Pacifier Personalities: The Adult Baby and His Binky

Maybe it’s a daddy thing but there’s something I find adorable about an adult baby with a pacifier. Now, I know not all little guys want to have a binky in their mouth, but I can’t help feeling a special warm feeling when I see a boy with his soother.

Now, I was going to say that pacifiers and thumb sucking go hand-in-hand, but there’s some bad pun in there somewhere so I’ll just say that the two seem connected.

I’ve noticed that a baby boy will often stick his thumb in his mouth especially during specific baby moments – diaper changes, just after he’s wet or messed his diaper, or after getting changed into a cute pair of shortalls or play suit.

Pacifiers, however, I put in a slightly different category – they’re more like his blanky or plushie – something that he seems to like to have close at hand.

A misplaced paci can cause momentary fear or panic even, so a wise daddy will often pin it to his shirt or onesie with an attached ribbon.

I recently bought a onesie with a little loop sewn into the shoulder for the very purpose of having a place to attach a pacifier!

And like a favorite stuffed toy or a well worn baby blanket, a pacifier can say a lot about a little guy’s personality. Maybe it has his favorite cartoon character on it, or maybe it’s more babyish in a pale blue color.

In fact, choosing a paci for an adult baby son can be an incredible bonding experience between a dad and his baby boy or toddler. Whether finding one at the store or online, a paci is a way for a boy to communicate his personality.

Watching as he reaches out to point at a particular pacifier is like a little way of saying “this is the little boy I feel like”…..”oh, and this one too”….”oh, and this one in the mornings….”

In other words, you might want to have a few pacis on hand and, in the end, let daddy decide, otherwise you’re headed home with a trunk load of pacis and you’ll be wondering how one little guy will ever use them all.

But if you’re a little guy – paci or no paci? And if you have a favorite one, why is it so special to you?

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  1. I wish I had a special pacifer, but I dont, its just a plain white one. But its a the big size so I like it better then the smaller cute ones, cause you can use it.

    I dont use my paci all the time, but I do use it a lot. I always use it when ever I fly, little boys get scared of flying so it helps big time.

    Today the flight attendant thought it was really cute. Sometimes they just look at me funny.

  2. daddy’s insights are really, really amazing…but this one is ESPECIALLY true for me. when daddy said:

    “Watching as he reaches out to point at a particular pacifier is like a little way of saying “this is the little boy I feel like”…..”oh, and this one too”….”oh, and this one in the mornings….”

    daddy TOTALLY captured the feeling…for this little baby boy anyway! thanks daddy for this fantastic blog! it helps knowing there is someone out there that understands the mind and heart of the adult baby boy!

  3. As an AB I know that one of the most comforting things is to suckle on a paci. I have two of the Nuk 5s. Ya they are just plain white, but they fit in my mouth much better than any other baby one. Why two? Well, I always keep one under my pillow and the other is either in my mouth or pocket. So the moment I need it i can pull it out and pop it into my mouth. I doubt I could fall asleep without it.

  4. i like the idea of a larger pacifier so that you really feel like a baby… it really enhances the whole babyish feeling.. its also a comforter.. if you really just want some time to not talk and just be a cute kid then just pop in your binky and let the world move around you while you stay in your dream state sucking your pacifier. 🙂 thats what i think anyways <3

  5. I really do love pacis. I have a few, unfortunately I don’t own a Nuk 5, so long term use, like overnight, isn’t very likely. If a pacifier is too small you can only get maybe an hour or so of use before your jaw starts to ache a little. I’d love to be able to train myself to sleep with one again. Years ago I did that with my teddy bear Max, where I had gone years without sleeping with a stuffed animal over time he’s become something of a necessity in order for me to get comfortable at bedtime. I really wish I could do that with my paci.

  6. i got my first binky when i was 5 because they didnt want me to “ruin my teeth” sucking my thumb so much. at first i didnt like it, but because when they said “binky” to me and smiled when i took out my thumb and put it in instead, i got so it was nice too. they always made me use it at night so i wouldnt suck my thumb, but i usually wake up with my thumb when i loose the binky. one of my “moms” idea was to pin a binky to my teddy bear so i could find it easy if i lost it in the night. i would still do it except i dont want to hide teddy now but i dont want to let everybody see my binky. i have seen other thumbsuckers that curl their hair with their finger too. i wonder why we like to do that too.

