A Weekend with Daddy for the ‘Cutesy’ Adult Baby

I recently described a weekend for the ‘huggy’ adult baby, which was based off of the services offered by a nursery in France.

Today, weekend with Daddy is a program tailored for the cute toddlers out there.

This weekend program is based on the Toddler stage. Activities are more versatile, as kids start becoming independent.

The equipment is adapted to adult-sized toddlers. Food gets varied, as kids start discovering new sensations through touch, hearing, smell, sight and taste. Clothes are maximized for their cute look and durability during play, while at night a sleeper or diapers and a t-shirt are advised.

Lots of experiences, play and quality time with Daddy are the focus of this weekend.

The Start of a Toddler Weekend
Arriving at Daddy’s house you’re immediately treated like a little boy.

While the “huggy” baby is given time to enter the feelings of babyhood through quiet discussions with daddy, the toddler is treated with a sense of play, fun and laughter from the moment he enters the front door.

Daddy greets you and pulls a surprise from behind his back – a super plush teddy bear which you shyly grab, as you quickly try to adapt to leaving the adult world outside. Daddy wraps his arms around you for a gentle hug and tussles your hair. He tells you how cute you look and he gives the slightest pinch on your cheek.

As you take in your surroundings you notice a bright childish backpack by the front door and running shoes with Velcro straps in primary colors. You blush a little wondering if the shoes would fit you before peering down the hall to the living area, where you’re certain that you see a large playpen.

But Daddy is gently leading you towards the nursery, and his voice is animated as he praises you for being such a good boy for finding your way home all right, and telling you that he has a very special weekend planned for his little boy.

Before you know it, you’re standing in a nursery. You take in the piles of toys, the crib, and the brightly colored patterns of the sheets, curtains, and nursery rug. There’s the scent of baby powder in the air. But it’s the change table you can’t take your eyes off, with its crinkly looking mattress and the shelving with stacks and stacks of diapers in different colors and thicknesses.

In a bit of a daze, you don’t notice daddy undoing the button of your jeans and unzipping them, and they flop to the floor.

“Arms up,” Daddy says, and although there’s a side of you that wants to ask questions and feels a bit anxious, you do, and you feel your shirt lifted over your head and your hair flops down in all directions.

You stand in your undies in the middle of the nursery, and you feel a rushing feeling of embarrassment and you want to pull back, but Daddy has walked to the change table and pats it with his hand.

You get butterflies in your tummy but shyly walk towards it.

Into Diapers
You scoot up onto the change table. As you sit there, Daddy gently places a hand on your shoulder.

“Now, a little boy needs his diapers don’t you think?”

You sense in the patient way he waits and looks at you that this is a point of permission, and that saying yes will be the true start of your weekend as a toddler.

You pause for a second and then nod shyly, and with his gentle hands he helps you lie back on the change mat which crinkles almost happily beneath you. With his fingers he slides them along the waist of your undies and slips them down, and you turn red again as you lie naked on the change table.

The smell of baby powder fills the air as Daddy opens the bottle, and you feel the cool sensation of it as he sprinkles it over you. The butterflies in your tummy seem almost stronger somehow, especially when you see the clean diaper in Daddy’s hands and notice the Elmo patterns on it, the babyish print and the thick look of the diaper sending a little shiver through you so that you curl your fingers and toes.

With your bum lifted and Daddy setting the diaper beneath you, you feel exposed and vulnerable, but as you are brought down onto the diaper the soft, thick padding crinkles beneath you and you get a sudden wave of feelings that are warm and rush through you. As the diaper is brought up front and snugly secured into place, you feel a little floppy and almost giggly.

Daddy checks that they are snug and comments on how cute your diapers are, and how every little boy needs his diapers and that you’re a wonderful little boy to not make a fuss as your diapers are changed, and the words feel transforming, and float through you, and what runs through your mind are the words “My Diapers” and you slip into a sense of ease.

Toddler Clothes and Toys
You had always wondered what it might feel like to look like a little toddler. Daddy has given you the answer.

Throughout the weekend you’re changed into all sorts of different cute outfits. During play time, you find yourself in a cute romper with a little hood. After a snack, Daddy puts you in a onesie, cute little shorts and matching socks.

You find yourself wearing shortalls and sense how evident the bulge of your diapers are under them. You even find yourself wearing a little sailor suit which makes you giggle, but the soft material and the snug feeling around your diaper is reassuring somehow.

