No Middle Ground for Diapers?

It seems to me there’s no middle ground when it comes to diapers, especially for teen or adult babies. Pampers introduction not so long ago of size 8 recognized that not every kid grows out of diapers at the same age but….well, then what?

Even Underjams, Goodnights and other training pants assume that you’re training, that the diapers need to be discrete, and that once you hit maybe age 11 or so you’re well past the age for diapers.

I don’t think that diaper companies need to cater specifically to those who PREFER diapers rather than it being a need. But it does seem like it sends a message that there is no diaper for that middle ground – the period in between size 8 Pampers and ‘adult’ diapers. You’re either in Goodnights or underwear, I guess….but what about the 16 year old who needs more than a Pull-Up?

The introduction of Underjams is a step in the right direction. At least it acknowledges through its images and advertising that sometimes older kids still need diapers. The video emphasizes their discretion:

And while I don’t imagine we’ll come to a day where we see a package like above, do you think there should be a better selection of diapers for that middle ground before adulthood? Do teens who need to wear diapers feel like there’s something missing in the market?

7 Replies to “No Middle Ground for Diapers?”

  1. ur totally right. i can still fit in goodnites and drynights, but they leak if u pee in them more than once during the night. sometimes i like to wear them in the day too but its just for fun, so i wait till im in like a “safe” place if i wet in it more than once.

    theres always been diapers for kids in all sizes after u get too big for pampers, but theyre not as good as pampers. u have to put in a booster at night or u will still wet the bed while ur asleep.

    now im older i can even fit in some brands of medium diapers but we have to special order small/youth sizes because its hard to find in most stores. only walgreens has some most of the time. u still have to put in boosters to be sure they dont leak if u need to be sure

    if u read about bedwetters it seems like there r enough of us that need like teendiapers or something that somebody could make some for us.

  2. under jams are not that big and they definitely do not fit me. I think you need to have a 30 size or smaller waist in order to fit these.

  3. well, at age 16 most adult diapers will fit a person just fine, so why create a middle ground when there really is no need for one.

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