Boys Wet Their Pants: Why TB/DLs Can’t Stay Dry

For the adult or teen diaper lover, life doesn’t always let them wear their diapers as much as they’d like. Not every boy is lucky enough to wear 24/7, some don’t want to, and some aren’t able to because of their living situation. I hope that if I can be a ‘dad’ some day to a ‘son’ that they’ll feel safe enough and have an environment where their diapers feel like a natural and accepted part of life. I’d like my son to feel that he can express his little side and wear his diapers however he’s always dreamed.

So maybe it’s because they CAN’T always wear diapers that boys seem to have troubles keeping their pants dry.

Now, I used to think it was like a cry for help, a silent way of asking to be put in diapers. But I’ve started to think a little differently about it. Because the reality seems to be that – well, boys will be boys. And for diaper boys, they just can’t help, well, finding release.

Have you ever noticed how a boy will wait and wait when they have to pee? For a DL there’s something special about that feeling – it gives them a tingle sensation as their bladder fills up, and the anxious feeling of needing to go gives them, I think, a strange feeling of anticipation, frustration and excitement.

I noticed this with Jay when I was his ‘dad’. During times when he wasn’t diapered we’d often be out at a mall and I’d notice him fidget. Very often, getting home at the end of the day, I’d notice a damp spot on the front of his jeans. The little dribbles and releases from needing to pee but trying to control it would leave him with a little accident.

A few times, Jay would wet his pants completely. What felt like a little release turned into not being able to control it.

Standing at a checkout counter in a grocery store I turned once to notice he had wet his pants. He was blushing like crazy but I couldn’t help noticing a little excitement in his eyes. My little boy had wet his pants and he knew full well that it would be back to diapers.

I think that AB/TB/DLs enjoy the fact that even without diapers they don’t always have control.

Sitting playing a video game, say, they’ll know that they need to go to the bathroom, but they’re just enjoying playing too much. When you go to change your boy into his pajamas at night, you’ll find that his undies are damp with pee and that his shorts or jeans will have that tell tale dark spot in the bum and crotch. (At the very least, this is probably a good time to make sure he has Goonites or other protection – wetting the bed can’t be too far behind.)

But for the boy whose undies are more than a little damp after video games, for the true accident, it’s usually a pretty sure sign that your little one will need to be put back in diapers.

The crinkly sound of them and the padding between his legs will help to remind him that he doesn’t have to worry about having another embarrassing accident, but is also daddy’s way of acknowledging that even bigger boys are never too big to be diapered, that boys will be boys, and toddlers too.

15 Replies to “Boys Wet Their Pants: Why TB/DLs Can’t Stay Dry”

  1. A lot of the times its not that we hold it in intentionally till we have to run to the potty or reep the uh oh i had an accident moment… a lot of times for me atleast i dont get a feeling for the need to pee until just before my bladder is about to let loose at full speed ahead. And at that point there is no hope but a very wet diaper or a wet floor as well has having super wet pants as well.

  2. Aww sure, that’s true enough Donnie – for some boys it really isn’t their fault at all, they just truly can’t hold it. I wonder if you mostly wear diapers or protection to help you out.

  3. sometimes i just wet my pants because it feels so good doing it. if im coming home from somewhere (almost anywhere) i love it when i need to go pee like really, really, bad so i cant really stop it and i just pee my pants. its like a game i make up for myself where i hold it too long so it will happen. sometimes its like really embarrassing when somebody sees i did it, but its worth it because it lets me have that feeling from when i was little and it happened to me. i love feeling the warm pee getting me wet and running down between my legs. it only feels good for just a few minutes tho because u have to change pretty soon or it feels yucky. if u have somebody to help u its sort of a way to tell them u want to be a baby and maybe they will put a diaper on u. if u dont have anybody, u just have to pretend u do and do it urself.

  4. Why should anyone be forced to potty train? I believe that if they can’t or they don’t wish to toilet train, and wish to continue wearing diapers indefinitely, then diapers, it is.

