Fantasy Adoption Camp for Adult Babies: Tommy

Welcome to the fantasy adoption camp. Consider these just for fun, of course, in the tradition of Snugglies, which is a popular series of photos in which a diaper was cropped onto pictures of usually very masculine men. These are fantasy listings meant to inspire your own thoughts about what kind of boy you might be looking for if you’re a ‘Daddy’.

So join me as we meet some of the boys available for adoption.

I’d like to introduce you to Tommy. Tommy has been looking for a home for some time now.

Tommy has a bright, friendly personality but can be almost painfully shy. But bring him to an amusement park or watch a Disney cartoon and his eyes will light up and you’ll notice his friendly, infectious laugh.

Tommy gets good grades in school, but his teachers report that he sometimes gets picked on by the other kids. After school, when other boys are playing XBox or planning to go out on a date, you’ll find Tommy in the adoption center play room, one of the places he feels most relaxed.

Tommy loves to play with stuffed animals, building blocks and toy cars. He’s an energetic boy but needs a nap every afternoon.

Tommy describes his ideal daddy as warm, cuddly, patient and caring.

Tommy is a sensitive boy just looking for love and attention.

Let’s all hope that Tommy finds a loving home and he can be the little boy he will always be.

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    1. its a nice idea to think up how babies can get nice daddies, but its a little scary for the baby. like one of the reasons for him hiding in the play room is because being someplace where people came to pick out kids to foster or adopt can also be pretty scary. its scary enough getting put in a place like that because no body wants u, and when u get used to it and they want u to go away with somebody u dont even know, its like freakout to the max. maybe a daddy should go in and try to get the kid to feel ok being with them first before they try to take him away from where he feels safe.

  1. Hmmm. Cody – I think that’s such a good point. It’s really meant in the spirit of fun, but you’re so right – if there was such a thing for real one of the things about being a ‘dad’ to someone is building trust, safety, caring, doing things slowly, and having intimacy and love.

    I hope you don’t take the comments or ideas the wrong way, because the number one rule is to create a sense of safety and trust.

    1. ok, i get it now. i just got set off being reminded of some stuff that happened when i was little.

      getting adopted by somebody that really wants u would be the coolest thing ever as long as they really love u. one of the cool things a daddy could love about having a teen baby would be not having to put up with teen attitude. its hard to cop an attutide with a wet diaper between ur legs. the only attitude u might get is if u dont change him when he needs it.

      1. Ahh nooooo…..a good dad would never let his boy go long without changing him. A good dad checks his diapers often and is there to change him when he needs it.

        I think you’re right on attitude. I think teen babies are actually more mature in some ways as weird as that sounds because they’re more willing to be open and loved.

  2. was verry delighted to find your site an read all the storyes an blogs.
    Have had to some time be daddy an babby in the same weekend.
    TEXAs/ forth worth .texas
    you could tell daddy thomas by that Email…

  3. Boujour Patounet,

    Oui, c’est la vie d’avoir un papa. Mais peut etre solement une reve maintainent! Bonne chance pour chercher ton pere dans le monde. :p

    -TODDler (Colorado – Etats- Unis)

  4. hi im a ab baby boy i like to be treated like a baby girl all the time im nonesexale and i wish thier was a place like this in real lifr wher you could fell safe ans meet a daddy that wants you and wants to be a daddy ans not try to hurt you some one to hold you and love you and play wifs you in a nonesexale way

  5. hi im a ab baby boy i like to be treated like a baby girl all the time im nonesexale and i wish thier was a place like this in real lifr wher you could fell safe ans meet a daddy that wants you and wants to be a daddy ans not try to hurt you some one to hold you and love you and play wifs you in a nonesexale way i wish thier was sone one like that that wanted mes

  6. moi aussi je suis toujours a la recherche d’un papa pour me mettre mes couches et me donner le biberon et m’acheter une totote j’espere le trouver un jour bisous a tous les bébés

  7. You guys are soooo adorably cute. I would love to adopt a hundred little boys like you. Nothing would make me happier than to take care of you, change you, feed you, let you play and keep you safe. I can’t imagine any daddy not wanting to protect his little baby boy. Although I know from personal experience that not all daddys are safe. Please keep yourselves safe and love yourselves. It’s cute little boys like you that make me glad to be gay. 🙂

  8. hello everyone. my name is baby mike. i am wondering if there r any loving and caring daddies out there who r looking for a full time baby boy. all i am looking for is to b treated like a baby 24/7. other than that anything and everything is up to daddy, including if the relationship is sexual in any way. daddy knows what is best for baby.
    feel free to e-mail me at: if u wish to know more.

  9. daddy deans post was so caring that it brought me to tears. this is so true and yes you baby’s be safe and careful.

  10. Hi my name is angelica but I prefer navaihalia as my baby name I would like a mommy or daddy or both I am a girl but I’m a tom boy I am a abdl toddler but I reggress to a younger age even as young as an infant when I am tired or want snuggles or I’m not feeling well I drink from bottles and sippy cups I drink juice and water and soy milk I’m allergic to real milk I like diapers and wearing them I prefer a crib and a booster I’m am to little for big girl seat or bed and love exploring options I am celabt so I don’t I don’t date either or and won’t I want a home I’m wanted in a family I was adopted and abandoned I grew up fast and have social challanges I want to feel loved not used I want to know that I’m special not for what I do but because I am yours mommy or daddy out there please love me email me at love you good night world and good morning world I love you

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