Testing ABDL Daddy Chat

Even dads like to play with new toys now and then – and I’ve been fiddling with a chat function for this site. I’d like to test it for a few days and see what everyone thinks. So if you’d like to pop in and see if anyone’s around to trade AB/DL tips, or to just connect – join us!.

7 Replies to “Testing ABDL Daddy Chat”

  1. I would totally be into this function!!! I’d be a great way to communicate with other babys and daddys!!

  2. ItalianBabyBoi, I am looking for a DL Boi to be my own. I would so like to feel down the front of your diaper to see if the Boi has wet. Every diaper change could be a new and enjoyable experience for Baby AND Daddy.

  3. i wish i had a daddy…

    im just a little 5 year old boy with a pee pee problem and no daddy to change me i love stories, cuddling, diaper changes, but i am alittle shy so i dont talk much but i still someone to love me 🙂

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