  7. One thing that hasn’t been touched on is the fact that binkies can cause tooth movement. I’ve been using one all my life and really can’t stop (can’t sleep without it, etc.). As a result my teeth are shaped around it, called an open bite, and my whole mouth is formed to fit the sucking motion which is probably why I’m most comfortable with my paci in my mouth most of the time, whenever it won’t attract attention.

  8. I’ve flipped over furniture looking for my nuk so yeah I get where ‘daddy’ is coming from here. Jordan my aim is on my blog(i.e. click my name). I’m a switch who is looking to let out his little side so I understand your pain of not having a mommy or daddy. It sucks but having friends in the community helps. That being said, if any daddies on here ant a little one, yeah hi *Waves flag*

  9. I have two binkies in use. One is nap time binkie and one is Night time binkie. I go through them usually pretty fast So I have two spares for when these wear out. I just had to play “Musical” Binkie and put the One I was using at night time for nap time and the one at nap time for night time. One was going to be more durable for Night time as I also grind at night too. Also I had a problem with one of my binkie keepers so I also had to play “RING” around the binkie. I had to take a Thick Paper Clip and bend it in a sort of Ring so that the Binkie Keeper could not fall off anymore. It seems to have worked and there are NO Jagged edges. Now occasionally if I shake my head or the binkie you can hear it rattle a bit. I have to have a binkie keeper or occasionally when My binkie falls out and I wake in the night and have to find it and put it back in my mouth. 🙂

  10. Alan, I tried to email you but the email adress wouldn’t send on gmail, I probably tried it incorrectly but I was wondering if you could email me, you seem like a great guy and i’d love to finally have an abdl friend who cares.

  11. i have a pacifier,its baby blue,with its little handle in the front so my daddy can easily put it in my mouth,on the little space on the front,it says”i love my daddy”i love my pacifier,i often use it during nap time,play time,sometimes my daddy will put my paci in my mouth when he wants me to have my quite time to myself,but i just love my pacifier,it helps me know that my daddy wants me to calm down when i cry,its also a good substitute for my teddy bear(helps me sleep in my crib easier,without having to wake up and start to cry)its a good soother for me to suck on when theres no more milk left in my bottle:@

  12. Hi Baby Zac… that is exactly how I feel about Mine.. It soothes me too when I want to cry. It also helps me sleep along with my teddy’s in my crib for ni ni or nappy time. 🙂 Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  13. to me as a toddler,a pacifier is a must,i need it for me to stay focused on what im doing,but for my daddy,its just my soother,but u know how adults are with babies:D

  14. normally,my daddy will hold me in his arms but suddenly he puts my pacifier in my mouth when i dont really need it,i dont know y daddy does that,maybe its a habbit for daddies?

  15. i wish i had a big bwoder who could do dat stuff when daddy isnt awound i would weally love an older bwoder to take cawe of me and pway wit me wen im by myself,and to change me:)

  16. Glad to have read this, my paci. …well my old one- my very first i stole from my friends brother at age 11 it had a blue guard and an orange handle ahh i loved it-i had to get rid of it because my parents were getting suspicious and at the time throwing it out was the best choice..i miss you paci <3 2 weeks ago i bought a baby's choice the green and yellow one. i love it! i just wish it was a N5 🙁 sells them with a N5 i am probably going to order the exact same paci just with a N5

  17. I’m 21 and recently started sucking a paci again because I grind my teeth! found that using the 18-32 months Nuk paci is the best! It’s slim and had a nice stylish design on it! I’m training myself to sleep with it, and noticed that I have a very strong “suck reflex” I find the paci so comforting and relaxing! I Just need reassurance that I’m not weird, and that sucking a paci is ok 🙂

  18. hi
    im a baby and i love paci a lot. when i was 14 i found i use my little brother s pacifier. and i sleep with it. one night my parents found me with a pacifier at my mounth at was yery bad. so i use it when im alone. but i like to use it in poblic.

  19. My pacifier is as essential to me as my teddy bear “Pookie” and my diapers. I can’t sleep without either of these. Having Asperger’s; I get high anxiety and have frequent wetting accidents which justifies my diapers.

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