Swim Diapers for the Adult Baby?

With summer fast approaching, your adult baby or toddler will soon be pulling at your arm to take him to the pool, beach or lake. But how does a daddy handle his little guy’s needs when it comes to time in the water? Does a boy need diapers for time in the pool or lake?

For myself, there are a few memories that are really special to me. One was a trip to Disney World with someone, whose toddler side had the perfect space to express itself.

This included spending time at the Resort water parks and by the pool in the hotel. He had a blast being able to splash around at Blizzard Beach, for example.

And it made me happy to know that he was secure when I’d see his diaper peeking up over the top of his cute swim trunks as he lay down on a towel pool side.

But I didn’t need to handle ONE challenge: he didn’t swim!

So I’ve been wondering: is there a role for swim diapers for the adult baby or diaper lover?

The Practicalities
Let’s face it – no matter what the age, swim diapers don’t actually play much of a role for the little boy who wets. Chlorine is put into pools for a reason I guess!

No matter how secure or ‘waterproof’ a swim diaper might be, it’s not going to play much of a role with the boy who needs his diapers because he wets.

When someone lets his daddy diaper him, it’s a gesture of putting himself in someone’s care. There’s a very special bond between ‘daddy’ and ‘son’ represented by his diapers. He’s putting himself in daddy’s care and protection and his lack of control over his potty habits creates a very special need for a daddy to be there to check him and change him.

But not all boys use their diapers to, well, to their fullest. It’s a bit baffling to me, but I do understand that not every little guy will mess his diapers. For those that do, swim diapers are a necessity although I suspect that most little boys would be considerate of their fellow swimmers if they were at a public pool or beach.

There are some boys who are truly incontinent and need their diapers for that reason, and again the necessity of the swim diaper is evident.

For the boy who does wear swim diapers, they often won’t do the trick for the time AROUND the pool. They’re fine for splashing or swimming, but for extended periods he’ll be better protected in his normal diapers under a cute pair of shorts, whether boarder shorts or otherwise.

Time Without Diapers?
But aside from the practical considerations is the question of whether a daddy and son are comfortable with time without diapers.

Imagine daddy takes you to a beach. There’s no question that you’ll be diapered and the bulk is clear to a knowing eye, or the crinkly plastic sticks up over the top of your shorts.

You play in the sand building castles or playing with your favorite ‘monster trucks’. Maybe you explore a little, looking for shells or colorful stones.

Depending on where you are, daddy will realize you’re wet and will change you on the beach while shielding you the best he can with a beach towel, or he’ll find a nearby public restroom.

Now, while I know that there’s nothing particularly dangerous about swimming in a normal diaper (a Bambino say), it can get VERY heavy and it won’t make for much of a swim for a little guy.

So if it comes time for a swim, it seems like daddy has three options: if you’re merely going to ‘splash’ in the water, he can leave you in your diaper and swim shots; he can remove your diaper so that you can take a full swim or if you’ll be in the water for a while; or he can put you in a swim diaper with its cute designs and thicker padding in the bum and crotch.

I’m going to say that “it depends on the situation” – where you are, the relationship between a daddy and son, and whether being out of a diaper for any length of time might cause anxiety.

But I’m curious: what do you think? What should daddy do on those days at the lake or beach?

16 Replies to “Swim Diapers for the Adult Baby?”

  1. from being some one who is in diapers 24/7 I see your point but if the boy has done his messy diaper he will be ok in normal swimming cloths ad if he wet in will go in the pool and when he is done with swimming you can put him back in his diaper I have a swimming diaper and I do not like it but if they make little swimmers for bigger baby that will be nice under there swimming kit

  2. I am 24/7 too, and I dont know always no when messy is going to happen, but the bigger part is when your sitting around the pool or beach if your not wearing your diaper and you go pee pee then it gets all over the place and thats not fun.

    I wear my regular diaps in the pool and when and change as needed.

  3. I would think using cloth diapers would suffice when swimming. Swim diapers can be interesting and cute, but they can also be more expensive because they are a ‘specialty’ item.

    Cloth diapers don’t swell up as much as disposables in the water, and they don’t have SAP in them which could absorb so much that the diaper explodes. Cloth diapers also have cute, fun prints to suit any little guy’s age range. And with plastic pants over them, you can create at least a water-resistant shell.

    Just a thought.

  4. when i went to the beach or lake i used disposables and sometime i would us cloth diapers and plastic-pants as well. i think dadda should ask his son what kind of diapers he would like to wear for going swimming. there is a site for adult swim diaper diapers out there.

  5. i agree with daddy totaly about wearing a swim diaper, i think its very important , i wear diapers all the time myself and i am an adult baby. i belave the thicker the better and i would exspect nothing less than my daddy to put me in a nice thick swim diaper so that every one could see what a baby i am

  6. I would prefer a thin cloth diaper with plastic pants over a swim diaper. A swim diaper looks cute and would be very babyish but just not practical. I would want a bit more protection around the pool from my leaky pee pee.

  7. Hi, I would want daddy to put me into my swim diapers. They remind me that I am a little boy who needs daddy to take care of me. As a little boy, I am working on getting over the shame and embarrassment of a messy diaper. This means that I need to be diapered all the time and praised for letting myself realize what a little boy I am. I think that for a time outside the pool, my diapers and little boy shorts over my swim diaper will keep everything else dry. Knowing that daddy is prepared for a messy boy, even if it does not happen, makes me feel more secure.

  8. I wear diapers 24/7 and I like it when daddy puts me in my swim diaper. One time daddy put me in with no diapie. I guess I had a messy in the pool in my backyard. But he incouraged me that it was ok and that he still loves me. Then he put me in my nappie and put me to bed. I love my daddy!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I want to wear diapers so bad but idk know how to do it with out my Mom and dad knowing I’m 14 and I have a diaper fettish I sneak one on wen o find them every now and then but I want them on all the time can any help me

  10. hey austyn,my name is baby zac im 16 years old,but as a teenage baby toddler im 10months old,and i had the same problem about my nappies,if u wanna no more,i would love to meet u little guy^^

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