The Diaper Check

For the adult baby or diaper lover, the diaper check is a little moment in time when you might be reminded that you have someone who cares for you and that you have a special bond with your ‘dad’.

For dad, diaper checks are practical, sure. But they’re also very special moments.

For myself, checking to see if a little guy is wet is a way of taking little moments in the day to get re-centered and to reaffirm to a little guy that he’s important in my life and that I’m trying my best to make sure he’s loved and cared for.

There’s something more powerful, in many ways, about a diaper check compared to, say, a kiss on the cheek. While any loving gesture is positive and affirming, there’s a communication that happens between a dad and son through a diaper check which is hard to explain or replicate through other means. But not all diaper checks are equal!

They may each have a similar result, but one of the amazing things about the diaper check is the range of ways in which they can be expressed.

The “Elaborate” Check

Recommended when it’s closing in on bath or nap time or for switching a little guy’s attention from, say, playing with his toys to cuddle time.

Daddy comes to you and gives you a little snuggle or a kiss on the cheek, and then pats your bum lightly.

Maybe making a ‘hmmm’ sound, he then says “We’d better check your diaper, little one, lie down for daddy”.

Because of your clothing, this diaper check involves a lot of snaps. As you lie on your back on the nursery rug or living area carpet, daddy undoes the snaps of your shortalls along at least one leg.

He then undoes the snaps between the legs of your onesie. Rather than simply run a finger along your leg, dad first gives the front of your diaper a little squeeze and visual check. He may also lift your legs a little to see if your the bum area also seems wet or messy.

A final check running a finger along the leg of the diaper and daddy will usually have his verdict – time for a change!

The Subtle Check (Waist)

A powerful form of the diaper check although in a subtle way. It works best when repeated over time. The point is not to draw too much attention but to make having his diapers checked a natural part of every day.

You’re playing with your toys or are intently watching cartoons. You have a warm feeling because daddy is nearby and you feel him kiss your neck or cheek lightly.

Your attention is elsewhere, but the warm feeling of daddy nearby gives you a quick little warm shiver. You sense something else – a little crinkle sound and then a warm finger along the waist of your diaper, but the feeling doesn’t quite come into focus. You’re vaguely aware that your diaper is being checked and somehow feel more reassured that you’re diapered as you should be.

The Outdoor Check

A boy doesn’t stop using his diapers just because he’s out with daddy at a mall or movie. Diaper checks in public are best combined with a ‘shirt check’.

You’re with daddy at the mall. You sometimes feel like everyone can hear the crinkle of your diapers or see the tell-tale bulge but you’re not sure.

Most of the time you’re just enjoying your time with dad and you feel like a special little boy to be out with him, having fun, going places and laughing.

Dad places his hand on your shoulder as you rush along, slowing you down as if he wants to ask you something. Then, you realize he’s giving you a little diaper check as he adjusts your shirt, slips a hand along the waist of your jeans or shorts, and then carefully pulls your shirt back down (covering, you think, your diaper).

The Night Check

Letting your little one sleep through the night in a wet diaper isn’t recommended. A late night diaper check while he’s asleep is recommended to avoid night time leaks and soaked sleepers.

You slept through the night but when you awake your diaper is merely damp. You’re sure you had the sensation of wetting yourself as you nodded off, but more often than not you’re not quite aware of wetting anymore so you’re not sure.

You remember a sort of dream. In the dream you were in your crib and daddy was changing you while you slept. He had carefully and gently taken off your wet diaper and put you in a clean one, trying not to disturb you as he took care of you. He gave a check along the leg of you diaper to make sure it felt snug before raising the bars of your crib and tip-toeing out.

As you lie in your crib you can’t help wondering whether or not the diaper check and change was a dream or not.

18 Replies to “The Diaper Check”

  1. being a switch with a little one of my own, she loves the diaper checks, especially when I stop her while we’re shopping and I take a look. It would be awesome if I could have the same treatment. I’m more of a switch out of necessity and a little at heart.

  2. I dont know why but reading this article made me cum in my pants a bit.I’m not sure what it was,I think it was you show your love and caring toward your baby boy.I wish you were my Daddy.

  3. I love the over all idea od diaper checkes.I was
    in the hospital one time. I was in a wet diaper.
    An called the nurse. When she came in she ask
    what I needed. I said I thought my diaper was wet. Well before I new it she came over an pulled the covers down. Then pulled my gown up.
    Next she just put her had on my diaper crotch an
    gave it a few squezess with her hand . An said yes I was wet. An she went about taking the wet
    diaper off an cleaning me up before putting a
    clean diaper on me.

  4. Sometimes I check my own diaper to see if I am wet and what it feels like. Lately I have been wanting to do that with my onesie on so I can see if I really soaked it in the night.

  5. Actually its easy for a Daddy to check for a mess by hugging his baby boy and pulling the diaper back 2-3 inches and you can see if its a mess. Now if the Baby Boy is wearing a onesie that is a little more difficult and probably have to have the baby boy lay down on a changing mat. Still a wonderful story. Happy Changing! :p

  6. after i drink some beer in my baby bottle at nite nite time my daddy coms and checks me every 30min and changes me the the first time most of the tim he jst slips his finger into the crotch and then the butt i dont even realize when i wet or messs anymore

  7. after i drink some beer in my baby bottle at nite nite time daddy cums and checks me every 30 min, and changes mre the first time most of the time daddy just slips his finger into my crotch and then into my butt area i dont even realize wen i wet or mess anymore

  8. This sounds so pleasant. I wish I had a mommy or daddy. I do admit I’m shy, and occasionally get a little weirded out by people who may come on a little strong to me. Don’t expect me to be comfortable with anyone the first time I meet them. I just can’t help it.

