What’s Daddy Thinking: The Soaked Sleeper and the Adult Baby

No matter how much daddy might try, he’ll never be able to prevent the occasional night time diaper flooding.

As a daddy to adult babies and diaper lovers, this might cause some distress. Maybe the diapers aren’t the right kind, they weren’t taped up properly, they need extra boosters or your little guy was already wet when you put him down for the night?

I know I’ve come in to find a boy with his Toy Story comforter pulled up to his chin and when I pull it pack I find that the little guy has soaked his Goodnites, his PJs AND the bed!

Back to Night Diapers

For the toddler or little boy in your home, this might indicate it’s time to get him back to night diapers. Some little guys might be trying potty training or will have ‘graduated’ to Pull-Ups in the day and Goodnites, well, at night. You know the type – they’re the cutest tykes on the block in their overalls and little baseball caps, but they just can’t quite make the connection between that little ticklish feeling and needing to go to the potty.

It may be time to be firm but gentle with these little boys. Tell them that daddy can’t be washing the sheets on his toddler bed every night, and then point out that the diapers have big kid cartoons on them, not little baby prints, which means that even big boys sometimes need the protection of a thicker diaper at night.

In the Crib

For the baby boy you find in a wet sleeper with soaked crib sheets it’s another matter. When you put him in his crib last night, he was thickly diapers with plastic pants. You had checked before you put him down for the night and he was dry.

You had even checked in the middle of the night and maybe even changed him – lowering the crib bars and gently putting on a new diaper so that he barely even woke up.

And yet here it is the morning and you notice the tell tale dark splotches on the crib sheets beneath him and notice damp patches on the seat of his sleeper.

What Daddy’s Thinking

For the little guy who may wonder what daddy’s thinking when he finds that you’ve flooded your diaper over night and that you’re lying in damp sheets or a soaked sleeper – yes, daddy is concerned that maybe you’ll need a thicker diaper at night.

Or he may be making a mental note to try another brand of diaper, or maybe even cloth, for night time use. He’s probably also thinking how happy he is that he bought the thicker, crinkly vinyl crib sheet to protect the mattress.

But usually what daddy’s thinking is how proud he is to have a baby boy who needs so much care and attention. He’s thinking about those first times in the crib when maybe you found it difficult to use your diapers like you should, and how happy he is that you now very naturally use your diaper as intended.

He’s maybe even realizing that you have slowly started to lose awareness of when you wet, and that a soaked sleeper is one of the few times when you know you’re a wet baby without daddy checking and telling you.

And daddy is feeling a very special gratitude mixed with sadness that you might feel uncomfortable.

His gratitude is that you’ve given your daddy a gift: your wet morning state, even if it means a special load of laundry, is your sign to him that you need a daddy to take care of you in the morning and get you all cleaned up, and by needing him you are making daddy feel very special.

Change Time

For the dad, giving a little guy a reassuring little pat on the bum after you’ve lowered the crib bars is important, as is a kiss on the cheek. The squishy response of the diaper will make him squirm a little maybe as he comes to realize how wet he is, but you should shush reassuringly.

Get the little guy to a change table and out of his soaked sleeper as quickly as possible. Acknowledge his wet state and tell him that daddy will get him all cleaned up and ready for the day.  Be loving and caring.  Use extra baby powder and lotion.

When you tape up a new clean diaper nice and snug, you’ll see a little gurgle of joy on your little boy’s face as he realizes that a super wet night simply means a super diapering in the morning.

10 Replies to “What’s Daddy Thinking: The Soaked Sleeper and the Adult Baby”

    1. u r sooo right goodboy. i never even imagine such a perfect daddy as this one and i always dreamed about having a daddy. getting my soaked diaper changed in the morning when im wet and cold is like a dream come true, but getting changed during the night so i wont get soaked and itchy is too sweet to even imagine. a daddy would have to love u like anything to wake up and do that for his baby. i would be naughty and sneak an extra cup of water when i was brushing my teeth, just to be sure i would be soaked so i could get changed like that.

  1. being changed in the middle of the night is such an amazing thing…still kinda sleepy but daddy speaks in soothing, gentle tones while untaping my wet diaper and lifting my legs. once while daddy was rubbing baby lotion on my peepee i squirted some special boy stuff but daddy assured me that baby boys sometimes wet when their changed and gently rediapered me for the rest of my nite nite time. a daddy’s gentle kiss on the forehead seems to erase any possible big boy thoughts and i slip effortlessly back into baby land until morning.

  2. Wow, it would be a great feeling to be treated like that even for one night/weekend ^^ my Daddy can’t do that kind of stuff at the moment with his current room mate but he tries when he can.

  3. my little guy gets cranky if he soaks the bed. He use to be real worried that I would be mad, but I take the same approach as Daddy Josh. I have to reassure him that it is ok, and it is my fault that I let him wear the cheaper diapers, which are more appropriate to daytime, instead of thick cloth ones.

    Great blog BTW

  4. Do you ever arrange things so that baby might end up soaking himself a little? Like leaving an end of the cloth diaper out so it wicks and wets his sleeper?

    He’d end up just a little damp, and, like you say, reminded that he really does need to be in diapers.

  5. One time Daddy didn’t know I was wet when he layed me down for bed time&all I had on was my diaper&my footed blue pjs,I woke up tge next morning with a huge wet spot on my blue blankie&I my whole sleeper was soaked with cold Peepee&I started to cry,then Daddy rushed in&hushed me&told me everything was going to be just fine&he changed me&niw he puts a plastic diaper cover over my diapef,sometimes I wake up soaked but not a lot

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