloth and plastic pants but always wanted to wear a disposable diaper when they came out. I played with a pamper when I took one from a neighbors but the first adult ones I bought were Attends. I still have a passion for them even through the years and changes that have been made. I like to take a cloth diaper or two and fold them as long soakers and lay them in a disposible diaper to make them real bulky and enjoy the cloth as well as the disposable at the same time. Love the crinkles a disposable makes but also the bulk of cloth no disposable can match. Plastic pants over a diaper is fun too.

  4. I miss the old style attends. First, the outside plastic, besides providing a waterproof encapsulation made a ‘crinkling’ sound that reinforced the fact you were in a diaper. Second, they had a perforated plastic inside liner, separating the absorbent wadding, that was ever so slick when talc was applied. Todays diapers are so cloth-like, which is OK, I guess, and so thin that they’re almost no different than a hanes brief.
    Call me old fashion but it meant to be a real baby you were pinned into thick and thirsty curity cloth diapers that were covered by a pair of gerber plastic panties that ballooned out so much you felt like you’d been put in a soccer ball. Sitting in a playpen meant you’d only be able to be comfortable by assuming a bow-legged posture. Walking demanded a almost crab-like waddle all the while an aural feedback of moving vinyl.

  5. The diapers gotta crinkle. At least a little. And most importantly, they got to feel secure. Some diapers, you can tell, just by putting them on, they are going to leak. And I hate that feelings.

  6. I have tried Attends. I like them..but the ones that would bring my true self out I guess would be Abu Cushies or super dry kids… or Bambinos…or just some toddlerish diaper ^^

  7. Secure Xplus
    Bambino Classico
    ABU I’ve not tried yet.

    Secure Xplus and Bambino classicos have always been my favorite though!

  8. i like attend adult diappen better any other brands that are out there helps me sleep better at night…..

  9. As a bisexual DL-boy, I prefer wearing cloth-like-pull ups at day time and crinkling big thick diapers with line boosters at night time.
    Let me tell you something that happened to me!

    But for a few weeks, I have met a Daddy who has been keeping me in big diapers on a 24/7 basis. He always has said that this is better like that so that I know where I belong to! Secretly, I know that he wants to make from me his baby boy, but till now, he has not told me anything about that. The lonely thing that he told me last week: boy, I’m now disappointed from your behaviour at the restaurant. Cute lil boys like you don’t have to order a glass of white wine, but a glass of juice. After that, you kept both of your hands under the table, as if you were hiding something. I presume your were playing down under! Were you?! I replied: nope, I just need to get guided because of my bad manors and lack of discipline! In my mind, I was wondering if he had understood what I was telling him: I wanted to make him furious and become a guiding strict Daddy. He took his time to answer me and then he said: well, from now on, I will diaper you thickly for night and day, where and who ever we are with. I will store your big boy undies as well as your Huggies Dry Nites in the flat and you will only be allowed to wear real diapers. I want that you become aware of your needs and it is too early to build up for potty training. You are a big baby boy and I will treat you like one! Their crinkle sound will remind you that you are wearing them and as soon as you need to let it run or even dump a load, I demand that you tell that to me. At night time, I will add a bigger diaper on the usual one, and eventually a plastic pant. Should I notice that you wet or messed your diaper without telling that to me at day time, I will show you right now what would happen. He took me by the arm very firmly, he bent me over his knees and clenched his powerfull legs around mine. Very quick after that, I only laid there in this amazing body posture and I could feel he was pulling my trousers down as well as my cute Dry Night. Then he landed sharp smacks on my bare bum and I thought that lasted at least an hour. In fact that lasted about a quarter of an hour. I kicked so much, but he is really strong and knows apparently well how to dominate his kids. I suppose he did the same with his own children a few years before. He told me: this is what happens too to lil kids who misbehave and don’t want to obey! They get spanked green and blue on their bare bums as long as they don’t listen to their daddy properly. He then made me stand up, grabbed my left ear (where I have a big piercing!!!) and lead me to his bedroom, still landing sharp pats on my bare bum. He said: as long as you are under my shelter, you will have to show me respect and trust. You are such a spoiled brat and have asked for it for a too long time. He threw me onto his bed. I felt a bit scared but … excited as well, I have to admit it! He took a big diaper, an Attends 10 M, a long “Rewe” stuffer (sold in our homeland Germany), and a red pair of Antsy Pants. He shouted: don’t move or it’s gonna be even worse! Daddy spread some Johnson powder in my crotch area, very roughly, as well as under my bum. He went on by saying but calmed down: legs up in the air, lil boy! I wanna see your nice red cheeks! He placed the crinckling big diaper under my butt, made the stuffer too, snapped them all very tightly and made exactly the same with the pair of Antsy pants. After that, he was satisfied and said: now, you know what it is to get spanked by your loving Daddy. Be sure that I like you so much and that I just want you to be comfy at Daddy’s home. He gave me a big kiss on my forehead and gave me a friendly pat on the cloth diaper.
    Definitely, I know that I will have some regular fun with Daddy. He will diaper me thickly and tightly with a combination of cloth and plastic diapers and I am in favor of that so that I can have both of pleasures and feelings.

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