Your Ideal Adult Baby Experience with Dad

I’m always fascinated with the range of experiences that adult babies enjoy. It’s such a wonderful sign of how being an AB/DL can encompass all kinds of actions and emotions.

Some ‘sons’ find most of their happiness primarily in being diapered, others want the ‘full experience’ from pacis and cribs to bottle feedings and high chairs.

I’ve also noticed that this range can be present in one person. I’ve diapered someone one weekend when he just wanted to wear them under jeans, and then the next weekend he had me pulling out the onesies and stuffed animals.

But I’ve also started to wonder whether I’m a certain “type” of dad. I prefer babying someone whose ‘little’ age is too young for punishment, or maybe someone whose inner age is an older boy who may have a wetting problem but who’s very shy and sensitive and needs extra care, attention, and patience.

But are all dads alike? If you’re an adult baby, what kind of dad would you want? What kind of personality does he have? What are your ‘minimum requirements’ for what he’d need to be willing to do? How would you hope he’d make you feel?

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  1. i would like to find a mummy or daddy who will treat me like a real baby 24/7.
    fear with punishments or treats.
    kind but furm.
    i am in the united kingdom ( essex )

  2. Thanks baby-d. That sounds like it would be lovely. And babies/toddlers do need a firm hand now and then, they can’t always make the best decisions for themselves and need a little guidance that way.

    The main thing then is to make it just like being a baby which would really let you be the little one you are inside.

  3. My perfect Daddy would accept me for me, period. Whether I am the 16 yr old bedwetter who is forced back in diapers for punishment and humiliation or I am the baby boy…it is all aspects of who and what I am. Basically, I have incontinence issues that make diapers a 24/7 need so roleplay and fantasy fulfillment are important. Being a baby 24/7 would bore me but a long weekend of it is fine. Daddy is patient, firm, loving and caring. He understands my needs change with regards to diapers and play. Best of all he looks like Daddy (though he can wear diapers too) and shows his love of his son constantly. He is happy to have a son in diapers and care for him thru good and bad times.

  4. Jeffy: What a wonderful picture. I think you’re right and I hope I captured that – the range of experiences is so wonderful that you can have experiences that include babying and then next week may only include diapers for the bed wetting son.

    Now, I don’t know what a daddy looks like, that was such an interesting comment, I’d never thought of it before. I wonder whether some people would think I’m not ‘daddyish’ looking, I’m not sure. I’d never thought of it before.

    I do think there’s a lot to do with attitude and chemistry and that can be a very individual thing.

    And what daddy WOULDN’T be happy to have their son in diapers and to care for them? 🙂

  5. I’d like a daddy that is very loving, caring, and supportive. I don’t know about punishment and I would not want to be punished by a daddy for wearing and using my diapers. I would think maybe not being aloud to wear diapers would be more of a punishment then being made to wear them. I would like a daddy that wants to keep his boy in diapers most of the time but also enjoys seeing his boy experiment in wearing big boy pants. Changing diapers is a must for a daddy and doing it in a safe and caring manner makes the diaper changing extra special. Also a daddy that likes to go out for a special day or evening would also be important in the bonding of boy and daddy. Daddy dresses the boy for a day at the beach or park, etc. More adult (sexual) situations may come in to play when boy and daddy are consenting and in a committed relationship.

    1. What a beautiful picture you drew Donnie! It’s really tender and soft and wonderful. It’s neat you like the idea of trying big boy pants – do you mean training pants though? Or thicker boy underwear?

      I completely agree about changing time. It’s the most tender time of all.

      Where else would daddy take you if he took you out? Would you like it if daddy dressed you in younger looking clothes?

      Thanks so much for sharing.

  6. To be honest, your version of being a daddy sounds perfect to me. I just want to be loved on and to know that, no matter what I do, my caretaker will still love me unconditionally.

    I started out at an AB age of 4-5 years old, but, as I’ve gotten older chronologically, my baby age gets younger as well. That’s mostly because mommies and daddies want to punish you if you’re above a certain age in play. Many people like the idea of being punished (especially spanking) while in a ‘little’ mindset, and that is still a mystery to me.

    I’m very afraid of most any punishment. A cross look or a raised voice is enough to reduce me to tears a lot of the time, sometimes even when I’m trying to be an adult.

    I’m near the 18mo level now when I regress, solely to get across to people that I won’t cause trouble. I just want cuddles, soft words, toys, and love.

  7. My ideal experience would be to be treated like a 1 year old and to be a baby 24/7 and to be hugged and cuddled and cooed over and to be in diapers 24/7 cause i am too young for potty training

  8. mein papa solte mich wie ein kleinkind behandeln mich wickeln anziehen füttern mit mir spielen und mir auch was zeigen mir was bei bringen mit mir schmußen kuscheln mich umsorgen
    aber meistens sind das träume die sich nie erfühlen

  9. Baby John,
    I live in Denver – But You are straight East of me about 600 miles. I like to think of myself as an 11 mos. old who can barely walk and who has a long long time to be in diapers. :p

  10. toddler,i dont have a daddy,buh i do have two older bwovers,and they are bof my daddys to me,the helped me to cwal,they feed me,bathe me,change me,pway wif me,and most importantly love me,im greatful i met them,i yuv my big bwovers^^

  11. I also live in Denver. I would like a flexible daddy that can adapt to my needs as they change. Sometimes I feel like being a little baby that drinks out of a bottle and can’t even talk or feed himself, and other times I like to be a bigger boy that can play games and talk. I haven’t put much thought into what kind of daddy I’d like, but figure I’ll know when I meet him.

  12. I’m more of a toddler, but I have no daddy right now. Had I one, he’d be loving, yet stern, and caring.

  13. hee I wants a daddy who’ll play wif me…someone who can match my imagination…:)
    we could make up new games and play them awound the house, an’ eat suppew togethew…wif me in da high chaiw, of couwse! Then he could gimme a bubble bath and put me to sleep in my cwib…ow my racecaw bed! Vroom! 😛
    I hope my daddy would just make me feel all warm and fuzzy…and cared fow, wif a baby monitow sos he can be thewe when I have a bad dweam 🙁
    Basicawy, I jus want a real daddy….<3

  14. I wanna Daddy who may already know what it is yite to care for someone. A Daddy who not just enjoys my company but loves me for me not just how I act and what I wear. I want him to push me out of my comfort zone sometimes but he does so because he knows I am ready to leave it. He will react almost instantly when he is called apon to perform his duty of snuggles :P, He is loving and caring and makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside and out. Will be willing to wait for me if necessary and can match ever silly question I have with an equally silly answer. His idea of fun is building a blanket fort out of the good sheets and whose favorite food is cookies. If you think this is you lol call 1800 lol I’m kidding but really I am in the chatroom alot hehe talk to me I pwomise I wownt bite…hawd… hehe

  15. What’s my ideal experience?

    Waking up in the morning in my bed, the sun shining through the windows and daddy’s finger sliding out of my diaper that he was checking, I’d be soaked probably, then would come a change, and then breakfast, stinky (something I would make quite of a deal of) then another change, then I go on doing what I love, playing on my computer or even cuddling with my plushies, building with blocks, and if we had a big backyard, running around in it happily in just a diaper and t-shirt, and getting changed in the grass when I do my ‘doody’ hehehe 😛

    Alas, that probably won’t happen, but a lil guy can dream, can’t he?

  16. I am 20 and an ab/dl girl.I have a very nice and loving daddy who treats me like a little girl and i love it.he keeps me in cloth diapers and plastic panties most of the time and i love to cuddle with him and have him hold me.he buys me cute little girl style dresses and other little girl type stuff.

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