At the Beach in Adult Diapers

It’s winter where I am, and at this time of the year I start thinking about heading somewhere warm. I’m single and I don’t mind travelling alone, but I do miss the times when I could take Jay.

For Jay, a vacation gave an added sense of freedom – I could put him in diapers for the week or two that we were away and the vacation became a double reason to relax and celebrate.

He also LOVED the sun. I know – not the best idea for keeping your skin baby soft, but no matter how much I tried to warn him he always gravitated to sitting by the pool. I’d usually sit nearby in the shade reading a book and it was enough to give me a pretty good tan on its own.

Seeing him lying by the pool with the tell-tale bulge of his diaper visible beneath his swim suit and with the white plastic peeking up over the top of the waist instantly relaxed me. I’m not sure why a ‘dad’ would feel so good and so calm seeing his little one lounging in his diapers but it sure felt like that to me.

Diapered Vacations
Not every vacation with an adult baby or diaper lover needs to include diapers. It depends on your relationship, his interests, whether he has phases when he is ‘little’, wears diapers full time, or prefers to explore things on a weekend now and then.

For adult babies, vacation time is all about fun. A trip to Disney, a splash pool or water park, roller coasters or just a quiet little cottage by the ocean where he can make sand castles and be put down for long naps. These trips might include all the toddler clothes and your little one will rarely be without his pacifier in his mouth. A well planned trip might include making sure you have a large stroller for when your little one gets tired from walking, and you’ll need plenty of toys and books for those evening moments before bed time.

For others, a more ‘adult’ vacation might make more sense – hiking, a hotel in a city, or a road trip with lots of motels and junk food. Your boy might wear his junkiest clothes – the ripped up jeans, old t-shirts, or there might be formal nights on the town and fancy dinners.

Regardless, when we’re on vacation we get a release – all the stresses behind us, no one we know, we’re strangers in a new land. This relaxed feeling and a sense of being uninhibited from the often grinding reality of daily life is often just the ticket for full-time diapers: your little one wants to be free, to relax, to be himself, and to have no cares. Making sure he’s in his diapers while you’re away can be the ultimate get-away.

Diapers at the Beach
Mornings on vacation I’d change Jay into a nice clean diaper and get him dressed. Sometimes he’d wear boarder shorts or sometimes he’d wear tighter Adidas-type shorts that ended just below the diaper. Either way, it was pretty clear he had a diaper on, although he might have a looser/long shirt over top to be more discrete. But he’d quickly take that off once he felt comfortable being around other people.

Lying down and getting a tan on his back, the thick padding on his rear was noticeable enough, but there was also usually a very visible band of diaper sticking up over his shorts, made even more so because of the sun and the bright white color of the diaper.

It amazed me that someone who would often be self-conscious at home and worry about people finding out he was a diaper boy would lose that concern when we were away.

And that was a very special thing for me – it made me proud that he could find a place where he didn’t care and could be himself.

Every now and then I’d go and give him a little diaper check. He’d always get a little shiver of happiness when I did. Eventually his wet diaper would tell me it was time for a change, and getting him into a clean one would become a little vacation within the vacation.

Vacations are our ideal lives in many ways. No stress, carefree, and usually somewhere that we can pretend is our ideal home away from home. For ‘dad’ and ‘son’ it becomes a chance to get away from it all and create some bonding time, and diapering for the duration just adds to the experience.

Have you ever had a diapered vacation? What would be your dream get-away? If every fantasy could come true what would it include?

12 Replies to “At the Beach in Adult Diapers”

  1. Hi I really enjoyed this story…it gave me some great ideas for vacation time( I take OFF 4 weeks each year…2 for xmas and 2 for summer vacation). Thanx and keep thoses stories comming. Hugz and Snuggles…Baby Darel.

  2. I often go to the beach here in Thailand dressed in nappies and babyish clothes.
    My mummy loves feeding me and watching me swim and making sand castles.
    I love your story and hope you enjoy lots of time at the beach.

  3. the only vacations i had where i got to wear diapers were just like weekend trips up to go snow skiing with one of my best friends and his uncle who took us. his uncle was totally cool if i wanted to wear diapers for the road trip up because he knew i needed them for nights anyway. once i even talked my friend into wearing diapers to go skiing so we wont have to stop and waste so much time going into the lodge to pee and miss out on our skiing. we just changed when we went to the condo for lunch. i wished we got to do it again.

  4. I am 24/7 little boy, so when i am on vacation I am always in diaps. I love going to the beach as well. Everybody can tell you are in a diaper and nobody seems to care. Its awesome. My hubby is supportive but not into the scene, its only when we are on vacation that he does the diaper changes and keeps me like a toddler, so its a great time for both of us

  5. I am not 24/7 in any way. I do wear as much as possible and I think anytime being diapered when you don’t wear all the time is like a little vacation all in itself. Diapered at Disneyland and other Theme parks are a must, I will be going to Disneyland in a couple of weeks and am looking forward to being diapered and wearing my onesies and overalls. It’s definitely fun to be diapered at the beach too and i think exposing diapers at the beach is a little more comfortable than doing it near a pool. I have done the same thing wearing little shorts with the diapers peaking out and a big t-shirt.

  6. It is amazing how a trip away from home can bring about such relaxation. You and your boy are very lucky to have one another to enjoy this with. It’s just another way to make memories together I think. Great blog.

  7. I am not 24/7 in any way. I do wear as much as possible and I think anytime being diapered when you don’t wear all the time is like a little vacation all in itself.i wear my diapers when off work in the evening, and all weekend long, and in publick all weekend long. i’ve been in diapers all my life for my bed wetting nad day wetting as well. my vacations would be to go back to the beach in ca. were i had the most fun.

  8. i have been walking down the streets in foodmaxx & 7-11 and texaco gas stations with a diaper on an i had peed in it

  9. My parents don’t even know about me an adult baby, daddy died last year from Lung Cancer. I don’t even wanna tell mom about it, but I did find someone who will love for me and he and I do get to change each other.

  10. I can relate to your comment on diapered at Disneyland and at theme parks. Both times I have been to Disneyland I was in diapers, first time when I was 8 and the second time when I was 32. When I was 32 I also got to go to 6 flags in diapers and after my second diaper change it was noticed that my shorts were wet so I spent the rest of the day there in just my tee shirt and my diapers.

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