Adult Baby or Diaper Lover? What Do You Want to Know from Dad?

While traveling this week, I’ve been thinking a little about the experiences I’ve had with diaper lovers and adult babies. Now, there haven’t been that many but the experiences had a deep and lasting impact.

One of the reasons I started this blog was that it’s hard to find other information online that might help me to explain or understand these experiences from a dad or caretaker’s perspective. Dads to little ones don’t seem to write a lot about it, and there are no ‘dad’ sites like there are ‘diaper boy’ or AB sites.

Maybe one day I’ll be lucky enough to be a caretaker or daddy to a diaper lover or baby. But if not, that’s fine – because at least I can share what I learned from the times I was a happy dad to a ‘son’.

But it got me thinking: maybe it’s just as important for the diaper lovers or babies out there to have their questions answered.

So, if you’re a diaper wearer, bed wetter, adult baby or diaper lover – what questions do YOU have for a dad?

What kinds of experiences do you want to hear about? Is there any advice you want from a ‘dad’? Are there specific things you’d like me to talk about? Maybe you want to know about types of diapers or clothes, how to handle certain situations, or what it’s like in certain places or circumstances.

Please let me know! Hugs.

8 Replies to “Adult Baby or Diaper Lover? What Do You Want to Know from Dad?”

  1. i wonder how i can let somebody know i want to be diapered or babied. when i had a bf who knew me for most of my life i could just act like a baby and he knew i would like it if he helped me do it. but now i dont have anybody that knows me like that so i cant just pee in my pants to tell them i want to wear diapers, and i cant just start sucking my thumb to let them know i want to be babied. if i just say like, “sit down and let me tell u how to treat me”, it seems it will kill the game for me.

  2. Can you be too big to be a baby? i know it sounds like a stupid question but im 6′ 4”. thats a big little kid, thats been bothering me for along long time.

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