Daily Living, the Adult Baby and Plastic Pants

For many adult babies, the ‘diaper lover’ part of them is more important than acting younger. Baby or toddler time is relatively rare but still happens on occasion. But there IS a reason they call it AB/DL – to differentiate between those who simply like being diapered, and those who like the feeling of being their true ‘little’ selves.

But I can’t help thinking that there’s also a broad spectrum in between. ‘Boys’ who like wearing diapers 24/7 but whose toddler side comes out on special occasions. Or toddlers who like spending a vacation being adult. There’s also a range of ages that people like to play – from baby in onesies and a crib to the young teen with a wetting problem.

Which is where plastic pants come in. Because although they play a practical purpose for many diaper wearers (and especially those who wear cloth), they can also be a critical part of helping your son return to the age when he was kicking around the playground with friends, catching frogs, or riding his bike. For these kids, plastic pants can be an acknowledgement that your ‘son’ is at a period in his life when he hasn’t quite controlled himself but he’s sure trying.

Your son may wear protection at night but not usually need it in the day – but the few times he wet his pants demand SOME kind of protection. Plastic pants might just fit the bill and with trainer underwear underneath you won’t be using up packs of diapers on the off-chance that your boy wets his jeans, and yet he’ll feel the reminder that he’s not quite potty trained what with their soft crinkle and a hint of the elastic gather above his waist.

If repeated accidents or wet pants become more common, however, then a return to diapers will be in order.

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  1. Why more people don’t wear some kind of protection. No one can hold their pee indefinitely, some of us, not at all. I wear disposable diapers and plastic pants during the day, while at night, I wear cloth diapers and plastic pants at night.

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  4. when i was a little kid my favorite “mom” used to buy me plastic pants at the store and they came attached to a cardboard “hanger” that said, “Baby Pants”, Large, X-Large, Toddler, or Super size. i guess thats why she always called all plastic pants, “Baby Pants”. whatever her reason, i always loved it when she said it because thats what i wanted them to be too.

  5. Sounds like me, fantasy life is 16 yr old who still wets and messes at times and is forced back into diapers for it. I do wear plastic pants all the time with my diapers under just in case I leak. I do like being the older kid in diapers who is treated like a baby on weekends for acting like one all week with my accidents.

  6. It’s great that there are some fine products, like extra thick briefs and plastic pants, for growing boys who are bound to have accidents.

  7. I learned to love plastic baby pants when I started puberty. I quickly discovered rubbing on the sheet was real rough. I discovered little girls nylon panties was a lot better but messy. I then found plasic pants with baby oil was the best feeling and was easier to clean up. Plastic baby pants disappered but plastic back disposibal diapers came on the seen and replaced the plastic baby pants. Now that they have gone and the cloth backed disposibal is the norm I am not happy. I have always loved seeing little girl in nylon panties and older kids in plastic pants but can’t find them today. Love to hear from anyone who has the same interest and maybe sites.

  8. I have loved wearing pastic pants at the age of 12 I am now 55 and still love wearing them. I wear them without a diaper because I love the feel of them against my skin.You can still get them over the internet. But most of the adult pant are way to baggy. Likely I have found that the toddler size baby pant fit nice. They are a little tight but will loose up after you wear them a while. I use Aloe vera gel in them becaues it has no oil in it and dosen’t heart the vinyl.I have never found anything that feels so good.

  9. Cody sounds like his mom shopped at the same places mine did… Kressge and Woolworths had the super sized plastic pants that were kept on the cardboard hangers…or came in a package of 3 and had different colors. Wore those plastic pants over my night diapers for ages.

  10. I have always loved the site feel + sound of plastic(rubber) pants.I wear them over a cloth diaper at night but will also wear them over my big boy undies during the day,just to let me know I`m still a big bedwetter still

  11. Grew up on a bedwetting family where my brother, sister and I all wore diapers and rubber pants to bed. Mom usually bought our plastic pants, she called them rubber pants, at the nearby Woolworths. They were the Pata Cake ones in toddler or toddler super sizes. Eachnight on towards bed time we would go brush our teeth and go to the bathroom and go to her room where she had the diapers and rubber pants waiting for us. One at a time we pulled our under pants down and climbed up on the bed and lay down, she would fold 2 flat diapers together and slip them under our bottoms, apply baby powder, pull the diapers between our legs and pin them on at the waist. That done we climbed off the bed and stood up, she took a pair of rubber pants and shook them out and held them open as we stepped into them and she pulled them up making sure they covered the diapers. My sister wore a nightgown, my brother and I slept in only the diapers, rubber pants and a tshirt. If it got cold during the winter we might wear pj’s. In the warmer weather my sister would sleep in just the diapers and rubber pants as well. We were all happy well adjusted kids who were bedwetters and wore diapers and rubber pants to bed. Other kids in the neighborhood did as well and we knew of each others bedwetting.

  12. I don’t care for the adult size plastic pants but would love to hear from someone who could tell me where to get a super size toddler plastic pant. Thanks.

  13. TO jack,i was lucky enough not to be a bedwetter,growing up,but my two sisters were.our mom used the cloth diapers pinned on with diaper pins and rubber pants on them every night.they were a little over a year apart in age so they both wore the same size of the rubber pants.our mom got the pata cake toddler super size,or the playtex toddler extra large size rubber pants for them.every night she had them lay side by side and put the diaper and rubber pants on them.it was cute seeing them come out with their rubber pants completely covering their diaper.she even did the diaper and rubberpants under their holiday dresses and their white confirmation dresses when they were 14 even tho they didnt need to wear them during the daytime.they both finially stopped wetting the bed around 15 or 16.

  14. If My Baby Boy’s Want a Cloth Nappy On When There Daddy Has Run Out Of Disposable Nappies
    I Will Put Them In One
    When My Baby Boy’s Move In With There Daddy In About 2 Years!
    Baby Dean Age 4(40)
    Baby Patrick Age 3(30)
    Baby Andy Age 2″6 Months”(21)

  15. I always wear the cloth thick training pants with a pair of either a snap-on or pull-on plastic pants the colors I wear with them are either pastel blue yellow white or lavender and some have prints but all my plastic pants have to be the simi transparent just enough to keep you guessing that is he in diapers or just thick under pants but the feeling a nice soft thick training pants and a pair of baby style plastic pants. It’s a mental thing with us AD/DL we love being little inside and knowing that we are some how hugged by our diapers and plastic pants even makes it better.

  16. I love to wear plastic panties..I wear them all the time..I like to pull them up tight under my cloths. I like to expose them so I use a lot of them of all different colors. Most of the time it is white frosted ones but I also you some nice pink panties .. When ever I bend over my shirt rides up for all to see. Sometime I get a nice panty of just a whistle..I really love them binkeyboy

  17. nothing better than Daddy putting me plastic pants over my diaper and heavy duty so Daddy can here his baby waddling around.

  18. Oh I do wear em rubber plastic pants been over 35yrars Ian gay daddy ABDL looking for others play with love being in em feels so good on me poop per diaper love too be in em

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