Spring Time for the Adult Baby

The first sign of spring where I’m from and people dig out their shorts, clear off the patios, and head out doors. There’s something really nice about the delayering that happens after a long winter – the bulky coats come off, the sweaters, and people look less like marshmallows and more like people.

But for the adult baby, spring time is also decision time, because as everyone else is slimming down and seeing if they can still fit into last summer’s jeans, the diaper wearer is back in a situation where the clothing they wear can lead to a tell-tale bulge, or the little white crinkly band of plastic above the waist of their jeans can often show.

For the daddy to an adult baby or diaper lover, there are big decisions related to going out with your little guy: how do you dress him? Should he be fully diapered or are Goodnites enough?

I’ve written before that how a little guy dresses in public is a product of the relationship, interests, life choices and other factors. So it’s hard to generalize.

What I can say is that for myself, I like a boy to be comfortable being diapered most if not all of the time, and so the choice of wearing diapers in public isn’t really the consideration, although the type might be.

I also feel that being an adult baby doesn’t mean you need to walk down Main Street in a onesie, and yet as much as possible someone shouldn’t feel that they need to ‘dress age UP’ – a striped shirt, a cartoon character sewn into the pocket of a jean, or even a paci in the pocket can all be reminders that he’s always his daddy’s little guy.

So spring time can actually be a really special time for daddy and son. The weather gets warm, and maybe dad surprises his little guy with a new pair of overalls, or a cute pair of shorts.

As I was walking around today I couldn’t help thinking that some of the people I saw really looked like they’d be comfy in diapers under their new spring jeans or pants.

But then I wondered – if everyone in the world was diapered, then the connection with a son would feel somehow less like the gift that it really is – a special bond between a daddy and boy, whether the world can see or not.

But with spring in the air – what would you buy for your little guy’s wardrobe? Or for you little ones out there – any wish lists of your own?

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