Perfect Diapers for the Adult Baby? (New Photo)

While everyone else was paying attention to Steve Jobs and the new tablet computer, there was another kind of launch going on – photos have started coming out of a new diaper brand from Adult Baby Universe.

Called the Cushie, photos of the new brand were sent to select customers in an e-mail alert and while ABU has a less than stellar reputation for service, these new diapers may mark one of the most significant advancements in diapers for the adult baby since the Bambino.

(Um, no, I don’t get paid to say that! HAHA)

The pleated legs, purple sides and babyish prints make this diaper seem, at least from the slightly blurry photos, like the Pampers that many AB/DLs dream of wearing.

I know that for this dad a case (or crate!) or two will be a ‘must have’. How would you feel if daddy put you in a pair of these new diapers?

12 Replies to “Perfect Diapers for the Adult Baby? (New Photo)”

  1. i got the email about them but the pics did not show up for me. thanks for sharing here. ABU diapers are pretty cool and when I had an issue with them about an over charge they fixed it right away. They are 2 people servicing 1000’s it is understandable that they have some issues now and again. I can’t wait to try these.

  2. they look very nice when I can fly to you I will have to try one or two out but we have needed them for a long time and I do not like the plane white ones out there we all can do with one to show are baby side

  3. i have them and love them loads they are so nice on and last a long time and sound so nice when your in bed the way it must be

  4. why cant the new diapers with print come in a smaller size? I need a waist size of. 24″=60.96cm-32″=81.28cm. the medieumes sizes are way to big to use. so if they can make a smaller size that would help alot. thank you. echo.

  5. I agree on the plain white ones I have had to wear diapers since a car wreck in 2000 and i wear all kinds through the week.quiet ones at work and try to be thick ones at night but I am looking to see what is the thickest diaper

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