Change Mats for the Adult Baby

You’re dressed in a diaper and a brightly colored t-shirt. Sitting on the living room floor, you’re maybe playing a video game or building a space station out of Lego.

It’s a lazy Sunday afternoon and you hear daddy in a nearby room – maybe he’s listening to music, reading the paper, or folding laundry (little boys go through a LOT of clothes in a week!)

Every now and then, daddy slips in behind you and then slides a finger along the waist of your diaper to check if you’re wet. As he does, you get a warm feeling, a little blush, but you’re glad daddy is checking you.

You try to remember if you’ve wet your diaper more than once. You know from the slight dampness between your legs that you wet at LEAST once, but you don’t really remember.

Daddy gives you a little kiss on the cheek and leaves you to your play. Not wet enough for a change, clearly!

You feel the happiness of Sunday afternoon. There’s something lazy and gentle about the day. The crinkle of your diapers as you shuffle around gives you a feeling of security. At one point, you’re aware of a tingling feeling and a spreading sensation of warmth in your diaper, but you’re too preoccupied to really notice the heaviness of your diaper.

But daddy notices. With his little guy dressed in just a diaper he can see by the wetness indicator as he approaches that his son will need a change.

Your attention is taken from your play to daddy as you notice him roll out a change mat beside you. You look in daddy’s eyes.

“Time to get you into a clean diaper, little one,” he says.

Change Mats for the Adult Baby and Diaper Lover
One of the essential things that a dad needs in caring for an adult baby is a change mat.

There’s nothing better than a change table for a thorough diaper cleaning and change. All of the supplies are nearby and the height of a change table makes it easier for a dad to make sure that a boy’s diaper is nice and snug and secure. A change table also helps when it’s time to get a little guy into a new outfit – shortalls for the park, or a sleeper or romper for nap time.

But a change mat is perfect for a quick change. When a boy is playing, watching a video with his dad, or in his playpen, a change mat is perfect for a quick diaper change without taking him out of the space he’s in.

Ideally, a change mat will have a waterproof plastic lower panel. I find that crinkly material is somehow more reassuring – it probably ISN’T any more waterproof but it gives a sense of comfort to a little guy, and he doesn’t have to worry about a soggy diaper leaving a splotch on the carpet. I always think it’s critical when caring for an adult baby that he not feel any apprehension or worry about using his diapers, and concerns over leaks or damage should be the last thing on his mind.

Cute prints are in order for the other side of the mat. Something that suits his personality – whether toy block patterns, teddy bears, or bright primary colors suitable to a little boy or toddler.

Keep the change mat somewhere convenient.

I sometimes forget where I leave stuff, so I prefer to have it somewhere visible, with a diaper bag nearby with wipes, powder, lotion and, of course, diapers.

This also makes it easier if I need to grab everything for a trip – a drive in the country, or to a quiet stretch of beach. I find it doesn’t matter that you’re changing someone in a car or in a quiet place outdoors – a change mat makes everything easier wherever you are.

As your little guy crinkles in his clean diaper, the change mat rustling beneath him, and his thumb (or paci) instinctively in his mouth, you’ll see a happy look in his eyes from the feeling that daddy both cares for him and changed him, and yet the act felt like a routine part of the day.

9 Replies to “Change Mats for the Adult Baby”

  1. daddy josh – when i read the stuff you write here it almost always evokes a little sign or gurgle of babytalk (goo dada gaa)…and this one really did. a change mat helps make the experience of being daddy’s little one even more real. its so nice not to worry if my wet bottom is gonna touch anything other than the crinkly nursery print plastic, before i’m cleaned and powdered and rediapered. daddy knows just what to say to keep the baby feelings flowing freely.

  2. Daddy needs to spread his wealth of knowledge to all the other daddies in the world. I always put myself into my babyspace when I read his articles, and dream about how I’ll feel someday when I have a daddy who cares as much as Him!

  3. Why can’t I find a great Daddy like you? Dang, you need to have a Daddy Diaper University to train these potential Daddies to be Daddies to diaper boys like us. I am sure you would do a great job training them too. Love your sit, pics, articles and information. It takes me back in age to an enjoyable time for me.

  4. Love your work Josh, you do things the way a dad should do looking after little fellas. I try to do what you do when it comes to diaper checking and changing a boy on a change mate.
    Well done and thanks for inspiring other dads.

  5. I love to have my changing pad and diaper bag in eye shot at all times. It surves as a reminder to me, to be checking diapers for they may need changing.

  6. I have separated tumbling mats for changes. I use the Red one in my room on the floor as I do not have room for a changing table. I saw in a daycare once that the color of the mat matched the room name. For younger Toddlers this was the “Red” room and so I chose red for the changing mat color for me. I Also have the Green and Yellow mats for play time in the front room or in the nursery here. I like the long changing mat and clean up / changing time is literally a snap (or 4 in a onesie) and it helps to have the mat on the floor and not just a towel. Eventually I do want a changing table when I can move and get ONE more room for my office and a seperate room for me. My problem with a changing table is keeping legs up because I do not have a Daddy to help me and I have an indented wall which I can put my left leg up against which helps alot. I am alot better than I used to be but I still have problems if I am visiting someone and have to lay on the floor and put my legs up on the side of a dresser to help me. 🙂

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