For your nap, Daddy lets you sleep in just a t-shirt with a diaper, but he puts plastic pants with a bright nursery print over them which crinkly noisily as you shift around in the crib.

For dinner, you sit in your high chair in corduroy pants with a white onesie underneath, and a bright bib fastened around your neck.

Your clothes make you somehow feel playful. The materials feel soft but durable, and the snaps and buckles, the soft socks and brightly colored shoes give you a sensation of being, well, of being yourself.

It gives you a light feeling. And so when Daddy pulls out a box of toys on the large play mat, you find yourself playing with the cars and blocks and making vrooming noises just like Daddy, who rests a palm on your back reassuringly as you giggle and feel like you’re lost in the moment.

Daddy senses that you are releasing feelings through your play. That you are finding little sparks of joy and contentment, and the colors of the toys and their shapes seem highly pronounced. Everything seems simpler but fascinating to you. Stacking blocks in a little tower sends a giggling shiver through you, a delight, things feel bright and happy and simple.

Daddy leans over and places a pacifier in your mouth and you blush and look at him but it feels at home in your mouth, and the paci makes you feel even more secure and lost in little toddler play spaces and sensations.

During play times you find yourself wetting your diaper, and the warm rushing feeling gives you a little burble feeling from your tummy and maybe you pause a little as you sense your diaper absorbing your pee before turning your attention back to your toys. Daddy checks you now and then and changes you when you need it, often on a change mat which he rolls out next to the play area.

The Playpen
After your afternoon nap, Daddy puts you in the playpen while he prepares dinner and cleans things up. This is a quiet time for you, and although you play with your toys, there’s another feeling as well: somehow, the sides of the playpen, the crinkly floor, and the feeling of being in a contained space gives you a very special feeling of safety.

For some reason, you feel loved because you have been placed in a playpen.

You feel cared for, because you have your toys and stuffed animals with you in the playpen.

You find that you lie on your tummy or back and suck on your pacifier and your thoughts float until you don’t have thoughts at all, really, just feelings. The feelings are happy and safe but there is something uncertain….you can’t tell what it is, that slight uncertain feeling, but you can’t bring your mind to focus, you’re so lost in toddler daydreaming.

But as you lie there you feel something and it’s the sensation of messing your diaper and you realize the uncertain feeling was this – that you needed to poop and that you needed to use your diaper that way.

This takes you out of toddler feelings for a second and you blush with shame, perhaps, that you’re using your diapers that way, but you’re a toddler in a playpen and those thoughts get lost in the babyish sensation of messing, and the smooshy feeling beneath you, and everything gets tumbled and confusing.

You feel babyish and helpless, but you feel safe and in a very special world – and you find yourself involuntary crying.

Daddy is there to change you of course, and soothe you, and bathe you. You feel better once you’re in a clean diaper again.

But that moment will never leave you as you realize the toddler that you are inside is a place you belong, just as you belonged in your playpen.

An Eventful Weekend
Between playtime and naps and a peaceful sleep in your crib, Daddy always seems to have little surprises in store.

Whether it’s taking you to the park in those cute overalls with Elmo on the bib, or feeding you in your high chair with all kinds of the messiest foods, everything feels like it’s new and filled with different sensations.

It’s almost as if you had forgotten how food could be so gloopy, or soft, or messy, or how it can run down your chin and onto your bib.

It’s almost as if you didn’t remember how much fun a swing could be, or a see saw, or a little puppy you see in the park.

When Daddy reads you a story, you find yourself laughing, as if you had forgotten how much delight there can be in a silly rhyme.

But over the weekend, you find yourself remembering and discovering the toddler inside you, the one who explores and laughs and feels and experiences delight. Daddy is there to laugh with you, and tussle your hair, and change you, and wipe you chin when you dribble or when food drips down it during a snack.

And as you lie on the couch in your Daddy’s arms towards the end of the weekend, you’re a little sad that it needs to end, but you feel happy that perhaps you’ll be able to carry those special feelings with you into the big world outside.

36 Replies to “A Weekend with Daddy for the ‘Cutesy’ Adult Baby”

  1. while i am kinda more of a baby than a toddler, i TOTALLY could see myself having this kind of experience with a daddy. i guess the truth is i’m just a little boy…probably between 6 mon and 2 1/2 years old inside…and definitely not ready to be out of diapers!

