Diapers at School for the Adult/Teen Baby

Should a diaper lover or teen/adult baby wear diapers to school? Is it too dangerous to wear your diapers around friends?

The answer will depend on so many things, but my simple answer is ‘yes’ a boy should wear diapers to school. But before you think I’m asking you to do something that you can’t or shouldn’t, let me explain.

There are as many different ways to be a diaper lover as there are people who love them. Some people love to wear their diapers at special times, as a way to relax, or as part of an evening with someone.

For many people, diapers are like little vacations – a time to kick back, relax, and not have to worry. If you’re lucky, you may even have someone special in your life who joins you in those times by wearing themselves or, even better (or better in my mind anyways!) who will take care of you and change you.

For other people, however, diapers aren’t part of a vacation FROM life, they ARE a part of life. You might recognize yourself: someone for whom life feels lonely, less full, sad or anxious when you don’t have diapers in your life. Maybe your mood changes when you aren’t able to wear and you feel a funny gnawing feeling inside.

Or maybe it’s not just diapers – maybe you also need a blanky or pacifier or other little babyish things. When you have to act, dress and live like an adult you become moody or cranky.

For these people, diapers or being little are part of who you are. I’ve rarely met anyone who has had these feelings where they didn’t come back – they may go away for a while but eventually they seem to feel like life is emptier and they realize that being diapered again brings a sense of being complete.

Diapers as Part of Your Personal Expression
Now, there are LOTS of reasons why it might be impossible to wear diapers to school, university or college. Maybe you can’t afford them, or maybe you have really serious issues with your parents (the topic of another post).

But what I think is important is the question of whether it’s OK to express who you are.

In today’s world, your parents, teachers or the media are often telling you how to act or be. You’re supposed to conform, fit certain fads, follow certain trends, or be part of the ‘in crowd’.

But in an ideal world, we realize what the Internet and experience has shown us: that no matter how we express ourselves, there are people out there who understand, there are all kinds of styles and interests and loves. When we’re going about our daily lives, it’s easy to think that the only world that exists is the hallways of the school or our room at home. But there’s a wide world out there that is accepting of diversity and self-expression.

Just like someone from a different culture should feel proud of who they are, someone who is a diaper lover or adult baby should feel the same way – this is who you are, it’s part of you, and you can’t run from what’s inside anymore than you can run away from having red hair (well, at least not for long).

Diapers at School
I’d like to think that we’d be able to get to the point where people have a network of support and friends (whether online or in person) who will respect their choices and interests. In that kind of world, a boy would wear diapers to school.

They might not always wear the thickest diaper. They might not even use them. Maybe it’s as simple as a Goodnite under their jeans. Or training briefs and plastic pants. The important thing is that they feel secure that they are expressing a part of themselves in their life which is PART of their life – they’re a diaper boy and are proud to be one.

There can be challenges – gym class, say, or clothes that might be in a style where someone might spot the diaper sticking out above the waist of a pair of jeans, a bulge in the bum, or a crinkling sound.

But this isn’t about keeping things hidden: it’s about being who you are, even if you’re not flaunting it. You don’t need to walk around in a onesie to be true to yourself, but you don’t need to be scared to leave a part of yourself at home.

And wouldn’t you feel more secure with diapers on instead of underwear or boxers? I feel sad even thinking about the thin material of boxers and how insecure they seem.

Welcome a Son Home from School
If I had a ‘son’ and I was welcoming them home from a day at college or school, I’d give them a proud hug and pat on their diapered bum. I’d want them to know that every single day I was proud that they had decided to be, well, to be themselves.

If they needed a change it would be a very special tender and loving time. A reward, almost, for my ‘little one’ just being who he is.

And who knows, maybe his decision to wear his diapers to school will help someone else who DOES notice the crinkle sound (because he knows what to listen for!) and has the courage to wear himself.

And it’s my belief in THAT idea which would make me happy and full of love as I changed my son after another long day in class.

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  1. I have been wearing diapers off and on for several years. I was to scared to wear diapers while in highschool for fear of being found out while in P.E. Class. I started wearing more regularly during my second year at junior college and it made a difference in helping to concentrate on class lectures and also cut down on having to rush to the restroom before the next class. During my break time usally around the time I would eat lunch I would change into fresh diapers and get cleaned up for my next set of classes. In my case being diapered at school was a good thing.

