Fantasy Adoption Center for Adult Babies: Carlson

Welcome to the fantasy adoption camp. Consider these just for fun, of course, in the tradition of Snugglies, which is a popular series of photos in which a diaper was cropped onto pictures of usually very masculine men. These are fantasy listings meant to inspire your own thoughts about what kind of boy you might be looking for if you’re a ‘Daddy’.

Meet Carlson

Carlson is a really special boy at the Adult Baby Adoption Center. With a great disposition and endless curiosity, he’d be happy in any loving home.

Carlson likes playing computer games, baseball, and listening to music. His ideal day would either be a visit to the ballpark with dad, or a visit to an amusement park with a “super huge” roller coaster.

Carlson needs a bit of special care, however. While he’s sometimes insistent that he’s ready for ‘big boy’ pants, history tells a different story. Carlson sure is a determined little guy, but he isn’t advanced enough to know when he needs to use the facilities. He’s often seen at the Adoption Center checking his diaper and then getting a little surprised look when he realizes he’s wet.

But this shouldn’t deter a loving dad. Carlson never kicks up a fuss – he just wants to please whoever will take care of him. Assuring him that it’s OK that he needs his diapers as protection will go a long way with the little guy.

If a devoted, hopeful and yet often vulnerable boy is what you’re looking for, then consider adopting Carlson and give him the guidance and approval he needs.

25 Replies to “Fantasy Adoption Center for Adult Babies: Carlson”

  1. TO all the lil guys out there
    if you want a daddy that will allow u to live the ultimate baby life by staying home and living a s a baby 24/7 because daddy is is rich and has money to care for all your baby needs includeing having a nursery of ur own get at me

  2. Hello daddy mike, I’ve been looking for a daddy who would baby me 24/7 and take good care of me :)I would love to get to know you.

  3. Hi daddies im a 24yo baby some days I feel like crawling on my knees with my binky in my mouth going baby all the way. I’ve been seeking a loving daddy for a long time to care, change, feed and pamper me with all their love.

  4. Hey Diaper Boys whats up? Im a Gay 30 year old Daddy, looking for a Diaper Boy that wants a to live with me and Wear 24/7, I will only let you wear Diapers, I will change all diapers, and take care of you, thanks


  5. hi am alan am a ab daddy who will look after u n treat u like the little boy u are.

    so please email me as i want to adopted u as me son

    thanks daddy alan

  6. I’m still lonely, have no daddy adopted. I’ve been looking for ab/dl daddy who would want adopt me as his little baby boy and wearing diapers 24/7. i want to live ulimate baby life and staying home living as a baby smile 🙂 i’m AB/DL both I always love wearing diapers 24/7 all the times, enjoying being baby toddler sometime in my feelings.

  7. I would love to adopt Carlson, if he is still available. Lots of love to give, and a family to make him a very happy boy!

  8. let me adopt u carlson, ur so cute, xx i will dress u as a baby day and night and change your nappies whenever they need doing, i have lots of baby stuff for you already xx i am 21

  9. Hi everybody i am 17 and am a diaper lover looking for a loving daddy/mommy to go to so when i turn 18 i can become an adult baby!!! i love diapers and want to wear them 24/7!!!! If you would like to adopt me (i can travel to you) e-mail me at

    Thanks so much!!

  10. I added a pic on gravitar, but it is new today. Still want to know if Carlson is still available for adoption?

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