  9. Ronald, I’ve had a similar experience in the hospital. I had a situation where I was frightened and aggressive so they had the ultimatum of sedatives or diapers. I would bedwet anyway so they, in ever so slight reluctance, fixed me up. I even got a pacifier and a bottle and baby food instead of a feeding tube. I eventually still got a a little dose of sedatives because of pain but they were rather amazed at how much calmer and happier I was from those few little things. I was suddenly an innocent 2 year old rather than the violent teenage girl from previously. Being babied and having my stuffed animals was all I really wanted and had been getting outside of there and it seemed natural. I would also like to mention that I was about 14 when this occurred the first time, although this became standard procedure for any times after that.

  10. I like to give my little friend a diaper check and he loves it. I give his little pee pee a nudge and he smiles.. We have a lot of fun together. We go swimming together and have a great time at the beach. He is in diaper all the time. Oh to be a da da

  11. My actual Daddy is really expressive and talkative when he is about checking my diapers.
    His way to check them depends on our location and our business.

    If we are at his home, chilling on the sofa, watching the news or a movie, he has many ways to check my diapers: he attracts me to him very slowly, cuddles a lil, mutters in my ear how he likes me and very slowly runs his big warm hand to my padded crotch area. Then he asks me by patting very gently down under: have you run a pee pee in your diaper, cute lil boy?! Without waiting for the answer, he lowers the front side of my trousers and cups his hand on my crotch area over my snugg pair of briefs. If he thinks that fits, he lowers my briefs as well, has a quick look at the wetness indicator (without really moving) and runs two of his fingers along one of the leak-protection for good one minute. That always tickles me and most of the time, I run a pee when he does that! He knows that well and laughes. He uses to say: hey, hey,I know somebody is getting wet! Good boy! Then he bends down a bit and approaches his nose from my crotch area and asks: What about a big poopoo?! Show me, cutie! Both of his fingers still in my diaper, he forces a bit my legs because I clenched them meanwhile, at least I have tried to! He is so strong. He repeats: have you messed your diaper, my boy?! And most of the time, the smell coming out of my diaper is the tell-tale! If he doesn’t smell anything, gives me some firm but friendly pats under my seat, and says: you can keep this diaper on your bum for instance. I will change it later!

    From time to time, only the smell and my reactions (at least the absence of my reactions) give him a reason to give me a check, but in that case, he is a bit more strict: I think my boy is pushing out a big boy poop in his diap right now, isn’t he?! Stand up in front of me, please! Pants down, Daddy needs to know. Hurry up! He helps me. He proceeds very quickly. Belt unbuckeled, levi’s unbuttonned (he said, he would buy me some levi’s with a zip because it would be even easier for him), my snug pair of briefs pulled down. He looks at the front side of my Attends diaper, really soaked, then he says: turn around! And he takes my arm with his big warm hand to help me turning around. With his other hand, he pats my diapered bum firmly as if he would like to weigh my diaper and says: oh yes, you were making a big poopoo! And now, you will stay a while in your mess so that you understand how uncomfy it is. And he foundles my bum, as a kinda massage: in fact he spreads the stinky content inside. He adds: big boys don’t do that! They ask for their potties! And he sits me with my lowered levi’s and briefs close to him and says: and you pretend being a big boy?!
    Surprisingly, when we are eating, he always demands that I sit close to him and our common friends find it cute (they don’t know about our diaper issue).
    In fact, he wanna be able to check my diap as unnoticeable as possible and as often as he thinks that fits. Our friends always laugh when he tells me to keep my hands on the table. They say he is treating his new boy friend like a child (Daddy is almost 25 years older than me). I always reply: I am not his new boy friend, but a close partner in his life and I have my own life beside “that”, looking at him with a snotty look! That makes me appear even younger in front of all these grown up men! They all know I’m laughing.
    Then Daddy calms me down by patting my crotch area under the table and mutters in my ear following threat: a further word like this last one, and you get a public bare bum spanking, naughty boy! BTW, I think your diaper is full. Stand up and make your way to the bathroom and wait for me there. I’ll be there within 5 minutes. I proceed. I wait there and hears some laughs. are they laughing about me?! As soon as he comes in, he says: pants down, hurry up! Show me how you crapy your diaper is, pretentious big boy! He grabs my hear, delivers some firm spanks on my diapered bum and says: and you would like to wear training pants when I invite friends at home for dinner! Looking at your soiled big diapers, I confirm you are not at all ready to build up for training pants! And he laughs. You will stay with such a crappy diap on your bum till all of our friends get away! He takes a pair of transluscent plastic pants, snapps it up and dresses me again. That’s a so great feeling for me despite the crinkle sound of the plastic pants: he cares for me and treats me with all the love and kinda discipline a boy needs!

  12. some of these stories are very good to read and I
    enjoy them, I want to be a baby boy in a school
    uniform being with a daddy to take care of me.

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