Spring Cleaning: Diapers for the Adult Baby

The past few months have been really busy. I visited 6 cities on four trips over 5 weeks. I had to write my business plan for the coming years and it was a radical change from the past.

So when I found myself this weekend with a surprise holiday it was a welcome chance to take some time for myself. (I actually didn’t realize that today was a vacation day until Friday!)

And I did what anyone who needs to relax a little would do – I started my spring cleaning early!

Now, it’s been a while now since I renovated my home. And like any renovation, once it was over I had a few closets somewhere where I threw the boxes marked “figure out later”.

In addition to old papers photos or whatever, I found a lot of the stuff from when I was taking care of someone.

It left me a little nostalgic.

And maybe a little embarrassing. I’m not sure why, but it feels almost like bad luck having things around the house for someone who’s gone.

Take the diaper supplies. Now, it was a little hard to take decent photos and I didn’t want to stop for long while I kept at the cleaning but you probably get the idea from the pictures.

Now, these are just the diapers – I’m about to tackle the box of clothes.

But I had completely forgotten about some things.

I wonder if you have similar memories?

– I had forgotten about the Benetton diapers, for example. A brand they no longer make. I wonder what other brands people remember or wish they could still get?

– I had forgotten about the different brands of Pampers I’d keep on hand. They didn’t fit but they were good stuffers. And having them around meant a lot for some reason. I wonder if adult babies like having packages of baby diapers around?

– I had forgotten how many styles of cloth diaper I had. Super thick, velcro fasteners, pins, and in different prints. I remember that certain times just felt like “cloth time”. I wonder if other ABs have ‘cloth’ versus ‘disposable’ moods.

– I had forgotten about the trainers and ‘kid’s undies’, They were ideal for times when diapers didn’t make sense. But sometimes they were fun on their own. Do other AB/DLs have times when they wear training pants or undies with Spiderman or other patterns on them?

Now, I’m not sure what to do about the stash of stuff. I mean, I even ordered some Cushies because I want to see if they really ARE as babyish as the photos make them seem. But I just can’t help feeling it’s a little, well, odd having these supplies around. Maybe it’s just daddy-ish guilt of some kind or it’s just a moment of nostalgia.

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  1. I really enjoy your blog. As for some of your questions:
    I personally do think that having real baby diapers around adds to the ambiance, and as you say are good as stuffers.

    I definitely find that sometimes I’m in more of a cloth mood than disposable and visa versa.

    I’ve wanted kiddy trainers for a while and would definitely use them at times. :3

    I’m sure if you feel weird having them around, I’m sure there are a bunch of kiddies who would jump at the chance to get some.

    1. Ezra:

      Thanks for such a great response.

      I don’t think that the feeling is related to not wanting them around, but rather that I bought much of it for someone who I’m not a caretaker for anymore. It’s a complicated feeling but on the other hand, I feel reassured that in case someone is in the area and needs a change he’ll know who’s door to shyly knock on. hehehe.


  2. what a great blog post. sometimes i open up an old suitcase that is stashed under the bed that has some of my oldest and thickest cloth diapers…talk about nostalgia. with abenas and bambinos, it is much easier to go the disposable route most of the time, but every so often cloth feels especially babyish and wonderful. i’ve always loved the diaper pins…and there is just something about actually feeling the wetness of the cloth against my smooth skin that triggers a really wonderful babyish feeling.

    when they first came out with pampers size 6 i kept some around because i could kinda fit when stretched to the max and just the idea of having an actual diaper meant for a baby made me feel a little more babyish. silly i know.

    and trainers and little boy underpants are definitely in order many times. something especially fun when i’m out functioning in the big boy world in a suit knowing i have on some dinosaur undies or superman or spiderman…always affirming the little boy/baby boy in me!

    so fun to read a blog from a daddy who definitely understands the mind of an ab guy!

  3. Definitely love the Boyish printed undies… Super Hero Briefs are very fun to wear and pretend with. Put on the Spiderman or Superman briefs and make believe you are a super hero too.

    I miss the Old Style Attends Diapers they smelled so nice when you opened the package and they fit way better than the new ones do and they were much thicker as well.

    I have old blankets from when I was a kid and a few plushies as well. I can’t seem to get rid of them even though they had their time and are a little worse for wear.

    1. *Sigh* – yeah, I really loved the old style Attends.

      There was something really special about patting a little guy on the diapered bum and having that special squeaky/crinkly sound and feel from the Attends – they had this amazing plastic feeling that I really thought was a great way for a little guy to feel super babyish. (Oh, and yes, the smell!)

      A blanky or plushie is like an old friend – hard to part with. 🙂

  4. Don’t throw it all out…it’s really too great a stash to just dump. I can understand feeling a little nostalgic, maybe a tinge of loss since you used to use these things on someone who was special to you, but if you can I would start looking at it as a big surprise for the next little one that comes into your. It’s a little unreasonable to think you’ll never find someone who wants to explore these things with you again. Just based on the wonderful things you write, I just feel like a Daddy as crazy about being a Daddy as you are can’t stay babyless for very long.

    1. Awww Tai thanks so much for such a great comment.

      I’m not sure what kind of dad I’d make, I think a lot of it is the right connection with the right person or whatever, but you’re right – maybe having some special stuff around in case it ever does happen is more good luck than bad luck.

      In the meantime, I think I just keep living the life I live and sharing a little how I feel and the rest just happens as it does.

  5. Awesome pics. I remember when Attend Briefs (diapers) were packaged in cardboard boxes. They were also made with a crinkly plastic like outer shell.

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