Thumb Sucking and the Teen or Adult Baby

As a ‘dad’, I’ve often wondered why an adult or teen baby or diaper lover will often, quite instinctively, suck their thumb. In the absence of a pacifier, a boy will just naturally bring their thumb to their lips when their diaper is being changed, or when dad is snuggling them on the couch. I wonder what the feeling is that makes a boy start to suck their thumb as if it’s just a reflex reaction.

There’s regression of course – feeling more babyish, he’ll start kicking his legs floppily as you change him, or will make little cooing or giggle sounds. Sucking on his thumb becomes part of that warm floating feeling he gets as daddy changes his diaper.

But even a boy who is a diaper lover and doesn’t like babying so much will often suddenly stick his thumb in his mouth and suck on it happily. When ‘dad’ points this out, he often won’t even realize he did it – there can be a sudden moment of surprise when he realizes what he’s done.

I wonder whether for many diaper lovers and little ones whether they aren’t just doing what comes naturally. Maybe they sucked their thumb when they were younger, and maybe even got punished for it or were told to ‘grow out of it’.

Being diapered and accepted by dad also gives them permission to do what’s so natural – to have that soothing feeling of a thumb in their mouth, a gentle suckle making them feel relaxed and at ease. Like a pacifier, sucking their thumb provides a focal point, a little extra feeling to go with that of the crinkly diaper nice and snug and secure around them.

And sucking their thumb is something they will often do in public, without being self-conscious (or being less self-conscious, say, than the crinkle of their diapers or the white plastic showing above their jeans).

For some boys, sucking their thumb is far more natural than a pacifier. While a paci is dad’s way of soothing the little one (who will often enjoy it incredibly, especially since the babyish ring makes them look so toddler/baby-like) a thumb is their own personal soother – part of who they are, just as loving to be in their diapers or babied is part of who they are.

So when your little one sticks his thumb in your mouth as you put him in a

clean diaper, just remember he’s showing that he’s happy being pampered and babied and is floating in that nice feeling of being the little one that he is.

14 Replies to “Thumb Sucking and the Teen or Adult Baby”

  1. It’s very true about we do what feels natural. Even when I am not in baby-mode I often catch myself putting my thumb in my mouth. It is sort of a second nature thing I guess although can be embarrassing at times when done in public without realizing it

  2. “thumb sucking bedwetter” was like part of my name when i was little. i dont know why i did either one but it just seems like u said, part of who i am. when im tired or bored is usually when i mostly do it. when they tried to get me to stop by giving me a binky instead, i did learn to like that too, but ur right about my thumb being my first choice. when i got older i learned to hide it most of the time, but u do get caught sometimes. mostly its when u wake up doing it when anybody else is there and they see what ur doing, but thats just like wetting the bed. u cant help it; its just something that happens when ur asleep.

    sucking my thumb when im getting diapered does seem like something i just have to do. its so perfect because its like they r telling u its ok to be a baby while they r putting diapers on u, so it seems like its ok to have “babyfum” then too.

  3. there’s a great scene in the movie “Grandma’s Boy” where actor Chuck Church is seen in his sleeper in his very juvenile room, still living with his parents.

    following this clip there is a great scene showing him sound asleep and sucking his thumb. its always sweet seeing another “grown up” guy sucking his thumb.

  4. I don’t think it’s good that I suck my thumb, unlike the way this website seems to glorify it. Thumb sucking has pushed my front teeth out to the point that I can’t close my mouth without my teeth sticking out over my lower lip. It’s very embarrassing to be caught in public, a thing that happens to me because sometimes it’s unconscious. I can’t stop no matter what method I’ve tried so it’s like a curse or being a prisoner. It’s not socially acceptable so I have to occasionally put up with some shit from strangers.
    Just remember that there’s other sides to this, even if it is a pleasurable or comforting habit.

  5. Seemed second nature to pop my thumb in my mouth when getting diapered for bed…or when sitting already diapered watching tv before bed time. Was lucky that my parents understood my bedwetting and accepted my needs.

  6. I allow my brother to suck on his paccie and he’s fine with it. his teeth are fine and straight. at times he sucks his thumb but most times i encourage him to use a paccie.
    I use a paccie till i was 24 when my friend dropped my paccie and i cried over a week for it LOL
    Though, thumbsucking it hard to discourage, especially with kids who have problems most times with family while growing up =/

  7. i am a A/B .my Daddy insists i suck my thumb even when we are out in the car i try to hide it cos i do not want people to see me an laugh at me ,but Daddy says its part of me i should forget others .I prefer my dummy ,in bed i like my thumb ,the dummy makes me fel so little ,my thumb makes me feel bigger i dont think i like that bit . but when no dummy availabe my thumb is the next best thing

  8. i love pacis and thumbs. but sometimes that thumb is the best medicine for an upset tummy or a cold. i always suck my thumb when im sick. it helps me calm down or stay calm and relax. i suggest it to any of those little sick babies(:


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