Wet Mornings

Mornings can be one of the best times of the day for the adult baby. If bedtime the previous night included lots of love and attention – a bath, story time, and changing the little one into a thick night diaper and comforting sleep wear, then hopefully they will have felt a sense of security and coziness in their bed or crib. Your son feels babied and as a result will likely wet himself through the night (hopefully without realizing he did!)

This leaves a decision for dad in the morning. After coming in and seeing his little one, the first instinct is to check his diaper. It will often be quite wet or even soaked. If the latter, an immediate change is in order, especially if he has leaked or his mattress is also a little wet. Dad might start consider heavier diapers at night, the use of stuffers, or late night changes to get the toddler through in comfort.

But often the diaper is quite wet but not soaked. My preference is to leave the little one in his wet diaper for a bit. The cool shock of taking off his wet diaper before he’s fully awake can be unsettling, but more important, being in his wet diaper for a while gives him the reassuring reminder that he’s a little one who wets in his sleep.

You might notice him plopping down on the floor in the nursery or living room area, standing and then plopping down again. This is your little one feeling the squishy diaper beneath him. His wet diaper might even give him a little giggling feeling, thinking little thoughts about how he needs his diapers at night and how his diapers protect him from a wet bed or crib.

These little giggles and the playful movements and shifting around as he senses his wet diaper put him in the perfect mood and he’ll be happily changed, with both daddy and son proud of his night time wetting.

10 Replies to “Wet Mornings”

  1. i love waking up and finding my diaper totally soaked. i even like finding it has leaked and soaked the pad under me. but ur right that i want those diapers changed right away.

    i also love wearing wet diapers for awhile before they r changed so i can enjoy being a baby. i like having breakfast before i have to give them up and be a big boy again. the only time i didnt like that was when i got punished for waking up wet. the ppl who “understood” my “need” to be accepted as i am r the ones i love.

  2. A soaked diaper is an immediate change for sure, in my opinion.

    Punishment for a wet diaper makes me sad thinking about. NO boy should be punished for wetting their diaper no matter what some people say, whether that’s for ‘true’ toddlers or adult toddlers.

    Acceptance is the most important thing of all which goes hand in hand with trust. I really believe that being a teen baby, adult baby or diaper lover is a gift that allows a deep kind of trust and acceptance with someone else BECAUSE it’s so rare and difficult to find – but when you do find it, it opens the doors to a true understanding of love.

  3. Had a friend who was a bedwetter to. Was at his house one morning playing ball and his dad came outside getting after him for his bedwetting. Surprised me to find out he was a bedwetter to. But, I felt sorry for him that his dad would come outside in front of me and speak openly of him bedwetting and needing night diapers. His mother behind the dad telling him to stop. I will always remember how hurt he looked as this was done to him. I was thankful then that my parents understood and accepted my needs.

  4. Yea being wet is nice ^^ .. but getting changed out of it by a loving and caring big brower or daddy… and put back into a fresh diaper is just … MURRRRS.. GWEAT…

  5. I like to wake up wet i myself dont wear diapers much but i like to wake up wet and waking up wet to daddy lifting me would thrill me especially if i was in the diaper and i would like to say waking up wet and being changed first thing would be just to much for me

  6. let me tell you about what I lived with a former Daddy of mine!

    As we met he was only looking for a son, but after a few days of “accidents” in my underoos, he decided to force me back to diapers, explaining that this would avoid spending too many time over his knee and long lectures.
    Most of the time, I stayed dry during the day and he was proud of me. He didn’t really check my Dry Nites at day time and only changed them if they have leaked. It was a bit embarassing for me to have wet lil spots on my levi’s but he said: after all this is the proof that you still need diapers. He didn’t change them as soon as he has noticed they were soaked, but waited always some further time. He said: this embarassement and lack of comfort will make you aware of your pants wetting.
    I had to wear them 24/7.
    Despite my training pants (he always called them diapers), we woked up in wet and dirty sheets. Then he decided to buy real big diapers: Attends 10M. He said: well, you need all of my love and care then you will now wear big diapers, for your own safety and comfort and my own rest. I want that you tell me each time you need to run a pee or dump a load; I will lead you to the restroom. Take care, son, they are not meant to get used but just to protect you in case of an accident. You are old enough to know when you need to free your bladder and bowel.
    An hour after dinner, he inspected my diaper and prepared me for the night: shower with Daddy, among men he used to say, and after that he sent me to bed, diapered me snuggly (line booster and Attends 10M). It has often happened that I told him I needed to go to the restroom afterwards, but he replied: no, son, now that you are diapered for our night, it is too late! Either you hold it in or you run it in your diaper! No need to worry, Daddy is here with you and you wear your big diaper.
    As usual the next morning, Daddy checked my diaper in a very friendly way after his morning kiss on my forehead and said: hey, hey, scooter, your diaper is really wet and dirty! Let’s take our breakfast and only after that I will change it. I replied: no, please change me now! He patted my bum and added: no, you need to be aware that you had a big accident last night and that I don’t worry about that! Diapers are meant for that! Next time, you will ask for your potty before!
    As we decided to get outside, to the mall, to a beach, or where ever, he always lead me to the bathroom, taking me by the arm and patting my soaked diapered bum, and very quickly, he unsnapped the 4 tapes. He showered with me, in a very gentle way, giving me lots of cuddles under warm water, and washed me very thoroughly. He played with my foreskin, but said this was the lonely way to wash my lil willy properly. He fingered my bum hole pretending to make sure there was no big boy poop left inside. After that, he dried me up and diapered me again, but without any line stuffer. He always said: I’m so proud of my boy! He patted my bum over my snug levi’s and we made our way. On the way to the beach, for example, he noticed that I was desperating, holding my crotch area by the hand, and said: hold it in, son! We will soon stop at a gas station. I want that this diaper stays dry till our next stop and don’t fail to hold it in, otherwise you will get spanked bare bum in the stall!

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