  2. @Donnie: Cool! I’m in 3rd year and want to wear to class a few times myself. I’ve worn @ school but not in class. πŸ˜›

  3. Tha okay wearing diaper for school as homs whint boy need diaper for wetting problems, it better at wetting pant or has to chaning pant or shit in school all othe noting that, or ask has you pee your pant sens you has chaing pant?
    I know it well, im Autism, Aspergers syndrom, high funktion. and i wearing diaper both night or day. – i chaing selv and everthing that, byt i cant fillin i has to pee befor i do, so diaper ar nedin for me.


  4. Ive always worn no matter what. My only gripe is how uncomfy pants are over the diaper. im jealous when I see kids in rompers and onesies lol its so much more comfy!!!

  5. My daddy recently put me back into diapers 24/7, so I wear at school and to classes. I am a sophomore in college and I live there so it’s a little tough but I manage it; I forget I’m wearing most of the time πŸ˜› I am still getting used to just letting go and wetting, especially around friends or when talking to friends, but I am getting much better at it. It is much more comforting to be padded than to wear undies, you are right about that. I feel safer and my diaper reminds me that my daddy is always there for me. Plus I know I’m being more true to myself, that I’m being brave for not letting the world tell me how to live even though it could be embarrassing if someone found out. Plus I can just wet during class πŸ˜›

  6. I wish I could wear diapers that would be so awesome I think anyway cause people always tikle me in school and I pee my pants on accident and I say that I spilled water on my self I wish I
    Could wear pull- ups at least

  7. I have worn in class while at college and on occasion to work. It is nice when you can pull it off.

  8. i am 13 years old and i wear diapers in chingford foundation school, i have my trousers and instead of underpants, i just have huggies, i think it is very easy and i do not worry if any one finds out or says anything about them, and at breaks i will go to the toilets and lie down and change my self or get my friend charlie to change and wipe me and i do the same for him πŸ™‚
    one time a bully made me wear only my diaper for the whole day with no trousers buut i did it and i was proud to do it πŸ˜€ serves you right jim!!

  9. AWESOME ARTICLE…as a dl myself i used to wear diapers to school all the time, mostly goodnights or pullups… very satisfying wetting durring a test πŸ™‚

  10. I wear to highschool all the time and have never been caught, but my friends do notice that on the days i do wear i’am more docile and calm. I wear full diapers and plastic pants to school becasue i know i won’t have a chance to change during the day, and i even double up sometimes.

  11. i dont know wut to do i wet the bed and even tallkt a bout diaper somone tell me hawe to get my perens to let me get diapers one of my friend wers diapers to school and i allwas chang him in the resroom dering or after lunch
    and hed do the same for me. tell me howe to get my perens to get me diapers

  12. I have told my mother that i like diaper she didn’t and she was mad at me. But I’m still trying to get some diapers without slending any money.

    Oh again is there a school for TB’s please anwser.Here’s my email adress ok.


  13. This was an awesome articl and very true ideas and thoughts. After wearing several years when I can I have just begun wearing more out in public specially at thrift stores where I tend to buy diapers super cheap. In the back of my mind a still worry about my partner or someone else finding out my secret and judging me on that.

  14. I just wish people would stop using the phrase “teen adult Baby” why can’t it just be, teen baby, teen Dl, teenab, dlteen, or something else?

  15. I hope when the various stereo types and terms we use go out that better ones will come in. I cannot think of any great examples off the top of my head but Here in the United states one group was called this, then it was that, then it became something else and finally you have to ask Ok how should we describe them. Sometimes they just want to be called for a better example a AB / DL rather than as was given a Teen Baby or Teen AB or Teen DL. In some ways I wish it were a bit more open and more relaxed as now I realize in the last 15 – 20 years of internet there are alot of us out there. πŸ™‚

  16. i am not hiding,lying or denying my love for diapers.i only wear thick diapers under anything i wear each day.I enjoy my diapers and never wet/mess my thick sweet diapers.i love to crinkle and be heard,i like being obvious and sagging to be a diaper show off kid.

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