A Bottle for the Adult Baby

Settled on the couch, you lie back across daddy’s lap and he cradles you with one arm. Already a sense of stillness comes over you, no matter what came before. You’re about to be given your bottle, and there’s a warm sensation of being cared for and relaxed which makes this a very special moment of the day.

Wherever a boy might be on the spectrum between a true adult baby or a pure diaper lover, most will find something satisfying in being given a baby bottle by a dad. Whereas some ‘boys’ might not be caught dead in a onesie or sleeper, bring a bottle to their lips and they’ll suckle happily and their eyes will drift away slightly as they drink their milk or juice.

For a dad to adult babies, bottles are an important part of helping someone to find those special inner feelings of being little.

Whether it’s cradling a little guy in your arms and gently bringing the bottle to his lips, or simply placing a bottle beside him as he watches cartoons and then getting a big grin as he almost absently grabs the bottle and takes a slurp, a bottle is affirming and is yet another gesture of care and love from a dad to his son.

Sure, there are sippy cups, and for some boys who feel a little older or for more practical reasons, sippy cups are a must have in every dad’s cupboard.

Feeding the Adult Baby
But there’s nothing that compares to having a bottle in your hand and bringing its nipple to the lips of your little one. At first he may blush a little as if he feels a little awkward to be fed in such a babyish manner, but even the ‘biggest’ of boys will eventually succumb to the soothing rhythm that’s so unique to being bottle fed.

A bottle lets them truly sense and feel the cool juice or the warm milk as they suckle it – the need to focus and draw out the liquid, the feeling of it on their tongue, and the trickle as it enters their throat bring a sense of presence to something as simple as having a drink.

This rhythm helps him to sort of float – thoughts become less specific, his mind drifts, and he shifts into a state that’s more about feelings than thinking, more about being a little boy than the adult who needs to take care of his own needs.

With his dad’s arm cradled around him, he feels comforted and cared for, and he may sort of gaze at his daddy and truly feel how much trust and security he has in his world. He will feel or sense that his dad is giving him permission and gentle attention to live in the wonderfully pure expression of being a baby boy.

Diapers and Naps
As he drinks his bottle down and the sensation of suckling puts him into a gentle rhythm, other feelings will also emerge: the feeling of milk dribbling down his chin, the almost helpless feeling of limbs which have gone slack with relaxation, and the gentle rustle of his diapers as his dad rocks him ever so slightly.

Bottle feedings are often one of the times when wetting his diapers comes the most naturally. With his mind floating from feeling to feeling, he may not even quite be aware of the release until he feels the warm spreading sensation as he wets his diapers, sending a little burble of pleasure through his tummy.

Often, the little guy will finish his bottle with a slight nod into a nap, as if the comfort, cradling and babyish feelings weren’t just about having a bottle, but were more like providing a dreamlike sense that the world is warm and gentle, right here, as he fully drinks in the sensation of being a cared for baby boy.

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  1. With every single thing you write, I find myself wanting to meet you more and more. I would love to be your baby and find myself in your loving care. If you are interested in talking and hopefully meeting someday. Please don’t hesitate to e-mail me 🙂

  2. you have such a wonderful way of describing what absolutely goes on inside…its like daddy is reading my mind. being fed a bottle…a baba… definitely puts me on the regression fast track. the babyish feelings that go along with that kind of tender, gentle care from daddy are so intense and wonderful. but daddy…you forgot another important part – burping. having daddy pat me on the back to help a little bubble escape is so perfectly natural…and totally babyish. i wan my baba!

  3. Now I am thirsty and craving a baba! First I need to find a Dada to feed it to me and change my diapers too.

  4. i’d give anything to be on dada’s lap now being fed a baba. can you hear the craving for regression here? 🙂 jimmy

  5. this is realyu beautiful story…….i love to drink on bottle………but in this case my mom do all that…..i am 15………..at night i amput by my mom in diaper and plastic pant and sleeper…and i put my head in her right arm and she slowlyu bring me bottle full of warm milk with a big nipple to my mouth and slowly touch until i open my mouth……….and than i start to suck like a real baby……when i am finished…..i am already sleapy…….and than she put me dummie in my mouth…….

