Summer Days and the Diaper Lover

It’s a beautiful day where I live, and it feels like summer is starting to set in! For you dads out there, it’s the perfect time to get your little guy in a nice thick diaper, put him in a pair of shorts or jeans, and go for a long walk.

Some of my best memories are long strolls through the city with someone I was caring for, and as the weather warmed up we’d find a park and he’d lie on the grass, shirt off, diaper peeking up over the top of his shorts.

Summers are about carefree feelings and warm sensations. It make a daddy feel proud of his little guy knowing that he feels safe and protected enough to not worry too much about the tell-tale bulge of his diaper under his shorts.

I remember the first time that the weather was hot and my diapered little guy took off his shirt as we were walking down to the board walk. The glances he had from people noticing the white strip of his diaper didn’t seem to bother him, and he walked proudly beside me. There was something about the warm weather that triggers a feeling of being at peace with ourselves and relaxed in the world.

A daddy can help his son enjoy the summer months in all kinds of ways – trips to the zoo, park, beach, or just downtown for a walk. It’s a special time, and he might feel a new bond with you as he realizes that with the winter layers peeled off, it’s more likely that others might notice something unusual in the slight waddle in his step or the crinkly bulge beneath his clothes.

As he gets to a new level of comfort with this, he’s really giving daddy a vote of confidence and love, and expressing his sense of trust in the care that daddy is providing. A daddy should repay this amazing gift with kindness and extra care.

But I’m curious about your summer experiences.

Have you ever had that sense of release from winter, that sudden rush of relaxation and felt like you simply wanted to run in just a diaper along the beach? And what kinds of things do you hope daddy will do with you in the summer months?

As we approach the official start of summer, a big hug to you all, and I hope you and your daddy’s have an awesome time.

4 Replies to “Summer Days and the Diaper Lover”

  1. Hi Daddy!
    I am glad to see that you are back with us! 🙂 As I live in the deserts of Arizona, Summer is not unlike Winter where you live. The weather keeps us in.
    We stay in doors a lot as it can get as hot as 121 degrees F. The average highs for the day time in the tale end of July, August, and the first part of September can be around 110 degrees F. Your diapers are wet with in ten minutes of going outside. But the rest of the time (Fall, Winter& Spring) boys can wear shorts and rompers outside and it feels nice.
    When the weather is good, the Zoo and watching the airplanes taking off at the airport are favorite things for me to do! Camping and other outdoor activities are really cool too!
    Of course if it really does get too hot down in the deserts for baby boys like me, we can always go up into the forests two hours north of me, or go to the Grand Canyon!
    Glad you are back, Daddy!
    Take care,

  2. As a dad for me summer means a nice thick disposable or cloth nappy and tshirt on a little guy. Let him waddle around in that and play out in the garden and explore as toddler boys love to do.

    Also very handy for dad to do the necessary nappy checks to see if he needs changing.

    They get him bathed and pin a thick cloth nappy on him, plastic pants over and onesie or a thick disposable for bedtime.

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