My New Home

Welcome to my new home on the Web! I’m hoping to continue the conversation I started on the publicly hosted WordPress.

Being able to share my thoughts, experiences and dreams from the perspective of a ‘dad’ to adult babies has helped me to learn and grow.

You have helped me to understand what a wonderful gift an adult baby or diaper lover brings to the world.

How many other people are willing to bring their vulnerability, trust, sense of play and willingness to be cared for to a world that often seems harsh and cold?

Thank you for being you and I hope we can continue to share and dream together.

With the wonderful help of Baby Brian, a real hero and contributor to the AB community through his hosting and support of AB/DL Web sites and general technical brilliance, I’ve been able to set up this site on its own private domain.

For those of you like me who don’t quite know what that means – it mostly means that I have a greater ability to add features over time, and to ensure that the site isn’t hosted on a server over which I have no say about rules or terms and conditions.

So big applause for Baby Brian. And hugs to you all – welcome home!

11 Replies to “My New Home”

  1. Congratulations! For you getting this now site and for me getting first comment hehe! Its looks great and I look forward to seeing more come out of it! πŸ˜€

  2. for a minute i thought i was going to cry. babies dont like surprises. we like everything to stay the same so we will feel comfortable. but as long as ull be near i will try to adjust. it looks cozy here after i got over the shock. finding all the sweet soothing stories again helps comfort me. give me a binky and a hug and ill be ok in a few

  3. i just found this site and love it
    im a 13 month old and don’t have a daddy or mommy
    i wear diapers full time when not at work
    the diapers are cloth as thay are the best. i drink from my bottle for all my drinks at home and love my pacifer.

  4. Your blog is excellent – I have been very dissapointed with web content for ABs -you have relieved that dissapointment – please keep up the excellent work πŸ™‚

  5. I am a daddy for a 20 y/o boy, having been a baby teen long ago in the past myself. After reading a number of articles on your site I find it very comforting to know that others feel like my boy and I do. Many of the feelings, emotions and moments of joy you and others describe occur on a daily basis here in my home. Likewise so do many of the typical disagreements youngsters tend to rail against, such as bedtimes, curfews, homework (collage), and sometimes even nappy changes (UK version of diaper). However, in the end the result is always the same, a very happy, comfortable, contented little boy whose days are filled with memories of love, security, and a sense of self-worth, the latter applying to the both of us. I look forward to reading through this site in the future, though being a busy man, that will probably only occur on the occasions where I am not running around after the little tyke and working. Keep up the good work, it’s an art form in progress.

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