What’s That Sound? Crinkles and the Diapered Adult Baby

I call it a disturbing trend: diapers with “cloth-like covers”. But maybe the diaper lovers and adult babies out there like it – it’s more like today’s baby diapers or reminds you of Goodnites or something.

But for me, the plastic cover of a diaper seems so essential: hearing the rustle of his diapers as my son or little one walks (or waddles) across the room gives me a real feeling of security and comfort. My diaper boy or toddler is well diapered, the sound tells me.

You see, wearing diapers isn’t just about the feeling of the thick padding between his legs or the protection it gives from having an accident. There are other senses involved as well.

There’s the smell of baby powder and oil, the slight medicinal smell of rash cream, and of course the smell of wet or dirty diapers – they all become as much a part of living as, say, bacon on a Sunday morning or the smell of daddy’s soap or after shave.

If I had a baby boy or diaper lover in the house, I’d hope that those smells gave a sense of assurance: finally, he has a place where he can be the little one he always dreamed of, that it’s safe, and the smells, the sights remind him that he’s found his home.

So you have the sights, the smells – and then you have the sounds.

There can be absolutely nothing in the world more soothing than a mobile above a crib, for example. The sound of a rattle is like a little bit of music.

But most of all, the crinkle sounds associated with being in diapers don’t just come from the diapers themselves but from the plastic on the package of diapers itself, the rustle sound of the change mat, the sound a plastic sheet makes on a bed or crib mattress.

But what do you think? Are all of those sounds important? And do ‘cloth-type’ diapers do it for you? Let me know.

10 Replies to “What’s That Sound? Crinkles and the Diapered Adult Baby”

  1. Diapers with cloth-like covers are not as comfortable to wear. For me the material is rough and sandpaper like. I like the feeling of the plastic diapers, their smoothness and slipperyness and of course the noise they make if any is one of a kind. I also think that plastic type diapers keep you more protected than the cloth-like kind. My favorite diapers right now are wellness brand that I ordered from the Internet.

  2. the important thing for me about diapers is to make me feel like im still a baby when i wear then. so i guess its because they had plastic covers when i was a little kid, i still want that kind. i like it when they are crinkly sounding because thats just what i think they r supposed to do. i love the feeling of the plastic when i touch them with my hands, and when they stick up out of my pants i want everybody that sees them to know its diapers. plastic pants over diapers help any kind of diaper be “baby diapers”. when i was little and other kids would see me wearing diapers or getting changed, i loved it when they asked, “why is he wearing ‘baby diapers’, because thats what i wanted to be, a baby. diapers need to me as much like baby diapers as possible for me to love them. when i have to get the cloth covered “adult briefs”, its a turn off to me. they keep me dry at night, but dont trun me on. if all the tb/dls could get together and show pampers how many of us would buy size 14 pampers for big babies, maybe they would make us some. i would volunteer to go tell them how we want them and test them out.

  3. Awww Cody – well, as you saw, the new Cushies sure LOOK like size 14 Pampers.

    I like what you said about calling them baby diapers. It’s really beautiful that you’re in touch with that babyish side of you.

  4. What happened to diapers with smooth plastic-like outer shell? I remember when I started wearing diapers again, Attends Briefs (diapers) had a plastic outer cover that looked like a proper baby diaper, but in adult sizes.

  5. If you want cloth like diapers, wear cloth diapers. I’d go for that any day. Bring back the plastic for adult diapers, please!

  6. @ Cody: I agree completely, especially with terminology. Awhile back I was quite happy when I ordered a bag of a new diaper brand and the company sent me a case instead – imagine my delight when not only were they loud, crinkly plastic-backed diapers, but the box clearly said: 4 x 20 ADULT DIAPERS (L) MAX ABSOR or similar. 😀

  7. I totally agree. Diapers need to have the plastic outer shell. I started wearing diapers at night and on most of my days off, but the plastic diapers are getting relly hard to find in stores. There is nothing like the sound of a diaper when “toddling” around with my son.

  8. It took me a while to get used to the crinkle again but now I don’t notice it as much but I really notice it at night when I am in my Crib going to sleep. It is a nice reminder that I am in a diaper and I will not wake up to a wet bed but just a wet diaper. 🙂

  9. I learnt a while ago that I need different types of diaps for different situations.

    For things like bedtime or long periods between changes, I need to be in a thick diaper for extra protection. For going out running or if I know I’m going to change again soon (like I’m gonna have a bath) and wont wet much in that time, a thin diaper is better.

    The same applies to plastic or fabric covered diaps. My sister is here today, so at the moment I’m in a ninja-stealth-fabric diaper that does not crinkle for discretion. But later, I’ll prolly be in a plastic one again.

  10. I started wearing Pampers in the mid to late 70’s before there was such a thing as’ cloth’ backed diapers so I wore crinkly diapers all throughout my childhood and they crinkled every time you moved (albeit a little less when they were soaked) but they still crinkled.

    Now I’ll admit that I’ve never liked cloth backed diapers, they don’t look right, they don’t feel right, they don’t stay fastened up properly and I’ve never worn one that didn’t leak or seep wetness from the cloth-like cover, but the thing that upsets me the most about them is the fact that they don’t crinkle. I’m an adult baby and in order to feel like a baby I need my diapers to look, feel, smell and sound like baby diapers.

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