Bibs for the Adult Baby

Bibs for adult babies

Dressed in just his diaper and a colorful t-shirt, the adult baby boy sits in his high chair and can’t help playing with his food. If it wasn’t for the sippy cup or bottle, there would be more of a mess than there already is, and daddy can’t help smiling that his little guy treats his mashed potatoes like he’s making sand castles at the beach.

For the adult baby, a bib is one of those ‘must-haves’, even for little guys who aren’t prone to playing with their food. With daddy feeding him, there’s bound to be a stray pea or two, or a dribble of chocolate pudding when dessert time comes.

Meal Times and Connection
One of the joys of caring for an adult baby is that there are a wide range of ways in which daddy and son can bond. One of the important moments is sharing a meal. In today’s fast food culture, meals are often rushed or eaten alone. But between a ‘daddy’ and an adult baby, meals can be a reminder of sustenance, caring, creativity and connection.

Daddy might decide that his little guy needs some extra care and attention at the end of a long day. Noticing daddy pull the high chair up to the dining table, a baby boy will probably get a little thrill. Time in his high chair isn’t just a meal – it’s a time for expression, feeling, and knowing that daddy cares enough to take care of his boy’s needs in a special way.

Seeing daddy get his high chair ready, he’ll get a little flutter in his tummy and he’ll start to feel some of the cares of the day fade away.

As daddy buckles up the high chair strap and fixes the tray in place, he’ll feel safe and secure. The crinkling of his diaper on the plastic cushion of the high chair, and the bottle or sippy cup that daddy places in front of him give a snug, cared-for feeling.

Finally, daddy stands behind his little guy and puts on his bib, securing it at the back. He’ll look down at the baby or toddler patterns on his bib and get a little grin.

He’ll also realize that daddy is acknowledging that little guys can be messy and that there are often dribbles and spills, but he’ll feel a sense of relief that it doesn’t matter – his bib (and his daddy) will take care of things.

Remembering Baby
But a bib doesn’t have to be just for ‘high chair time’. The reality of caring for an adult baby or little boy is that while he’ll probably always be diapered, there might be times when he and daddy are sharing a simple meal at the end of a long day or having a quick sandwich for lunch before heading out to do some shopping.

Sometimes, the bond between a daddy and son is expressed through simple things: diaper changes, affection, or a kiss on the cheek. Shortalls and onesies, high chairs and playpens might not make sense all the time. A lot will depend on lifestyle and things like school or jobs.

But that doesn’t mean that a boy isn’t always a little guy. And a bib can be one of those small gestures that make a big difference when things are just a bit too hectic.

You’re sitting down to have a simple dinner, you’ve been chatting about the weather or your day at school, and just before you start to eat, daddy jumps up and returns to the table, bib in hand, which he lovingly puts on.

The simple gesture is an affirmation: daddy and son are connected in many ways, but even when a high chair and messy goops of ketchup on his chin aren’t the first things on your mind, by putting on your bib daddy acknowledges and affirms that no matter that you’re sitting at the big table, you’re still daddy’s baby boy.

10 Replies to “Bibs for the Adult Baby”

  1. daddy always gets it right. a bib and highchair time is a really special connection between an adult baby and daddy. the first time my partner surprised me with a plastic bib at mcdonald’s it told me that he really understood my adult baby needs. and being fed is such an intimate, wonderful act.

  2. Such a well-written and right-on-the-money article from someone who is absolutely the foremost authority on Daddies! I wait anxiously every day for another post!!

  3. I love eating in my High Chair… I have 5 bibs that I alternate that have things like race Cars, Choo Choo Trains, Planes and helicopters on them. I go through about one bib every other day before they really need to be washed. So many times I did not think I needed one only to have a mess on the front of my shirt. Even when out and about I start to feel like I need to have a bib on at the local Mickey something or other or the Burger Queen. 🙂

  4. normally at breakfast,snack,and dinner time,daddy will sit me on my high chair,he normally puts on one of his favorite bibs on me,the one that says”cute24/7″and the one that says”i drink until i pass out”i guess theyre kinda cute on me,they are pretty helpfull by not letting me have stains on my shirts,but when i see my daddy,i cant help but blush a little when he sees my face covered with sapgetti or applesause and see daddy smiling while i eat,but he’s always there to clean my face with his hankerchif:)

  5. I have few bibs one of them says,” Here comes my little ball of trouble.” Another one says,” Babies Job: Making Daddy Smile”.

  6. I bet you could find one on Amazon or E-bay or something like that. All mine were custom made like I said I have 5 bibs and I need to order a couple more. Still eat in my high chair and I love it aside from the fact that I would not sit down to eat so I had to be restrained to sit down and eat my food.

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