Daily Living, the Adult Baby and Diapers Under Jeans

While there are adults that would prefer to ALWAYS be a baby or toddler, that isn’t always realistic nor desirable. Jobs, adult interests, or family can be important parts of life and being an AB doesn’t always need to be a part of all of them. But just as importantly, some ABs prefer more focused experiences: a weekend being babied, say, a week, or the occasional evening. This can make ‘babying time’ really pleasurable and special and in fact the transition from being an adult to toddler can be a big part of the appeal.

For these little ones, a big part of the pleasure is that they can be productive, have jobs, live their lives but always know they have a daddy who can transport them from the stresses of daily living to the innocence, safety and protection of toddler or babyhood.

Daddy and son might agree to certain days or times of the week, or it can be a surprise. Daddy can have little signals or there can be little rituals that can set the stage for diapering/babying. An underwear check (daddy seeing if his boy has been ‘good’) or a certain kind of snuggle on the couch can lead to the nursery where the ‘boy’ is transported to his younger self.

Now, I’m not sure whether this is true for everyone, but for gay dads and ‘sons’ (whether the son is the same age, younger or older!) there may also be more adult feelings involved, and those feelings can include some connected to diapers themselves. This creates a sort of ‘middle ground’ between babying and adulthood – let’s call it diaper play. This isn’t true in all situations. For myself, this can be part of a relationship or not. I’m just as happy to baby a boy and leave all the other stuff out – it can create a deep sense of safety and trust, and I cherish that more than anything else.

But in other situations, there are ways to bridge adulthood and babyhood, and they can often involve plenty of diapering. In particular, having a ‘son’ wear diapers as an occasional or regular part of a daily adult routine can give a profound sense of connection and excitement.

Diapers in Public
Let’s say you’re going to the movies. Diapering your son before he puts on his street clothes can make going out a special experience. The diapers can be worn under his jeans with, ideally, some of the diaper showing above the waist of his pants, albeit under an untucked t-shirt.

Depending on the diaper type and whether the jeans are slightly loose, he might make a slight crinkle noise as he walks, noticeable only to his daddy, but with knowledge that there’s always a chance others will notice the noise. Or, the diapers might create a slight bulging appearance, giving the same knowledge that ‘daddy knows’ but with uncertainty over whether others would key in to the ‘secret’.

The other option is Pull-Ups. These have an advantage in that the wearer will feel more like he has a ‘training problem’. Most older kids wouldn’t wear thicker diapers, they’d wear training pants or protective briefs (as they call them). It might give the feeling that if anyone DOES notice, they’ll think he has accidents or wetting issues, whereas diapers might signify something more medically related.

Diapers can provide a babyish feel, however, and with their crinkles and thicker padding, he may feel more safety and less resistance to using them.

Giving him a discrete pat on the bum when no one is looking is a nice way for dad to acknowledge that he’s in on ‘the secret’ and the boy may blush or feel a special, almost electrical thrill that his dad has him in or knows about his public diapers.

You may find he even lifts his shirt a little now and then, a little casual gesture, but exposing the white strip of diaper above his jeans. Think of it like sending secret codes: “yes, I’m a diaper boy, and I’m proud of it, and I’m proud my daddy knows.”

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  1. wow! thats awesome how much u figured out about us loving to get babied and wear diapers in public. i didnt even imagine that anybody but me did stuff like u described. inside i always have a secret wish that ppl will notice the diaper bulge in my jeans, or see the top sticking out when my shirt comes up and “know” im a diaper boy. as long as there is somebody with me that knows and is ok with it, i can take it no matter how they react about it. its totally cool knowing that u know about guys like me and can explain it so well. thanx

  2. Cody, that makes me feel wonderful thank you so much. I completely relate to what you mean by someone being with you – the bond of trust is incredibly strong when someone knows about your diapers, especially a ‘dad’, and helps to overcome fear and reduce anxiety – it can even feel fun! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing it’s very special that you did.

  3. Very true and well put. I am an AB myself and go out with diapers under my jeans/normal street clothes all the time. I leave the baby things for when with others Ab boys to play with or special times with daddy. Especially going to the movies diapers and jeans are essential. When I want to be a little playful I tend to wear track/workout pants that are somewhat see through to see if people notice and say something. They may notice but in general don’t say anything at all. I wear a lot of cartoon inspired t-shirts (transformers, ninja turtles, super heros, power rangers, disney, Etc) and people will comment about those most all the time…. “hey Cool Shirt Man” or “Ninja turtles are Awesome” sort of thing. Funny they notice the shirt but not the diapers or is it just courtesy to not say anything.

  4. 😛 I’ve had my diaper noticed before in public. Ironically, despite normally favouring thicker diapers, the times I got noticed were the first time I bought/wore and a time at the grocery store – both times when I was wearing a single, relatively thin diaper! Doesn’t bug me though; good reminder of what I’m doing.

  5. My great adventure was traveling alone by bus across New York City to a museum, wearing a diaper, plastic pants, a onesie, knee-length little boy shorts, jacket, and baseball cap, and of course socks and sneakers. I had no money, and no ID except my transit pass and museum membership card. No one seemed at all surprised or curious, and I’m sure they were all thinking, “what an adorable little boy.” Daddy met me later at the museum, and it sure was good to slip my hand into his.

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