Fantasy Adoption Center for Adult Babies: Trevor

Welcome to the fantasy adoption camp. Consider these just for fun, of course, in the tradition of Snugglies, which is a popular series of photos in which a diaper was cropped onto pictures of usually very masculine men. These are fantasy listings meant to inspire your own thoughts about what kind of boy you might be looking for if you’re a ‘Daddy’.

Meet Trevor

Trevor is one of the more popular boys at the Adult Baby Adoption Camp. A star on the school soccer team with reasonable grades and teachers that love him, the only thing missing for Trevor is a daddy, someone to give him special attention and to bond with.

Trevor has a winning personality. He loves participating in team and other sports. He’s good in class but sometimes his attention wanders a little and while he’d get better grades if he’d focus more, he’s well loved by his teachers.

Trevor’s friends don’t seem to bug him about needing to wear diapers. For a time, they teased him that he seemed to LIKE wearing them, but when they realized he didn’t care what they thought (and that, yes, maybe he DID!) and that he was still the same person, it just became part of who he was to his friends.

Trevor has quieter more babyish moments too. He loves watching scary movies and when he gets scared he’s often heard saying “I wish I had a dad to hold me for this movie.”

If you’re looking for an active but open-spirited son, consider Trevor from the Fantasy Adoption Center.

32 Replies to “Fantasy Adoption Center for Adult Babies: Trevor”

  1. Adorable! I’m something of an adult baby myself, so I couldn’t possibly adopt him. But I’d love to see some more pics of him wearing diapers. Preferably cloth diapers and plastic pants. That’d be so cute! Any more stories on him?

  2. i would take him in a heartbeat but i still am finding a place to live , and i love soccer too i would play with him alot too. but right now isnt the time.

  3. @martin
    i have a bratty younger sis and the one thang ive always wanted to have was a brother i hate haveing a sis shes always moody. Even tho she is a year younger than me and my birthday is tomarow on thanksgiving. 😀

  4. awww happy bday,thats cool that ur bday is on thanksgiving!how old r u gonna b?im only a toddler here on the website lookin for a daddy to take care of me

  5. hi trevor,im zachary peterson,im in need of a daddy to take care of me,fed me,and to hold me when im uncomfortable,and im also in need of an older brother to play with me,someone i can look up to:Q

  6. I’m still lonely, have no daddy adopted. I’ve been looking for ab/dl daddy who would want adopt me as his little baby boy and wearing diapers 24/7. i want to live ulimate baby life and staying home living as a baby smile i’m AB/DL both I always love wearing diapers 24/7 all the times, enjoying being baby toddler sometime in my feelings.


  7. Happy birthday Trevor. Your. Birthday present from me I be your. Daddy. If want and change your diaper feed bottle milk. Put you sleep raise you as own son

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