Fantasy Adoption Center for Adult Babies: Stash

Welcome to the fantasy adoption camp. Consider these just for fun, of course, in the tradition of Snugglies, which is a popular series of photos in which a diaper was cropped onto pictures of usually very masculine men. These are fantasy listings meant to inspire your own thoughts about what kind of boy you might be looking for if you’re a ‘Daddy’.

Meet Stash

Stash has been kicking around the Adult Baby Adoption Camp for a while now. It’s not that Stash hasn’t found himself a home now and then, but his high level of energy has put more than one dad through his paces.

No one can remember his real name, but his nickname suits him to a tee. With Stash, you’ll need a stash to keep up with the constant diaper changes. This boy is never without his diaper, and it’s rarely dry.

Stash is full of energy, mischief, and doesn’t mind sticking his tongue out at strangers, so if you’re bothered by a rambunctious boy around then you might want someone whose age is more ‘little’.

But Stash is also a delight, and even though it may not seem it, Stash is committed to making some daddy out there very happy. When it comes to diaper changes he never makes a fuss and one of his joys is being given a bubble bath (but watch for the splashing!)

So if you don’t mind a handful in the house, please consider adopting Stash – and please make sure your diaper stash can handle him.

19 Replies to “Fantasy Adoption Center for Adult Babies: Stash”

  1. stash is just so cute(;
    that boy is absolutely adorable.
    i can just picture him sucking on a binky while taking a nap.
    i think hes so cute(;

  2. daddy ed, you could I am just like him! I am shy, but I am very energetic unless I do not feel good (headache) I am also very into bubble baths, cuddleing with people, playing but I do have ADHD which means that it is not going to be easy getting me to sit still for a long time unless I have something to entertain me or im taking a nap. I also have the same hair, same body, but different eyes, mine are a ocean sea kind of blue, I have been told I have very pretty eyes and that it matches my pacifier. I am hoping for a loving daddy and I am just like him. This is a big step for me due to my mom and step dad kicking me out and me getting them to let me back in, so I do have a few trust issues. email me at

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