At the Lake in Diapers for the Adult Baby

It’s winter and I can’t help feeling like either heading somewhere warm and sitting by a pool with a good book or, at the very least, imagining the summer to come. This time of year leaves me feeling a little drab – nothing like slush and grey skies to make you feel like you’re slightly rumpled and salt stained.

But winter’s also the reason why summers are so amazing, at least in my part of the world. And summers by a lake bring back images of childhood.

When I was a kid, much of the summer would be spent at a cottage – more like a cabin, usually or, depending where you lived it was also called a ‘camp’. Usually, this would be somewhere that had a wonderful musty smell when you’d open it up in the spring – wool blankets, stale air, the slight smell of ancient fires and their ash.

Those first few days at the lake would be filled with all kinds of activities – as if we had to catch up on a whole winter of NOT having summer fun and pack it all in over a few days. But after a while, a more leisurely pace would set in.

I’ve been lucky enough to have had a few little slices of that feeling with a special guy although they weren’t long enough: a weekend here and there, and a camp-out once. It was really amazing to spend a bit of time in a place that had a lot of memories of my own childhood with an adult baby.

I still go up alone or with family or friends and take lots of time in the summer to just kick back on a dock and do nothing more than read or sleep. But I can’t help imagining how special it would be to take some special little guy with me for an extended stay in the woods.

There’s something so incredibly peaceful and relaxing about being out of the city, away from the noise of daily life, with nothing much more to worry about than whether you have enough marshmallows for the camp fire. I can just imagine what it would be like to have someone with me who was in my care.

I imagine that the feeling of freedom would be very special. No neighbors, no worries, no school work to get to – just time with daddy and long peaceful moments not really saying much of anything, just being held in daddy’s arms and feeling the calm breezes.

I bet it would also feel really special if the cabin was secluded enough for him to feel comfortable wearing just his diapers sometimes, even outside on the dock or splashing around in the shallow part of the water.

Or to not feel embarrassed to wear the cutest possible toddler clothes: shortalls, bright little sun suits, or slightly-too-short swim shorts with cute emblems on them of, hmmm, ducks maybe.

But even for the little guy who is more DL than AB, the freedom of those days by the lake, sitting on the dock, and spending time with daddy might feel really special.

I know for myself, being able to spend such a long, relaxing time with someone would make me feel connected, peaceful and loving in a way that’s not always possible at home. Knowing that my ‘son’ was relaxed, secure in his diapers, and happy to have time with me would make me incredibly happy and grateful.

But where’s that special spot in your life? The one that reminds you of summers long ago? And if daddy took you to a cabin by a lake, what little things might you do together?

10 Replies to “At the Lake in Diapers for the Adult Baby”

  1. and maybe if it is quiet enough, daddy could change baby’s diapers right outside on a blankie…now there’s an amazing feeling.

    i understand about dada wanting summertime, but don’t forget how fun it can be to bundle up your baby boy all snuggly warm in a snow suit and help him make a snowman or a snow angel or go sledding. afterwards, having dada get you out of those thick warm clothes and into a fresh dry diapers is really, really sweet!

  2. i wanna go! i wanna go! somewhere warm, out in the sun, by the water. thats what i love best i think. and if i get to wear diapers all the time it would be like totally perfect, as long as somebody was taking care of me and that made it ok to be a baby as much as i wanted. i like the cute baby clothes too, but only when i couldnt be just in my diapers. i want to play in the water too, like u said. it would be totally cool if the daddy played with me because i love to laugh and play with someone. i love jimmy’s idea about getting a dry diaper outside on a blanket after u get finished playing in the water, and maybe a milky bottle at the same time so i can take a nap right there too. this is a totally cool idea. im gonna go pack my stuff to go.

    1. *Packs up all the supplies for Cody’s big trip to the lake, making sure there’s lots of diapers, swim diapers, night diapers, thick diapers, babyish diapers…..:)

      Would be super special Cody. That lake is made for you to be next to it I think.

  3. this sounds like a GREAT time! i was fortunate enough to live at my family’s vacation house during a year of grad school, and on the warmer days in the fall…id get padded up nice and thick, and put on some old short gym shorts… and just play around out back next to the lake, and all its privacy. the only thing missing was a daddy –

    hmmm…still the only thing missing!! :-\

  4. I always go camping by myself and star diapers the whole time but I wish I could go with a daddy diapering myself is hard

  5. my daddy ,matthew, takes me to the lake in nothing but a diaper i love it cuz he carries me into the water and jumps around with me and sometimes we will go out on a boat

  6. I would love to be on a lake in just my diapers with a daddy. My wish is to have two daddies and a diapered big brother. I might write a story about two daddies and their three baby boys …

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