Plastic Sheets for the Adult Baby

If you’ve never been a dad to an adult baby before, there are a few things you might think about but not fully expect: how much joy you’ll get seeing them in their playpen lost with their stuffed animals and in a world of their own; or the way you’ll need to suppress a smile when you look at your little guy in his high chair with spaghetti sauce all over his face and bib.

But another thing you might not expect is the sudden sound of crinkles around the house.

As your little guy makes his way around the house, his diapers will crinkle with a sound that’s incredibly reassuring to a dad.

As you lie him on his change table, the plastic mattress cover will rustle and crinkle as you raise him up to slip a clean diaper under him.

And as you lay him in his crib or big boy bed, the reassuring crinkle of the plastic cover on the mattress will be the sound of knowing that even when he’s sleeping he can feel safe in his diapers and not worry that even a little leak will cause problems.

The Importance of Protection
The relationship between a dad and an adult baby or ‘little boy’ isn’t about diapering or babying – it’s about creating a sense of trust and care so that he can express who he is inside.

When he gives you that gift of sharing his true self, there’s an incredible feeling of joy that comes from knowing you were able to play some small part in letting him be himself.

And what’s amazing about caring for an AB is the number of ways in which you can demonstrate your care and protection. I can’t think of many other relationships where you have such specific ways to create that bond.

Plastic Sheets
A plastic sheet or cover on the bed or crib mattress is practical. I mean, leaks will happen as much as you might do everything you can to avoid it.

But a plastic or rubber sheet also says something else. It tells a little guy a few things:

One, that you care. That you’ve made sure that you’ve looked after things in a way that recognizes he’s a little boy and needs a dad to take care of him.

Two, that the fact he’s in diapers is natural. He should feel comfortable using his diapers. Diapers have probably always been part of who he is inside, and you’re showing him that you honor and respect that side of him.

To do so, he shouldn’t ever feel like he needs to worry about using his diapers. A plastic mattress cover, the way it rustles slightly beneath him, is a reminder that it’s expected that he will use his diapers and that there’s nothing wrong with that.

6 Replies to “Plastic Sheets for the Adult Baby”

  1. hey daddy josh – just a quick note to say “happy father’s day”…and thanks for being a great dad to all us ab boys, and a great teacher to other ab daddies! 🙂

  2. Happy Dada Day to you Dada Josh! You are to be commended for all you efforts, articles and this site to help educate potential Daddies (or big brothers). You perspective on the topics is always spot on. Thank you!

    I always keep 2 plastic sheets on the bed for double protection in case one accidentally rips or tears, there is back up. I sometimes feel weird when I am fortunate to have someone spend the night with me in my bed as they usually do not know about my diapers or wetting issues. No one has said anything about the crinkle either. I always sleep in my diapers and will slip on a pair of jammie shorts or pants to climb into bed but usually slip them off during the night. I have cuddled with a couple of guys who did not know and they never mentioned my bed attire. I have gotten out of bed in the morning and walked out of the bedroom in just my diaper without any comments. Guess some people are just not concerned or embarrassed themselves to much to say anything. One thing is true, the crinkle of the plastic sheet or my diapers is certainly not quiet or undetectable.

  3. I’ve been in the same big boy bed and same room since I was 5. It has a crinkly thick vinyl mattress cover that zips all around and then a nursery print plastic sheet with elastic and then winnie the poo sheets and bright red and blue plastic side rails. I never got dry at night so I wear a thick disposable diaper (we get them in a big box that comes in the mail, they have ABCs all on the front), with a diaper doubler and cute plastic pants. When its warm I wear my shorty pjs (boys size 10 to 12 fits me the best, I’m very small for 19.) In winter I get my zip up footies with the rocket ships on them. I love the crinkle sounds as I’m sucking my bottle and falling asleep.

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