An Adult’s Summer in Diapers

For the adult baby or diaper lover, summers have their share of challenges. Hot days lead to hot diapers and, as one special person suggested, are a good enough reason for someone to invent air conditioned Pampers. (They can put a man on the moon after all!)

When daddy has you in full time diapers there are practical considerations when the summer months come: frequent changes, lots of powder, extra rash cream, cloth diapers, or an “airing” of the skin between changes can all help make a little boy or diaper lover as comfortable as possible.

(And there’s nothing cuter than trying to chase around a little naked fellow clutching his teddy bear and giggling, other than finally snatching him up and getting him back in his diaper!)

But there’s also something really special about summer for many adult babies, little boys and diaper lovers. Summer is a reminder of carefree days out of school, chasing frogs, or just lying on the lawn watching the sky and seeing shapes in the clouds.

For a dad, summer with a boy opens up a new range of experiences and while there are practical things to think about (especially when it’s warm) there are also distinct opportunities to help someone stay in touch with the little boy they are.

Summer Shorts and Clothing
There’s something about the summer wardrobe which is more youthful regardless of whether you’re a toddler or an adult. Bright colors, logos, sneakers and hats don’t look out of place, and you can often find clothing for your little toddler at the store rather than resorting to online AB stores.

Shortalls, t-shirts with cartoon characters, sneakers in bright primary colors with velcro straps instead of laces are all great for your little toddler. For boys who are more babyish, you can stick with softer colors or pastels – a little boy in white shorts and a white onesie who’s wearing pale blue sneakers can be the cutest guy on the block, and he’ll stay relatively cool.

In fact, there’s something in particular about shorts that makes summer special for a daddy. Seeing his boy in cut-off jean shorts playing in the park or searching for tadpoles in the shallow end of the local pond while his diaper peeks up over the waist is a reminder that he’ll never stop being an adventurous little boy.

Shorter shorts can also be awfully cute on a little boy. Whether little white sailor shorts or the running shorts that many people remember from their first childhood, the shorter the short the better for letting a boy feel the warmth and freedom of summer – and with daddy around providing a sense of safety and protection, the fact that their diapers might be reasonably visible shouldn’t be much of a bother.

In summer, there are all kinds of outfits and clothing combinations for a dad to consider and whether your boy seems best dressed in overalls or an outdoor play suit, the warmer weather is about comfort, color and being cute.

Clothing Optional
The other nice thing about summer is that wearing just a diaper doesn’t need to be limited to the living room or nursery anymore.

It’s important to give your boy ‘diaper-only time’ – whether it’s Saturday morning cartoons in a diaper and t-shirt, or feeding him in his high chair in just a nappy, there’s something special about your boy being able to be with daddy in just a diaper.

The visibility of the diaper and the fact that daddy can see whether he needs a change creates a special bond between dad and son.

But in the summer there are additional places where you can let him scamper about in just his diaper. Whether it’s your back yard, by the lake at the cottage, or even taking a ride out in the country with your little one snugly strapped in to the back seat, the lack of pants or shorts will be cooler for your little guy and you’ll be able to keep an eye if he’s wet or messy – critical in the warmer months, as frequent changes are necessary.

The same rule applies at night – sleepers are out of the question, and even a onesie can feel too warm depending on how cool you keep your home. Regardless, summer is about freedom.

Even while sleeping, a little guy in just his diaper can have a sense of care, comfort and the freedom to just be a diaper-wearing boy, fast asleep, and dreaming of frogs and clouds, lakes and sun, a daddy at his side.

20 Replies to “An Adult’s Summer in Diapers”

  1. I am all about wearing short little shorts over my bulky diapers and short tshirt, even in public. It is awesome and when I can, I do the beach in diapers too (more private type beaches that are less popular with families but more gay freindly) and playing with my trucks in the sand too. I love it if a guy walks by while I am diapered and notices me. HOT!!! Nothing beats sucking a bottle or pacifier while napping on the beach or playing in the sand in just a diaper and being seen by guys.

  2. Hey, that was amazing! Plus, I just rescently got a “little boy” of my own. He is 18, and loves it when daddy takes care of him. So when I let him know about what we can do about not getting over heated, and more free in the summer time. Lets just say that I can’t wait to see the look on my little boys face!

    and I love your stories! They are very moving and insperational.

  3. I like being in the woods exploring in just my diapers. Something about socks shoes and diapers that makes a truly cute outfit.

  4. i to love going to the lake in the summer.when ever i can i will play in the sand with some cars or trucks wearing just a diaper. i to love it when other guys see me in a diaper. been doing it a few years now use to wear shorts over my diaper but now as soon as i get there my shorts and shirt come off. hope to some day wear only a diaper 24/7 inside and outside

  5. Summer days at the lake in diapers, so completely awesome! I can hardly wait! My ultimate fantasy would be to spend the whole summer wearing my favorite baseball caps, T-shirts, Bambino diapers and flip-flops. Why can’t it be legal? πŸ™

  6. im a 54 old man who loves diapers i would like to be 2 or 3 year old24 7 day a week BUT HOW? i have a GOOD JOB and NO ONE NO I LOVE TO WET MY DIAPERS, i would like to go some wair to be come the baby I WOULT LIKE TWO BE CAN YOU HELP ME?

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