Adult Baby Nursery Supplies

What are the critical supplies to have on hand for a diaper lover or adult baby? You may not be able to have (or necessarily want) a full nursery, but it seems to me that at the very least you should have a well-stocked changing area for your little one.

Leaving aside clothes, furniture and toys, I’m a big believer that having an area of the house with your son’s diaper supplies helps to create a safe, trusting space for changes and provides a visible reminder that the AB/DL in your life is living his life snug and secure in diapers.

When your son walks into the room with his diaper supplies plainly visible, he’ll feel assurance and safety – he’s able to be the little one he’s always wanted to be, and will remember that daddy will keep him pampered and take care of him.

Now, diapers are of course the number one thing. I prefer to have more than one kind. Little boys will have different needs that might even depend on the time of day or what daddy has planned. Thicker diapers with stuffers for night (Bambinos makes a great diaper with great inserts), various brands of adult and youth diapers, Goodnites, and a supply of super thick cloth diapers and plastic pants are essential.

A few packages of Pampers or Huggies beside the stack of diapers might never get used because of their size, but they make great inserts and the packaging is a great way to evoke babyish feelings.

Other supplies include the obvious: baby wipes (Huggies makes a brand that smells particularly babyish), powder (again, scent is everything!), rash cream, vaseline, and baby lotion are all important supplies.

Ideally, you’d have some toys, rattles and pacifiers nearby as well, to distract your ‘son’ during change time. If you can have a big stack of onesies in different colors in a visible place, this is both handy and a great reminder that his onesies will help him stay snug and secure.

But for you diaper lovers and baby boys out there – what do you like to see when you look at the diaper supplies? What are the essential things that daddy should have on hand? And do you like to see big stacks of diapers out or just a few?

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  1. Definately lots of diapers are needed the bigger the stacks, the better. Having a variety of different kinds is key to keeping being diapered fun. The kind of diaper I put on is a sign of my mood and I like different colored diapers not just white ones. I have Purple, Blue, Green, and a few with prints like ABU or Bambino which I tend to save for a special treat. When getting changed I love to cuddle my Plushies… Always make sure to have lots of plushies from small to BIG in the Nursery.

  2. Powder, wipes, and big stacks of different types of diapers, for sure. In my case, I also like to see a paci or bottle nearby, as well as some plastic pants and inserts and maybe even something like baby food or an enema bottle – I think not knowing what might happen is important because it shouldn’t be one’s concern (and it’s exciting!)

  3. the most important thing is a jar full of pacis:)
    I currently have a closet to keep all of my stuff organized.
    I’ve got 3 different types of abenas, some attends, and bambinos classicos.
    Also I have 4 onesies a couple sleepers and lots of cloth diaper covers and all in one pull ons. I dont have any real cloth diapers though.

    would have more toys. A boy like me can never have too many toys:)

  4. i like to have different types of diapers. I really like huggies pull-ups and pampers easy ups. I am a former marine but recently became a ab-dl and love it got to get all my supplies though. Your sagestions i would like. If you know of a half way cheap place to get supplies please e-mail me at subject ab-dl thanks

  5. I like having my diaper bin ( Small Sterilite box) with about 5-6 Diapers per day as needed. I have to use two Bambinos, and 3 L2 diapers. Then I have a Supply bin for my rash supplies where I keep in there – J&J Baby lotion (or Baby Magic), then I like to keep Powder handy, Balmex, Vaseline Nursery Jelly, Balmex, and of course Desitin in case I need that for diaper rash. I finally this past summer found the very nice Peerless Plastic Mats like the day cares use normally for nap mats but make an excellent and durable as well as Well Sized Changing mat. Oh and of course Box of wipes on the side. Working with my friend T- bear on eventually getting a changing table for myself that matches my crib. Hopefully can get that ordered and shipped sometime in the next 6 months or so. :p

  6. Oh and I like my Binkie in my mouth during diaper change time to calm me down and many times I am already in a onesie for the day and always in a baby Blue onesie for at night. 🙂

  7. My daddy keeps a good girl jar of pacis and a jar of bad girl pacis (they are pacis filled with viniger) he keeps bottles an multiple types of diapers and wipes and powders.

  8. Had horrible rash again and my usual stuff stopped working. So I decided to try Desitin for the evening (after dinner) diaper and then put some baby powder on top of that. Then I did it for the bed time diaper and it really seemed to help. Tried to find a site we have for diaper rash cures but did not find one – but I thought there was another one we had posted some time ago.

  9. I like having big stacks of diapers around, especially on the shelves underneath the changing table for easy access when I’m getting my diaper changed but also just to have on display so that anyone who comes into my nursery knows that I’m an adult baby and that I WEAR DIAPERS! Even when I had my own apartment and had an area in my bedroom where I kept most of my changing supplies I always kept a stack of diapers on my bathroom counter just to remind people that I am a baby and that I wear diapers.

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