Footies for the Adult Baby

For the adult baby or toddler, nothing can make bedtime more special than a footed sleeper. Getting your little one ready for bed in his thicker night diaper and then zipping him up in a fleece sleeper can both instantly settle him down and make him feel all cuddly and warm.

I’m a big fan of story and cuddle time once my little one is snug in his footies. There’s something really special about reading him a bed time story and then snuggling a bit on the couch while he sucks on his paci and lets his dad stroke his hair gently.

Recently, Timmy excitedly showed me some sleepers I hadn’t seen before that seem perfect for adult babies and toddlers, the ‘cuddle all-in-ones‘. These come in soft-looking materials but have a special feature in their optional mitts (attached or not) and hats.

I’m thinking of getting Timmy a set, probably with the mitts attached in a bear or tiger pattern.

I’m thinking I should keep the mitts attached to add some special fun to breakfast and bottle time – watching the little one trying to eat while in his bear sleeper with mitts would put a big smile on his daddy’s face.

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  1. i love foot sleepers i want a good that i can wear because i have 3 sets of footed pjs 1 has plastic feet on it but it is too small for me so i roll the top up an wear the bottoms and tie the arms around me 2 is a 2 piece with seporate top an the bottoms have cloth feet witch are ripping and the another is a 1 piece witch have cloth feet an it is to small

  2. i wish i could find footies like in the picture with superman or spiderman. but i love my ducky sleeper from and my baby blue one too.

  3. I got one of the cuddle all in ones. Bear ones wif attached mitts. They are so warm and make me feel like a little boy when I’m sitting in my night diapers. *blush* dey is super cool!

  4. Since I have no daddy or mommy I had to take the extra step in buying my first pair of footed pj’s for my undercover baby life. They are awesome they have electric guitars and music notes on them. I found them at
    you should check this site out plus they have cool prints like yellow pj’s with red fire trucks.

  5. I would love a footed sleeper but also want the back to open up for easy Diaper changes like my onesies always do. Hopefully can get one maybe by next year. πŸ™‚

  6. I have those. but i have a Winnie the pooh and ones with puppies. mine have doggie mittens and i have a full duckie one with duckie feet and duckie hands and a quack quack head. when i walk to feet go quack πŸ™‚

  7. I got a sleeper from the-all-in-one-company just before the beginning of this year. It’s navy blue and really soft and cuddley.

    It seems a bit big on me, I sometimes think it would be better if it fit more snugly, but then it does give me lots of room to move and play.

    My sleeper doesn’t have any mitts or anything because I don’t have a daddy or anyone to look after me, and I need to be able to put it on and take it off myself.

  8. is where i bought my first footed pjs which were orange tiger stripes! πŸ˜› I had the opposite problem from louis in that i bought a pair that fit too snug ( I was right at 6ft 0in and bought a medium). I can still wear them but I find myself having to stitch up a small seam or two every week or two. But I absolutely love the feeling of being diapered while zipped up all cozy and warm inside my footed pjs on a cool or cold day. Even better is when you have a soft cuddly teddy bear to hug on your cozy and warm adventures! πŸ™‚

  9. i has a few of dems too an i get mine from targets. wallmarts, n online from dere websites. the boys xl footed blankey sleepers are super cute and comfy and fit a boy like me great an their only 12 bucks. i recomends that every boy get um.

  10. Footy pjs are the best ever for the cold weather. They are so cuddly and perfect for beddy bye or play time. Target sells them in the boys department. They are made just like baby or toddler footy pjs with soft fleecy material and a long zipper from the neck all the way down to the ankle for real easy diaper changes. Target must know that “big boys” like these so they make them in our size with room for our diapers. The XL (16/18) is very comfy and easily fits over my two night diapers, booster pad and plastic pants. Last year I got a blue one with rocket ships and planets. This year I hope there are more under the tree!

  11. I’ve Got About 10 Footed Sleepers In The UK From
    They Are:
    Pink Pussy Cat,Pink Girl Cow,Skelleton,Father Christmas,
    Adult Baby Boy,& 5 Others(I Can’t Think Which Ones)
    For My Baby Boys
    Baby Dean Age 4(40)
    Baby Patrick Age 3(30)
    Baby Andy Age 2″6 Months”(21)
    Daddy Tony(UK) 07749113090 BBM 224B60C3

  12. I got tired of my boy taking his sleeper off at night so took a small safety pin and pinned the zipper tab to the snap tab at the collar and snapped it closed. He didn’t know just what I did and he peed himself in because he couldn’t figure out how to get his zipper undone. He was real mad because he his a big boy and he does know how to go to the bathroom. But no matter, I have to put him in Depends now every night, because he needs to pinned into his sleeper. He is not supposed to unzip himself. I will know if he does. He pees himself most nights it seems.

  13. There is a great online store called Quality Diapers that JRRs son should look at. They sell really nice “big boy” designed diapers with BMX guys and race cars. They also sell big puffy soft plastic pants in clear and white to go over the diapers. These are all made for big boys and teen boys who wet day or nite. They dont have to feel mad or sad if they know they are wearing really cool absorbant underwear like these. If he pees most nites he should definitely wear diapers and plastic pants and he’ll like these cause theyre really cool and not made for little kids but for big boys!

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