  6. when its time for my bottle of warm milk,my daddy will pick me up from my playpen and hold me in his arms,then daddy normally sits on a rocking chair then starts to rock,he positions me into a cradle,and then he puts the bottle nipple into my mouth,the taste of the warm milk carries me away into a sleep,daddy looks and smiles as i sleep softly,he puts a pacifier in my mouth and i suck on it(thinking i still have the bottle in my mouth)daddy grins and hugs me in his arms.

  7. I always fall asleep before finishing a bottle, it can’t be helped. I usually get about 2 oz down before I’m deep asleep.

  8. I wish that I could be treated like that. I am afraid that if I ask my parents, they will say no and I will feel humiliated for asking them.

  9. I know how you feel. There’s something so heartwarming about a little guy gazing at you lovingly at feeding time before you burp him and tuck him in.

  10. As a 5 year old toddler (real age 24) my little boy Derrick regularly gets bottle fed before bedtime. This was one of the first things we tried when he moved in to get him comfortable with his new life. 2 years ago he was hesitant and said he wasn’t a baby but a little boy, but now he readily lays his head in my lap as I hold the bottle of warm milk mixed with toddler formula and he gently drinks it down. He understands that 5 year olds are sort of between being a baby and a little kid and by night -night time they need some relax time and babying. He drifts off a few times but when he’s done, I put his body to my chest, his head over my shoulder and gently rub his back for a burp. He giggles and I say good job baby. I take his hand as he groggily toddles to his bedroom. I lower the safety rails and he climbs in. I unsnap his overalls and slide them off, then his plastic pants and then I unpin his cloth diaper. He is usually wet. I use cloth in the day because then Derrick tells me when he had an accident (sometimes). I wipe, powder him then slip on a dry Depends diaper, (more absorbent and keeps baby’s his dry all night) with booster pad, taping it snugly in 3 places on each side. I slip on his cute bedtime babyprint plastic pants, making sure none of the diaper sticks out, then I slip on his 2 piece jammies with the snap up waistband. He looks adorable! He is about 5’5″ and 120 pounds, straight brown hair and brown eyes. He is so groggy but reaches up to hug me. After hugs and kisses, I pop his paci into his lips and he contentedly drifts to dreamland. My little Derrick is a dream come true and I believe bottle feeding helped to bring us to this point. Lately, he sometimes will ask me for a bottle when we are out. I said don’t you want your sippy cup and he shakes no and says baba. Who can resist that little cutie face???

  11. I want to be rocked to sleep by my mum in a rocking chair iam 2 years old real age 29 years old but today I saw my mum rock my nethew to sleep with his dummy in his mouth to with his jarmas on and all I could think is will you do that to me after please and read me a bed time story and put me in that cot I really want a cot so bad. My parents know I wear nappies and like dummies they don’t mind as long as I keep it to my self but sometimes I wish they would play with me and my toys like my cars or my teddy bears and treat me like a baby as well i have been ABDL since I was 12 years old when I descovered nappies and dummies. Lucky Derrick

  12. I think that is Great Derrick that they are understanding about your need for nappies and Binkies. Sometimes the littlest things will remind us of how it was when we were also little (in size) and we always want to relive that if we can. Hope you get your Cot you want eventually. 🙂

  13. MY name is BABY JOHN iam 2 years old baby years and 29 years old adult years my sister came into my bedroom this morning and caught me with my dummy in my mouth and I think she knew I was wearing a diaper as well underneath my Pyjamas my mum and dad already know what I do they don’t mind but she won’t let it go has any one got any tips how to cope this might go pubic soon iam afraid for my self but I will not give up on the things I like like been a ABDL So easy can some one help me before it comes please thanks John

  14. Just talk to her and if she is really your sister she will understand and if not just get your parents involved. They probably won’t want her destroying your life

  15. I’m still on baby bottle every day and night! At mealtimes and naps and when I go to sleep at night! I suck on it and put me to sleep

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