  5. im not uky enuf to get to whear diapers when i won to my mom and stepdad do not alow me to hav them i dont need them i just like the way it feels to wet them and play with myself in the wetnes andhav full cuntroll i can hold it all day literaly hoping to wet im 19 now and never hav accidents i was payed to get poty traind so i was out of diapers in the midl od 2end grade……..rilly wish u had ben my dad at lest u have a full understanding i also hav a thing for looking at boys around my age in diapers im not gay and hav no ataction to anyone at all rilly pleas email me

  6. I am only 13 and I am too afraid to tell my mom or dad so I just wear a couple of more pairs of underwear over each other until i find the courage to buy diapers and hide them. The only bad thing is you can’t really go poo poo in underwear so i just go pee pee and look i just did right now 🙂

  7. I love to piss and poop in my pants whenever I can, like when I get home from school and both parents are piss and fullness of the load get me real horny and I usually end up sucking my thumb and masturbating. I wish I had a daddy to be with so bad.

  8. I’m a special need 25 year old boy
    I wear adult nappies, because I always wet and poo my pants.
    So I wear nappies to help stop clothes from getting wet.
    but I do love the feeling of wearing my clothes just after I’ve weed and pooed.
    mail me:

  9. I hold my pee for 2 days then I put on a diaper and let out all the pee. It feels good to sit in the nice warm gush and move it all over my privates.

  10. Its not easy to pull away from a good cartoon or video game. I stand in front of the tv on my tippy toes tryin to hold it and sometimes I cant. When I do pee sometimes I dribble afterwards because im too impatient daddy says. He says I dont wipe good yet so I have wetwipes he uses afterwards.

    I dribble alot through the day and not notice it. Daddy says its okay cause that jus means im not big enough for big boy pants. 🙂

  11. i am 15 and i have the same problem your boy does and have had simaler accidents like on time in school i was about 11 then and there was half an hour till home time. i had been holding my pee since lunch time and i could barly hold it so i asked if i could go to the toilets and the teacher let me go so i walked down the hall to the bathrooms but on the door it said out of order so i decided to hold it till i get home and walked back to class. i sat in my seat and tried to continue my work with my legs crossed and using one hand to write and the other holding my privits tho it wasnt doing much good as i started dribbling and my school trousers were getting wetter and with only ten minits left of school i decided im wereing black school trousers and just let go when i was done going in my pants i was soaked from the waist down. then the bell went and i got up and ran out the door before any one noticed. i spent the remainder of the day in my pee pants because as soon as i got home my mum put me in the car and we went to my cossins house and i didnt want to say any thing any way by the time we got home it was time for bed and as you said parents do my mum striped me down to get me ready for bed and when she got to my trousers she noticed they had a bit of smell of them and took them of then noticed that my pants were quite a bit damp and asked if i had an accident i told her i had had an accident at school and she just said from now one i should try to hold it longer and took me to the shower and removed my wet undis. then changed me into clean pants and put me to bed then asked if i needed the loo (incase of bed wetting ) and i told her no. she wasnt angry i have hade accidents before in school and like your child have had wet udeis after a tv show or game and seen me fidget in stors and seen wet spots appeer on my jeans. she says i just have a small blader and its normal i dont do in as much now that im 15 but still have the damp pants before bed or in the morrnig she says its perfectly normal and it happens to evry one once in a while.

  12. yes i do hold it till the last minit and let out little releases every once and a while. like today i was walking my dog whith my frirnd in a feild and then i relized i had to pee so as usual i held it in after a while i realy needed to go and was fidgiting my friend noticed and asked if i needed the toilet i said i did but was trying to hold it. he told me to go do it in the feild but i told him there was no privet place to go. after that my friend said lets head back so put my dog on the lead and we began heading back and then i decided to to let a little out so took my hand of my ericted penis and released butas i did i lost controll and wet my self my jeans turned dark i stopped walking and tyed to regain controll be holding me penis my friend turned round saw my wet jeans he said it was ok and it could have happened to any one. when i got home me and my friend ran up stairs to my bed room i took off my jeans to reveal my see through tidy whithes my friend reached in to my drawers and me fresh breifs and i stripped of my wet underpants and put on the fresh ones i didnt mind changing infront of him as we have seen each other naked before case do swimming togeather and change and shower in the swimming pool. so after i was changed we went up to my friends house and mucked about for a while but then my friend pooed himself and had to go in. so thats my story hoped you liked it.

  13. one time i was in a school play and i realy needed to go i held my pee most of the play but after a while i had to poo 2 when ever the play was over i went of the stage and walked to the toilets but when i got there they were locked and i ended up pooing and peeing my pants. i was still in my coustume and had to go change in front of the rest of my class i tryed to hide it as best i could and no one noticed then after i was done changing i went to my mum and i told her i had an accident she took me home and changed me and made me wear nappies to school for a week. it wasnt a punishment just a precation. and i did have the odd accident in the nappies at school and stuff

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