Adult Babies and Training Pants

The adult baby boy slips into the washroom in the morning. On the toilet (because why would he need to lift the seat?) he sees his clothes for the day neatly folded: blue jeans, a shirt that looks ‘cool’ but whose stripes remind him of a toddler outfit, a pair of socks, a belt and – a training diaper.

After a hot shower he gets himself ready – teeth, hair, dressed and calls out “Daddy! I’m ready!” His dad pops in for a quick look, tossles his hair, and lifts up his shirt so he can check that the boy’s diaper sticks out just a little above the waist band of his jeans and then gives the boy a kiss on his cheek.

Babies Everywhere
It’s another day of the week for the adult baby. But in case you thought that all little guys toddle off to school or work in a onesie with a pacifier clipped to it with a ribbon, then you should probably look around: there’s probably an adult baby in the office next door, but you’d never know it!

Or walk down the hallway of your nearby college to spot the AB/DLs – but you’ll probably have to listen for the tell-tale crinkle to find one!

I did a quick scan of people I know on Facebook and different forums, and there are at least a handful of AB/DLs at each major school near me, and that’s based just on people who are active online in connecting and posting about their AB/DL interests. So whether it’s school or work, your little guy probably isn’t alone, and he won’t be the ONLY one with his diapers on under his jeans.

Training Pants and Pull-Ups
But when it comes to getting dressed for the ‘big world’ a lot of little guys not only find training pants more discrete, they actually prefer a pair of Goodnites or Pull-Ups under their clothes. Goodnites give off a reassuring crinkle noise and a lot of Pull-Up style diapers have babyish or kid-type patterns that people respond to.

Even for larger boys there are lots of options including cloth pants with thick inserts, ‘all-in-ones’, and plastic pants. In a pinch, even undies can do the trick if they have patterns like trucks or superheroes on them, although they’re least preferred.

But one thing every AB should know as he walks out the door: his dad doesn’t see a ‘guy’ headed off to the office, he sees an AB – an adult who’s a baby boy, and there’s never an ‘off switch’ for being his amazing little boy.

10 Replies to “Adult Babies and Training Pants”

  1. I wish that was me. While I should wear diapers, I prefer training pants, particularly when I’m nowhere near a toilet, but don’t want to look like a baby.

  2. Well for us older, a little more weight than some, the adult pull-ups are a little bit to be desired. I understand that abuniverse is working on a training pant for adults. I hope it is true. You should see what they’ve come up with for the adult baby diapers.

    1. those r totally awesome diapers! i wish they were not so expensive, but no matter, i gotta get some. thanx for telling us about this.

  3. i dont know which i like best but if i had to choose, i guess i would take diapers. training pants r only good for one or two times peeing before they leak so they r good if ur someplace its ok to leak. diapers r best when its ok to be a baby.

    i hope i get to see some of those tb/dls that r out there like u explained. so far i only saw one, one time, for sure. he was sitting up on the side of a walk over bridge at the Riverwalk in San Antonio, so his jeans pulled down enough in the back u could see his diaper sticking out. i know he wanted us to see it because when i wear diapers in jeans i always know that will happen. i sooo wanted to go talk to him but i was with some other ppl and couldnt think how to tell them to let me go back and talk to a teenager i didnt even know about something i couldnt explain to them. i cant even think what i could have said to him either.

  4. Wow, that picture looks a lot like me! He looks proud to be wearing his big boy training pants too. I’m wearing mine now every day instead of my cloth diapers. I like Goodnites more than Pullups cause I like the cool new blue camo design. I still get a little nervous cause I’m still potty training and doing good but sometimes I forget. Thats why these are great cause they work like a diaper if you have an accident. If we’re away for the whole day like a trip or a movie or something then I wear my plastic pants over the training pants too.

  5. bjr a tous je fait la meme chose que vous j aime mettre des couche et des grenouillere et meme me faire promene en poussette

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