Monday Mornings for the Adult Baby

I must be one of the few people in the world who LOVES Mondays. I love the start of a new week, the possibilities, the responsibilities ahead. But for the adult baby, Mondays can often be a bit, well, depressing or drab.

Mondays can often mean it’s time to get back to school or work. It can mean more adult stuff. And even for the AB/DL who doesn’t have all those responsibilities it can still mean that daddy has to go off and do adult stuff, and the slow, tender weekend is now behind with all the extra attention and care.

Now, there’s the ideal life (and I have a pretty ideal life already) – one where I can work from home because I’d have a little one around to keep an eye on. But for many AB/DLs there’s still lots of life out there, there’s school and work and friends, and sometimes daddy needs to earn his diaper money.

So I was thinking back to when I had a ‘little one’ around and I was remembering those Monday mornings when I could tell he was feeling a little sad or depressed because the perfect pleasure of a weekend with daddy was over and it felt a lot like the diapers and baby stuff had been put away until some other time.

There were little things I’d do though and some other things I’ve thought of since. You see, I’d like a ‘son’ to understand that there’s not really an on/off switch for different sides of himself – it’s not like you turn one person off and turn another person on. He will always be my little boy even if the rest of the world sees him as a student, or a hard worker, or a guy making his way through life.

So Monday’s could, in fact, be really special. Because they were the perfect day of the week to remind him that he didn’t need to turn “off” who he is….in fact, the special secret of being his true self could make it all the more magical and important.

If I had a list that might help you to understand that “Monday Magic” it might include little things like this:

– Before your son rushes out the door to school, have him stop and then check his clothes carefully. Fix the belt on his jeans. Adjust his diaper so that it shows just slightly above the waist and then pull his shirt down carefully over it. Give him a kiss on the cheek and tell him how wonderful he is and how adorable he looks.

– If your little guy can’t wear diapers in the day, have him carry a Pull-Ups in his back pack. He might complain that someone might see it or find it. Assure him no one will ever notice. He may never even look at it, but knowing that it’s close at hand will give him a sense of security.

– Instead of regular underwear, surprise him with a pair of training pants. A special brand I recently discovered are from Tiger Underwear – they make a double sided brief that’s really awesome and gives a comfortable bulk between the legs. They even sell plastic pants that don’t crinkle but are super secure and have a soft lovely texture.

– Slip a pacifier in his pocket on the way out the door.

– Get him a gift card for little kids – one with Sesame Street characters or teddy bears. You don’t need to embarrass him by calling him “baby” or anything in what you write – just write “I love you” and the card will tell the rest of the story, and even if someone sees it at school they’ll just think it’s cute or funny.

– If he wears a watch, take some diaper tape and attach it around the band. Call him later in the day and ask what time it is. If anyone knows that it’s no ordinary tape it will be him – you’ll hear the smile right through the phone line.

– Most important of all, when he gets home give him a super long hug. Then say “let’s get you changed”. Don’t turn it into a big production…just “let’s get you changed” is enough – it says that Sunday wasn’t some special day all its own and that even though there’s a whole world of things to do he’s always his daddy’s little boy no matter where they are or what they’re doing.

Those are just a few of my ‘Monday Morning Magic’ ideas – but tell me….what could daddy do to help you feel that Mondays don’t need to be the end of those wonderful diapered weekends you just left behind?

7 Replies to “Monday Mornings for the Adult Baby”

  1. Hehe, awesome list! Wow, they all sound really special. I know I would love to find little surprises like the diaper tape on the watch, or daddy combing my hair or fixing my clothes before I leave the house.

    Other things like “Don’t be late” or “Don’t be naughty” would make my day before I head off to school or work.

    Or if I’m at home but Daddy has to go out to work it would make me happy if Daddy called at his break to “check up” on me, or left a bottle of milk in the fridge, just the little things that say “I’m still thinking about you”

  2. Ducky –

    I really should have thought a little more about when daddy’s out but the little one is home!

    Those were great suggestions – and actually, I think you gave me the idea that there’s a whole post to do about “What to do when you leave your baby home alone”.

    (Home Alone? Uh ohssssss).

  3. Great insights once again. Something I could think of in the situation where only being diapered at home is an option is Dad and Boy can get things laid out and chosen for what the AB is to wear when getting home from school/work. Choosing things together is a bonding experience as well as getting acceptance from Daddy of what the boy has chosen for the evenings adventures. Or Dad could just leave everything up to a surprise when the boy comes home he does not know what to expect.

    Ducky had some great ideas in his comments too!

    1. The step-ins from Tiger are really amazing Jimmy. They don’t make too much of a crinkly noise so are better if you want something for being out in the world than home in the nursery but some boys need that for special things like school and stuff. They have a really nice soft plastic and also offer really great protection and have wonderful elastics.

  4. its sunday night, once again, and as i lay in bed [not a crib 🙁 ] and in my thick night time diaper, i dread the week ahead, where i wont get to be my natural diaper wetting self. but this post gives me some great ideas. hehe, just wish i had a daddy to come home to!

  5. Monday night is WWE night! I usually wear a trainer to work. I bring norman to work wif me and he hangs in my locker I go say hi at lunch time. For lunch I have peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches minus the crust. Only thing I dont like about the week is I gotta wear pants hehehe I love when I get home though pants come off and I am in just a diap and tshirt:)

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