In Plain Sight: Storing Diapers for the Adult Baby

I’ve noticed in forums for adult babies and diaper lovers that there’s often a lot of discussion of where they hide their diapers, or where they USED to hide them, especially when they were younger or still lived with family. (These stories are almost as common as stories about buying the diapers in the first place!)

For the dad to the adult baby, the choice of diaper is an important responsibility – but where to STORE the diapers can be equally important.

I really think that in the ideal situation, the diapers should be stored in a visible place, there should be lots of them, and the storage space should be close to the change table or area so that there is a lingering scent of powder, baby oil and other smells. While there are lots of reasons that you might need to be discrete with diapers and have a locked closet, say, for the babying supplies, during times when you’re not worried about company coming over or you’re having extended periods of baby time with your little one you should take large stacks of diapers out of storage and put them in a visible place.

Your little one will feel reassured seeing the stacks of diapers. Judging by the forums, he may have spent a lot of time and many years needing to keep his diaper supplies hidden. While he may not have felt shameful, this process of hiding may have left him feeling like diapers aren’t a natural part of life. As his dad, you want to make sure that your son feels less inhibited by his diapers, that they feel natural to him, and that any resistance to using his diapers is removed.

When he sees a large stack of diapers it’s a reminder that he doesn’t have to worry about running out or about them being something to ‘hide’. Ideally, if there’s a selection of different kinds, he’ll also know that no matter what the mood or situation, his dad has a diaper for everything, whether for casual times with a light diaper or Pull-Up under his street clothes, or for sleep time in his crib, with a well-padded diaper giving lots of protection.

In addition to the diaper stacks, the packages they come in can also be a gentle reminder. Even for boys who don’t fit into Pampers anymore, a package of them placed near his stack can elicit a comforted or babyish feeling.

I am of the belief though that there can be too MUCH of a good thing. Having a shelf in the nursery with 100s of diapers can be excessive and some of them might be best in a closet somewhere (your boy will still go have a peek at his ‘super stash’ now and then). The changing and play space shouldn’t scream diapers, it should scream toddler or baby boy.

7 Replies to “In Plain Sight: Storing Diapers for the Adult Baby”

  1. I all ways keep in lots of diapers and have lots of adult baby clothes It realy makes me more of a baby wich i love so much and going out in my diapers wich i have on all the time I am happy being an adult baby

  2. You do get used to wearing them 24/7 after a while Nathan. I enjoy my diapers and they keep my big boy pants dry even if they are wet! 🙂

  3. It makes me feel better to see my shelfs full of diapers cause I know we wont run out. Daddy lets me sort them out with white cloth, nursery cloth and disposable in different piles. I have a blue basket next to my dresser for all my plastic pants and its my job to make them nice and smooth in the basket. We have a little rack to put the wet ones on to dry til bedtime too. I have trainer pants too but there on a higher shelf cause I dont use them now. When we go to the store Daddy asks me if any of my shelfs look empty and then he knows we need more diapers. He likes to surprise me sometimes with new plastic pants and puts them in the bottom of the basket and says I should look for something special there.

  4. That’s Cool Davy – I just ordered a new Table that is coming special with a Gray Top and Blue rubber bumper on the side to look real babyish for my room and I may put in a shelf above it for storage. This is until I can get T- Bear to build me a new changing table- it works! 🙂

  5. Hi Todd. Your new changing table sounds so nice. I hope you have fun on it but dont fall off!. I hope you get to fill your new shelf with lots of soft thick diapers too. Do you like cloth diapers more than disposable ones? I do cause sometime the other kind are more itchy. At nite Daddy uses 2 cloth diapers and a booster pad inbetween. He calls it my Davy diaper sanwich. He snaps me into my nite time plastic pants and then my Thomas jammie tops and bottoms. But my jammies dont cover all that up all the way. Daddy says thats ok cause little boys always have there thick diapers and plastic pants popping out over there jammie bottoms.

    I think gray and blue and red are good colors for a little boys room. Lots of my stuff is Thomas the train with those colors. Daddy says I dont need a changing table cause he always changes me on my bed. My bed always smells like baby powder and pee and lotion, just like any little boys bed should. I think you and me are real lucky to have nice rooms and always have enough diapers to wear!!!!

  6. Hi Davy, So nice to hear back from people. Yeah I like my stuff I have but I need a bigger room because its also the Awfice. I hope to eventually go to a Three bed room and have my own room and then I can have just my changing table, my crib, my toys and maybe a rocking horse- possibly my high chair in there. However that is at least two adult years away. I am an 11 month old for life I think??? Yeah I am. I have plenty of diapers for sure and ordering about 6 cases more so I am stocked up for about the next year and a half or so when I can buy a play pen of my own. I had to help another AB this week who is not working and not in Nursery school like I am. So it is slow. I found a place a year ago who sells the changing pads like I used to use with the little babies for my AB University intern. However they do wear out so I have the red one and I have a green one and I have some other ones for my play mat. Before my table gets here we have to totally rearrange the awfice and I have to get those shelf hangers because they will also help hold my feet up during changes. I think that will be much better than the floor though. I like Thomas too and I have been on alot of Thomas’ friends here to ride around the country. I also used to work with Thomas and Friends on another island so to speak. I miss doing that so much. Take Care! 🙂

  7. Daddy has a book case next to my changing table that is full of my diapers and he also took the top drawer of my dresser and filled it with diaper’s and my plastic pant’s that way every time I open it when I am being a big boy it reminds me I no longer wear big boy undies. the only thing in that drawer is my socks my plastic pants and my diapers to remind me what I now wear 24/7.

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