  2. My fantasy is being the 16 yr old boy who wets his pants and bed then is forced back into diapers for it as punishment and humiliation. I am then treated like a toddler or baby for it to teach me a lesson. I quickly learn that I like being treated like a toddler and enjoy being diapered by Daddy and kept as a toddler…so I could see myself having a weekend like this for sure. Well written too I must say.

  3. Such a positive read


    The perspective of your writing is inspirational.

    There is something very special in the way you represent the relationship and the smaller oh so important moments.

    It was, as always, captivating to read these entries through your perspective.

    I hope that I would one day find myself with the opportunity to pick your brain.



  4. I would love to have this experience. I have always felt like I’m a baby trapped in an adult body and so I would love to have a daddy change my diapers in that loving way.

  5. while i am kinda more of a baby, i TOTALLY could see myself having this kind of experience with a daddy. i guess the truth is i’m just a little boy 1 years old inside…and definitely ready to be out of diapers!

  6. great story and like many of the comments on here i can realy imagine myself as a baby/ toddler for the whole weekend, the trouble would be tho that i would never want to leave, i feal like a baby traped in a mans body also and find it very hard at time to live adultlife and make every day adult choices. would love to meet a daddy who would like to take me on full time or at least most of the time , any idears?

  7. wer würde mich adoptieren und zu einem richtigem baby machen such ein daddy der das macht mir liebe geborgenheit und auch strenge wie zärtlichkeit giebt

  8. this is almost exactly wat daddy does to me when i get to sleep over his house,he’s one of the ones that cant leave me alone for a minute because of how much he cares for my safety,and how much he loves me,i love my daddy:D

  9. yes, i can see myself on a weekend like this. perfect to prepare me for what i really am which is a little daddys boy. wish wisconsin had a place like this for me to be sent to

  10. Aww, I loved this, it made me feel like I was actually there and experiencing everything. Great read, 🙂

  11. i love this story. i am a 23 yo slim small boy but i like to be treated like a 15yo boi put back into diapers.

  12. Daddy takes such good care of his baby. Sure wish I could be one of his babies. Sure wish Daddy would dress me from time to time as a sissy and dress me in frilly rhumba panities. What fun!!

  13. sehr schön das wär ein sehr schönes wochenende wen das adultbaby sein dürfte leider hab nie das glück einen lieben daddy zu finden und es würd mir real sehr viel spaß bereiten als baby leben zu dürfen aber mann soll ja bekanntlich net seine träume auf geben
    wen ein daddy mal ein adultbaby sucht kann sich ja mal melden würde sehr gern die geborgenheit und das wonnige gefühl geneießen in die kleinkind welt wieder geführt zu werden am liebsten für immer

  14. while i am kinda more of a baby than a toddler, i TOTALLY could see myself having this kind of experience with a daddy. i would like daddy to pick me up tonight. drop off sunday

  15. I want this so bad i feel like a 1 – 2 year old inside I wear nappies when I can because I still live with my parents Iam 28 years old they found out 3 years ago that I did this but when I was little I had to hide them a lot. My dad and mum thinks Iam not right in the head tells me to go to the doctors for it and that it’s not normal but I keep saying I don’t care it’s how I feel inside they can’t really do any thing about it now because of my age. I have been doing this since I was 10 years old when my sister was born and I was curious about putting on a nappy then that was it I fell instantly in love with them. I always suck a dummy when I can it relaxes me and I sleep with my teddy bear and wear my nappy and suck my dummy sometimes I might be able to walk around with my teddy bear in the day the other day I was walking around with my teddy and my dad said to me why you walking around with that for you look f stupid and I said I just am that’s all. I wish I could have a weekend like this complete freedom that would be so cool. Now it’s time for night night.

  16. OMG This has been a fantisie of mine for year Only thing is, Is that I wish it would come true. Being forced to wear diapers and baby clothes would be the ultimate High, I also dream that I became daddy’s little girl in sissy clothes and doing what daddy tells me too, Including sexual, I any daddys are interested send mail to Roger91463yahoo.com, I have some pics and willing to take more for daddy, Rhonda baby.

  17. I was fortunate enough to have a daddy who was very similar to the story listed. There is nothing more wonderful than surrendering completely to the role of a toddler and having a daddy control the entire weekend’s activities.

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