Making Daddy Smile: How to Be An Adult Baby

I sometimes get asked: what makes daddy happy? Or I’ll be talking to an adult baby or diaper lover and they’ll start quizzing me to find out what would please me. Hopefully in time they all learn that with me, in any case, the answer is simple: just be who you are.

There was a really interesting comment on one of my posts recently where WZB was talking about the different kinds of relationships for adult babies and their ‘dads’. He wrote that:

“A daddy or big bro is a strong – but more “loving” (in the standard sense) hand. Some ABDLs seem to prefer, exclusively, the soft side of things – diapers take them back to a simpler, happier time, let them relax and unwind, let them lower their defenses in a sort of passively passive manner, like what you describe (being nurtured or cuddled are great!)”

I relate to this description completely.

I know there are other ‘dads’ out there who like other things, and there are other ‘sons’ who want a dad who is more strict or aggressive or whatever. I love all of those dads and AB/DLs….it’s really wonderful. But those aren’t things that I want other than in the very lightest ways maybe.

I really feel that my job as a ‘dad’ is to help someone be the little one they are inside through which they can fully feel that softer, simpler baby or toddler.

What Makes Daddy Smile
I recently joined Twitter and asked whether anyone had ideas for a blog post and one of the responses was: what do AB/DLs do that make me smile (thanks @secrethusky!)

My answer is the same: I smile when I see a boy being, well, who they are.

Because when a ‘boy’ is himself, he’s bound to do all kinds of things that make me smile. There are the things that make me feel like the world is perfect, like changing or bath time.

And then there are the things that just make me grin, usually really simple things:

  • Getting spaghetti on his face as he tries to feed himself in his high chair (memo to dad: don’t forget the bib next time)
  • The way he looks lying asleep with a teddy bear in his arms
  • The way he pulls his blanky closer to him as he’s watching cartoons
  • A sudden crinkling sound and then turning to find him hugging my waist from behind
  • Seeing his pacifier on the living room table (sometimes he doesn’t even need to be there to make me smile!)
  • The look in his eyes that day when he saw Mickey Mouse at Disney World
  • The way he blushes and looks down at his feet when he approaches me in wet pants (memo to dad: sometimes boys really really aren’t ready for potty training. Just be reassuring and get out the diapers)
  • The way the bubbles get in his hair during bath time
  • The way his body feels all floppy when I cuddle with him on the couch
  • The way he smiles all funny looking with a paci in his mouth
  • The way he makes me feel because he’s just being who he is.

7 Replies to “Making Daddy Smile: How to Be An Adult Baby”

  1. Your list of things that make you smile really holds true for me as well. I am both a domme(for d/s, I’m not into s/m) and a “Mummy”, and I prefer what was referred to as “soft submission”. For me, all submission is really just a power exchange, and a sub or a ‘baby’ entrusting their wellbeing to the dom or ‘parent’. My favorite parts of both of these are what I call ‘subspace’–regression for AB’s. You’d describe it with a “floaty feeling”. Seeing a person so in tune with themself that they can totally transfer their worries to another (preferably me!) is definitely the whole reason that I get into relationships with subs or AB/DLs.

  2. these one make me feel very happy. the one i like is when “A sudden crinkling sound and then turning to find him hugging my waist from behind” is so cute. i wish i could do that with my daddy.

  3. I like the crinkling but it took a while to get used to and now its just routine. Now I hear it all night long if I move around in the crib which is not very often. Sometimes I will forget I am in a crib and then I roll over and my hand will touch the crib gate.

  4. Awww, I love this post, A bunch of it I wish I can/could be a part of. Mainly the stuff in the lists, :/ Great article again, 🙂

  5. I book marked this right away, I’m an AB and though this site is for daddies it’s pretty much the best resource for little ones like me out there, I had no idea how to regress properly before I found this, each post I read makes me feel more and more little, and hopeful that there is a daddy out there for me that maybe will be a little bit like you. Really given me hope so thanks, you’re seriously awesome.

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